Wednesday, July 19, 2017

God 1111 The Creator

God uses nothing to create but Creative Will

Even The Christian's Bible has Wisdom in it, taken from The Hebrew Bible.

Creation is complete, even if infinite and eternal for some of those who experience it. Yes, there are an infinite number of angels with different and sometimes opposing agendas, but they are all, like us, manifestations of God's Creativity. They appear and disappear only as parts of human soul narratives. They never do anything at all but as God would have them do and everything they do, like us and what we do, is a manifest infinitesimal part of All of Creation, without which the whole couldn't stand. 

Change a single quantum leap of a single electron and all of creation dissipates into oblivion. 

Thank God, no one can do that but God, and as we are still here, The Creator hasn't done that yet. I don't experience God as being either invisible or unsubstantial. I perceive God's existence and presence with the totality of all of my senses, which means God has no locality for me and that God is no more here than there. All of my perceptions and sensations and thoughts are the product of God's Divine Will, as well as all that I say and do. This is true for you, too, I believe, but God hasn't created you to perceive Divine Presence as I do. Yet? 

Perhaps your clinging choice to hold on to ideas of creative free will, your desire to be a little god created in "Their-His" image, prevents you from seeing things as I do. Good luck with that.

Now there are those that might say that I have aborted all personal responsibility in my belief that everything I think and feel, say and do, is God's Will. It is also my own, my own choice being to do nothing But God's Will and to listen to God's Voice and Obey My Creator's Commands. I have never and don't now do so perfectly. I strive to perfect myself and my thoughts and my actions in everything I do. That is my free choice. When I have rebelled out of choice against what I had known to be God's Will, I paid in great pain and learned my lessons. When I was innocently mistaken through unconscious self deception in how I interpreted what was happening to me as if to mean I was supposed to say or do something that I later regretted, I repented and prayed  for forgiveness. Without exception I was shown how to improve myself and my behavior. I have come to understand that in the process of my being cultivated in my mind, "'sin" has been a creative element, both mine and the sin of others. Sin is a painful means of what finally culminates as mind expansion with compassion for all of life and all sinning creatures who,  like myself, are ever evolving away from sin. 

There are many interactive dimensions but there is no such thing as "after" life because life never ends. It just gets better and better, forever, for those who are created to experience it this way. Like me. Like Pony. Like others, too numerous to count. Not everyone.

Love is the manifest desire of nurturing life until it becomes all it is meant to be. Wherever and however life manifests, there is love. God loves life. All of it, even the " deadly" viruses, germs, parasites of all kinds and cancer cells. Love is the manifestation of living life by letting it be what it will be, but as does a gardener or custodian who sometimes needs to protect and defend what is more valuable from that which would corrupt it through abusive exploitation. Even abusive exploitation has it's place in creation and in the production of ever more sophisticated complex and enhanced life expressions.

 Life is opportunistic and exploitative by nature, but can be tamed in the human mind with sometimes tough love and sometimes unbearably exquisite devotion, to adopt a custodial attitude and sense of responsibility towards all of life, and thus tend to "the garden".

Humans are in a fundamental archetypal form that will remain the same but decrease in diversity.

The current state of affairs on earth, let's say the last thousand years, are like a day that has already passed away like a shadow.

God is completely satisfied with Creation and only for God and Me, The Son Wink , is Creation Perfect and Complete by ever striving for perfect completion- and never arriving. Idea

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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