Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Mustard Seed For Your Fertile Mind

Statements of truth coalesce in my mind like chains of golden nuggets,

I am having an eruption of intelligence,
though I couldn't say how wise this is for anyone else,
or even my self.
Statements of truth coalesce in my mind like chains of golden nuggets,
emanating great metaphysical avail for the bewildered many,
but of no durable substance,
 soon chased away by some new emerging idea.
I ask My Creator who shows me all this, "To what end,
 what advantage is there in you showing me Your Glorious Creative Nature
 if I can't share The Knowledge of You
for the benefit of all mankind?

Oh, what a phenomenon has become my own mind!
So beyond anything I ever dared imagine to comprehend,
is this evolving vision of your organic creation,
life itself, which must for it's own benefit come to an end,
again and again and again, ever to be reborn in abating ignorance."

Eternity has no purpose but the aesthetic experience of ever passing time. 

The creative pleasures of integrating the diverse,
adding line to  line, unending meaningful verse,
vibrating strings radiating the sublime ever changing multi faceted coincidence of perception,
what comes from within, what comes from without, sensation and thought,
all cross referenced in flashes of doomed insight,
which must grow dim as oscillations come from nothing and return,
 hence they come, to perpetuate change.

Nothing can PERPETUALLY  withstand EVER INCREASING Heat

 Evolutionary growth of coincidental experience in the mind of mankind.
Synchronized creation of subject and object
revolving and evolving around a multi dimensional platform of congregated points of view.
Looking out from within,
The Ever Still I sees The Forever Spinning Me,
around and around and never the same, a game of endurance of change.

Change is the Currency of Evolution

I no longer want to be anyone's Messiah,
albeit I never wanted this for my own sake, but for the sake of The World.
As manifestation of The Divine Proclamation, "Let There Be Light!"

  The Jews are The Phoenix of History

 I am disabused of my own desires to see anything at all but what I am shown.
 Disillusioned by any need for holding on, for calling anything my own.
The splendor of  all that I perceive at once is an explosive expansion of potential influence,
springing from within is a growing radiance, a fulcrum, a vortex until inversion,
from which must emerge a new kind of mind.

A new kind of mankind.

I am losing interest in what will become of me.

I am trying to recede, to fade away into the little black holes between the moments,
but the light coming in pushes me backwards into the place I am meant to be,

I am The Keys to your becoming One with my Messianic Destiny.

Certainly A Burnt Offering Is More Appropriate For Jews Than Crucifixion

This is My Job and like Job, The Creator God Speaks To Me from The Ever Coming Storm.

I am forlorn.

I don't want to fulfill my role and I am reluctantly dragged from the audience to the center of the stage.

My innate overwhelming care for all living things is the product of a hard earned hierarchy of values.

I love all peoples and pray for the health and spiritual wealth of all mankind.

 The Truth is  though, that my heart has a predestination and inclination to care first and foremost about The Jews.

This is My Father's Father, The Rabbi Samuel Abraham

This is natural enough, that one care more about one's own culture, one's own extended family than strangers with strange ways.

There is more to it then this.

The Jews, their history, past and current Hebrew Culture, and Jews and Israel's contributions to the Arts, Philosophy, Sciences, Medicine, Economics, Computer Technologies, etc., have been and continue to be, ever more so into the future,
 the means by which Humanity will eventually achieve a commonwealth of governments.

 One which is governed by universally recognized ethics, founded on the sanctity and freedom of life for individuals to explore and express each their own unique nature.

Whether I like it or not, I will be seen and perceived as The Messiah.

But there will be as many Messiahs as there are minds into which my writings come to fruition.

I am The Little One, The Mustard Seed,  from which shall be born many but no two the same.

 "Mustard" in Hebrew, The Language The Hebrew Prophet Called Jesus of Nazareth Spoke, is "חרדל= 242".
Mustard=חרדל=242 =Words of God=דברי יהוה

And King Saul said To Young David, Son of Jesse, Sending Him To Battle Goliath,

 "Go, and God Will Be With You!" 

לך ויהוה יהיה עמך" =242" 


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