Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Just Make It Better.....and Better......

Just Make It Better.....and Better......


I tell you I will come to you in little signs and  wonders,
lots of sequenced numbers, like 939,
that's my name and I my self am just such a sign and wonder,
939 the prophet sent by יהוה
The God Wonderful Is He!
The Master of Narrative
who twists breathing flesh out
out of strands of DNA.
I am a mutant mosquito,
I take away your fever and replace it with fervor,
remove your delirium with new born insight!
I am The Light!

I Vanquish The Night!

The King Has Arrived and His Judgements,
Art Swift With Irony, For The Meek and Eager-Sweeter Than Honey,
and for those who deny His Anointed New Born Son,
they are like so many dried orange golden thorns, exposed to the Sun in Midsummer,
in The Valley of The Tears,
beneath the Black Volcanic Hills of My Beloved Golan Heights.
A Living Fire From Rambling Iron Turns All The Now Brown Fields of  Thorns To Quick Moving Flames,
and soon nothing of what was, remains, but smoldering black ashes  beneath An Indifferent Cloudless Blue Sky and small twisted pillars of grey smoke rise up to be quickly dispersed by a brisk breeze.

Everything in all directions now flows away in black.

Like this is The Like of Those Who Oppose My Anointed Son!

A Lake of Flame of Shame, Enduring Blame Beyond Sincere Repentance,
I Will Betray The Betrayers and Then Some, after they Repent!

You must commit yourself to me to the death, Like Isaac, to the death of everything and everyone you hold dear, like Abraham,
I am Their Maker, and I am The God of Israel,
Who Collects you from the four corners of the earth which can never be found, even there!
And brings you back to the Land I promised Your Fathers,
Again  and Again and Again,
for three generations I promised them, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
walk this land and know it for it is your Sacred Inheritance,
Which by My Law means return to original owner every fifty years,
I am the The One, The  Owner of All,
and Israel is His Land.
838 ארצו ישראל  
The Land of Victorious Surrender,
for he who bows down before My Blessed Knee,
by washing the feet of a bereft homeless thief,
to show him there is such a thing as free love, .....

......to him I will give The Keys 939 of My Kingdom,
and I will call him to me by his God Given name,
that being his name, Jonathan 516,
The Hope God Given, Son of The Blessed Who Will Laugh,
Son of The One Whose Name is Lord and  Father of Many Nations,
 God Given 516 Who Is Like The Lord 101, My Plenty of Miracles 322, 939 his name before All of Israel, The King on My Throne in Jerusalem.
and I will say, "You Are My Son, today I give birth to you and you are anointed with the ointments of the newly born into Royalty,
from your seed will arise a new dynasty of those who think in Hebrew Numbers about My Name.
For From Thinking My Name With Numbers, Fires Break Out,
He Will Burn Them With Fire 939 and Dry Bones Burst Into Flames Like Thorns! And weapons that pulverize concrete into clouds of noxious dust and melt fire resistant steel into molten red streams and then puddles of hot liquid metal that have been known to simmer for many weeks, 911, I will pulverize and melt their metal fleets of war.

Is there anyone here who will now say they are justified for demeaning My Name?

Stand up before me and take issue with me.
Demand A Trial 939!

With Me your repentance is most acceptable when I am being meanest to you and unfair, reprehensibly unjust, manifesting in your mind continuous sadistic slaughtering of the innocent, I make such happen generation after generation,
I do Wild Things, I am The Artist, The God of jmr.

what you call war I call readjustment time! 

My Message is ONE ONE ONE ONE
He Gives His Glory and The The Glory of His Name To No Other!
I am His Messiah and That Makes Me King!
  And His Slave, Forever and Eve!
Now Please! Please Slow Down and Listen,
I refuse this position, I keep trying to die
and He Just won't let me turn myself off and evaporate,
He keeps me here, on His Eternal Knee, saying,
"Tell me Jonathan Who is Like The Lord, Man of Fire, what comes next?"
This is How He Tells Me His "The Messiah" Stories!
Those are my favorites.
But how can I possibly presume to tell God Almighty what I think should happen next? For God's Sake! Like, who am I talking to?
But my Father and The Father of My Family,
My Family of Many Men and Many Woman To Be What I Will Be,
of all colors and races and nations and religions and of every kind of malady imaginable or as yet unseen,
Tells Me, "Don't Be Afraid,  My Son."
So softly He Speaks to me, in my heart,

"Pray to me, Jonathan, and I will fulfill any prayer you make to me before your eyes in your lifetime, unlike  Moses, Like King Hezkeyahu, Son of David, too!"

"Yes My Father, My Lord, My Maker, My Creator, Who Makes of Me and Everyone Whatever He Desires, This is my Only Ever Prayer From Here and Forever More,
"Please, Oh God of Israel, Just Make It Better and Better, Two Times Good. Very Good, Forever and Ever and Everywhere, for all the living things you bless with persistence and eradicate pestilence of mind and of body from the face of The Earth!"

I take my cue from Hezekiah The King, who asked God to turn the sun's shadow backwards ten degrees as a sign and wonder 939 he would recover and have a son.

My prayer is for All of Life in all its Splendor and Diversity.

This is the only planet we will ever have and there will be no visitors but those that come to help us have reason to want to stay here.

And God tells me now, "OK!" Just Pray and Pray and Pray and Pray,
4  838 equals 1111."

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