Sunday, May 7, 2017

What Is Really Going On Inside Of You?

"Let There Be Light!"
jmr a light is on a dark moonless highway,
the time has come to look inside,
and understand you just can't hide!
The Holy Light Has Been Ignited Within You,
The Eternal All Consuming Flame That Ever Burns

Tell yourself The Sacred Truth,
what is really going on inside of you?

What do you see and hear for real around you and what do you think about it? Differentiate between your observations and your thoughts about them.
What feelings come with those thoughts?
How are your values being manifested? How much do you  get what you want and from whom do you get what? What do you need to happen that isn't happening? That is happening?
What reality do you really want to confront in the immediate future?

The Messiah will show you the way from within. Within me, within you, within us comes trust.
Clean your heart, it is  a holy vessel- and it is not yours to keep, nor yours to give away, it will be taken from you. Taken from behind. It's now in my mind, and I am in yours.
Your heart is now mine. Taken by Rape 119, which is Mustard 242, which has a Seed, which if it falls in the right place, becomes an everlasting tree of life, which nourishes with fruit, shade and shelter-
the faith of those up the narrow  snake twisting path of Mount Zion.
All of you chased, each by a little hungry mosquito of your own,
that just won't stop  buzzing in your ear. The Messiah is Really Here! Hear The Words of God To Jonathan Robbins. 273+838=1111
Jesus himself has washed my feet, I am his beloved envy causing nameless favorite disciple.
The one he so much liked to kiss in front of everyone.  
The only one who made him feel understood.
Here I am, The Son of Man, The Prophet Who Was Sent By God, The Creator Artist Only jmr has Faith in. Because jmr is the only one He Has Ever Revealed Himself  So Completely To, The Little One with The Keys that open the closed book, and who has the interpretation that puts all mystery to rest, concerning  who is The Author of The Hebrew Bible and Reality Itself 1111
You will come to know me as The Lion of Zion,
The Messiah and King of The Jews!
Those who do not give their hearts away  to telling the truth,
will forever be the fools of liars and deceivers,
who enslave your minds in a fools paradise.
All the treasures in the universe, fame and respect and wealth and health and the love of mortals,
are not worth their weight in Gold if You don't have The God of Israel in Your Life. The Creator God. The Artist God. The God of Art. And now  art  starts like so many exploding stars into sparks, made of  strange colored quarks, that collapse into patterns of unfolding colorful narrative. Think of Mickey Mouse and Disney Land and what good can come to manifest and materialize around a man, who has faith in an entertaining and educating, humorous, melodramatic, overtly promoting a consensual moral agenda,  dynamic and lively ever evolving  vision of how to create a Walt Disney Universe, in his own idealized projected image. He flattered himself. We all do. And when we don't really, most likely we are in serious trouble and in need of some potent help.
Can't God do a better job than Walt Disney? The Messiah's All Encompassing Vision, Put There By The Creator God of Art, will manifest more certainly than this moment came after the one before it, and before the one that follows it.
Bitter herbs, anyone?
I call out now, It Is Time To Go Free 11:11 is becoming 1111 !
I Sound The Shoffar For The House of David, My Sons,
I Sound The Trumpet For The Legions of Judah,
That Devouring Lion, who rips apart the flesh of misinterpreted Hebrew Scriptures,
among Jews And Gentile Alike
Has Come To Put To Rest  Forever any Doubt in any Reasonable Mind,
That There is A Very Creative Single Minded Creator
Who has His hands on the kaleidoscope of your mind!
No matter what happens from here on out, and wild things are sure to happen, now won't they?
 Who Has Your Heart in His Hand,
Has your best interests in His Heart.
Never make the mistake of believing that the Creator of Hearts doesn't listen to what goes on in our hearts. The God of Israel Does This in His Heart. The God of Art Listens  To All Hearts from within His Own. And He Sees with everyone's eyes,   and hears with everyone's ears.
And He Knows our fears, and when it is not him we fear but instead the punishments of mortals,
his Fiery Jealousy is Kindled and He Sets Out On A Warpath.
Do you think you can overcome The Ancient One of Israel?
The One who shakes the foundations of the earth and makes the mountains tremble?
The One Who Can rip open the sky until all the skies have opened and pour forth from their ruptured bellies, His Flaming Red Fiery Wrath?
Watch your tongues! The languages you speak to yourselves in the privacy of your own minds, by this alone will I judge you. Do you dare blame a mortal for what I am doing to you, right now, the pain I am giving you in your gut? Could your pain be against My Will? Could I be surprised by it? Do you think? Your mind is my intelligent, moment to moment creation, no matter how stupid and foolish you are.  I can make a man lose his mind till no one can find it but Me, of course for Me, nothing is ever lost nor can anyone ever find what seeks their heart, until I show it to them.

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