Thursday, July 20, 2017

11:11 Do you see it, too? More and more do!

A person is occupied, engaged in some kind of mental activity and for whatever reason, a digital clock comes into their field of vision and it's 11:11. Of course that is a big, So What?

The phenomenon begins when the impulse to look at the clock at 11:11 seems prompted because it happens more frequently than in the past and one begins to recognize an emerging pattern. 11:11 begins to stand out from the gestalt of our everyday lives because we have no explanation for the emerging pattern of OUR being prompted within to look at something "outside" our mind, a symbol that represents a moment in time that happens twice a day. 

The prompting mechanism that seems to be able to control our attention and directs us to look at a clock or any other emerging pattern is the mystery. It intimates that something can move us from within our minds that isn't our own will and that something, whatever it may be, is aware of what goes on outside us, too, more than we are AT LEAST as regards the passage of time.

To some degree at least, whatever this agent of control is, it is acting inside the confines of what should be our own sacred and private space, our minds. Something not under our control is controlling our attention and directing it outward into the environment, in a matter that seems synchronized, coordinating our inner world with the world around us, that surrounds us, the world that is full of unexpected events happening one after another. Very often violent events, dangerous events.

This is why people think of angels and a wake up call.

They assign the phenomenon benevolent "cosmic" intent and recognize that the outer world and the inner world are synchronized and coordinated by whatever is their idea of the Divine. Once they do this, synchronicity increases and the number 11 itself and not as a symbol of time, becomes prominent in their experiences. To those to whom this happens, the question awakens, to what degree am I a free agent and to what degree am I under the control of The Divine.

As long as one remains in a state of mind of "maybe" the phenomenon means something spiritual and maybe it doesn't, one's spiritual life freezes in doubt. The implications are so far reaching either way, it becomes the most important decision one who has the phenomenon will ever make. To deny the spirituality of the phenomenon is to deny the spirit that connects us all.

I am sure there are people who absolutely refuse to accept the idea that they are not the only one in their own heads, for obvious reasons. They consider their own thoughts and feelings to be vulnerabilities if exposed. So they deny the spirituality of the phenomenon and adopt some brain chemical - psychological - pseudo-scientific explanation, while at the same time invalidating it has any spiritual, religious or divine significance. Some go so far as to mock religion and spirituality and the concept of there being angels and a god, altogether. There have been many like that, that I have encountered at and other places.

Some simply freeze in bewilderment, somewhat tormented by increasingly intense synchronicity that doesn't seem to mean anything at all except that they are somehow seen from within and their thoughts are orchestrated unfathomably with what is going on around them. Why? Is there a reason? Is it simply an anomalous manifestation with no plausible explanation, like crop circles? Is it aliens?

Is it really happening or have I become a dopamine junkie who imagines emerging patterns where there are none, like a schizophrenic? Am I losing my mind? Do I really have any control at all?

I imagine these questions have been in all of our minds, at some time, to some degree.


If you aren't aware of the phenomenon or intense synchronicity, just put 11:11 into a search engine and see what happens. Thousands of businesses are being opened by people who believe the phenomenon means their wishes are coming true. Movies have been made about it and many books have been written. There are many YouTube videos explaining it in different ways. I don't endorse any of them in particular as I have my own explanation for the phenomenon.  Here is just one video. I chose it because I like her face.

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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