Monday, March 6, 2017

How My Mind Will Influence Yours

Recently I have become far more aware of, more comprehensively conscious of, the workings of my mind and the matrix of brain chemistry that coincides with it. I have been directed by synchronization to articles that deal precisely with this subject. As I have experienced severe symptoms of schizophrenia as a result of amphetamine psychosis, I have the advantage of experiential insight into the workings of my brain chemistry and how I am truly a mutant.

That is what the God of Art has told me, anyway.

I kind of understand what is going on in my mind concerning pattern recognition, synchronicity, and the function of dopamine. I definitely have a mutant brain chemistry. Wink

דברי יהוה אל יונתן רבינס=יונתן מיכאל רבינס הוא מוטציה=1111

Words of God to Jonathan Robbins=Jonathan Michael Robbins is a Mutant=1111

"Genius requires penetrating insight into reality, whereas madness is confusion about reality. Nonetheless, both madness and genius appear likely to be positively related to the broad trait of Openness/Intellect. Without the tendency to perceive patterns that is fundamental to Openness, Intellect may by unlikely to lead to the creativity required for genius. Perhaps, then, genius is most likely to emerge given the combination of high Intellect and high Openness, and one must risk madness to achieve genius."

"Must one risk madness to achieve genius? The answer appears to be yes, with one very important caveat: you must also have the Intellect to make sure you don't completely lose your grip on reality."


To be fully understood, everything one seeks to understand, must be contemplated in the fullness of its context. One needs to hold the object of contemplation in one's mind together with all the factors that surround it and make it what it is,
Take a falling autumn leaf, for example.
 It is what it is because of the tree it has fallen from. Such a leaf could not be what it is were it not for the sun and the air and the earth that nourished it. It's shape and structure are specific to a certain kind of tree and not another. That specific kind of tree is the product of a specific genetic blueprint.
The wind that blew the leaf off the tree indicates the weather and the weather the climate. The climates is a consequence of the tilt of the earth and the earths rotation around the sun.
Now contemplate the sun, for without the sun and its light there could be no leaf. Without the earth too, there could be no leaf. Without the air, the same. So we can choose to focus on any of these creative components of the leaf and hold them in our mind as well.
The context of our sun, is the galaxy. The context of the earth, our solar system. The context of the air, the planet earth.
Investigating the nature of the leaf leads us to expand our mind in an attempt to  finally contain the whole universe. And this we cannot do.
There is only so much any individual can contain in their mind in a dynamic  matrix of cross reference and cooperative influence before exhaustion causes them to let go.
But doing so, again and again, holding in one's mind any object and its creative factors stretches one's sense of awe and wonder and always leads up to trying to encompass the whole universe in the grip of one's comprehension. This acts as an antenna to God, who seems to reach out and help one who reaches for Him this way, with a greater appreciation of His Nature.
Now contemplate what I have written here about the "mouse". economics of Dopamine secretion in the brain is a decisive factor in what governs all kinds of behavior. Dopamine encourages association and its resultant pattern formation and is therefor a prime component in the chemistry of language  configuration and the skill of narrative representation, on both graphic and semantic dimensions. It is the chemical glue that holds memories together as patterns. A narrative represents the real or imagined history of everything from  a single photon, to the universe- and the ability to create a comprehensive narrative of the virtual or the real is a prime aspect of creative intelligence in both science and The Arts.  Of course this might no longer be self serving if one cannot distinguish between the inventions of one's mind and the reality actually  held in common with others. 
I postulate that God Governs human behavior through the economics of  Dopamine Secretion in the different parts of the brain's hemispheres. He causes both genius and madness as such serve His creative purpose.  This Divine  Creative composition of the mind is managed through genetic chemical mechanics and subatomic influences at the level of the electric discharge of cells, allowing for phenomena of non-locality in the emergence of information to be processed by the brain. The latter manifests as a propensity for intuition.
In Hebrew, the words are composed mostly from three letter roots. When the root for a verb has as its first letter YUD י ,   the word's tense is only changed by pronunciation and therefor the same spelling represents the past, present and future tense of the verb.
 A verb represents the creation of an action in the past, present or future and the letter YUD  י represents the name of God, יהוה  where the letter YUD י heads the word for present  הוה. Essentially this means the present will become the future and that is the impetus of creation itself.

The word for secretion in Hebrew is יצא . It means "come out"  in the past, present or future depending on the pronunciation, as described above for words that have YUD י  for their first letter. 
The word for Dopamine in Hebrew is spelled like this:  דופאמין

Dopamine Comes Out (Secretion) in Hebrew: דופאמין יצא and that equals 292 like עכבר or mouse and also דבר אלהים or Word of God.
A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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