Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Messiah's Prayer For Himself 1111

Oh, The Wisdom In An Image Well Understood 1111

I don't want to be wise.
I don't want to be famous or appreciated for my wisdom or my way with words.
I don't want the comforts and security of wealth.
I don't want power over people, influence in their minds.
I don't want to be talented or considered creative in any way.
I don't want to be remembered after I die, not even by my children or theirs.
I don't want to be believed, well, not any more. Not any more, for all of the above.
I don't want to fix the world or any one's life. I don't want to find a way to do away with strife.

All I want is just what I have now, with which I am more than just content.
To see the world unfold around me and within, with no concept any more of sin.
To be audience and seer to what My Creator God, My Artist does with me and my mind.
If for this I need wisdom, well then let it be. And if for this I must be famous, well bring it on.
If wealth will enable me to hear and see and taste and smell and touch and be touched as never before,

in a kaleidoscopic ever more intense coming together of my senses, synchronized in Gratitude and punctuated with Thanksgiving, well bring it on, My Lord.
If power over people will enable me to appreciate their God Given natures evolve over time, like mine in my own mind, more power to me. But in reality, it's just God's Works that I want to see.
I want to be able to hold ever more signal and minimize the noise,
to grasp all at once and from one moment to the next, an increasing volume of the Cosmos and more intense, more of what by God's Nature must come to be,
an ever improving refined and modified, diversified and inflationary growing version of מי,
containing ever more of God's Creation together at one time
and then from moment to the next, in an epic narrative that embraces all of life,
everywhere it is, here and there and beyond every horizon, in the depths of every sea, all of it I want to see. This is what I yearn to be, what I am and have become, and pray to ever heed His Voice and Hers as One, an ever growing Son, who knows he creates nothing at all, who is not created to create but is created to appreciate, in awe and complex sophisticated and intricate, exquisite and sublime, ineffable astonishment, Divine!

Yes, I am ambitious, because I am having so much fun,
having emerged from the maelstrom after going through the vortex,
now an inverse expansion of my heart
would embrace it all in delight, promulgate the light, for no reason but to see it all as it really ever is.
My God, My Creator is My Joy And My Savior.
There in Only One Creator God and Only One of Me,
and My Creator Let's me Grow Free. His Favorite Tree.
My myriad, my countless seeds are spread in the winds of the coming tempests and storms,
all fertile and unknown, no two the same, variations on unheard themes,
unprecedented and glorious scenes, burst into the lives of foreign peoples
and in their hearts dawns a new dream, completely unforeseen,
that takes the world in complete surprise, to another realm of coalescent pure intent.

So much more than just intelligently designed is my mind. What a work of Art am I.
Can you blame me now for wanting to never die? I just can't lie, I can't even try.
Life is such an adventure designed in suspense, seeds of potential in suspended animation,
await the moment they will sprout. Who can foresee the flower and the fruit? The fragrance and the taste of what has never been before?

 A new blossoming of the old bold faith has become my daily portion,
I keep saying, "Oh Lord, how can I contain this all that you keep giving?"
And My God's Voice is the Earth and the Wind and the Sun and the Air, Waters all around me saying,
"Grow my Son, My Only Little One, You Are The Tree of Life planted by that river,
where the clear pure waters flow in gentle ripples to the sea, where all come to drink and quench their thirst for ever improving change." and then My Parent Father -Mother become One in Love say more with One Intent, "Yours is The Kingdom and The Glory and The Throne, On Your Head The Crown, The Sapphire Stone.

You will tell The Story of Creation from it's Beginning to Transcendent End, Ascend!"
Spiraling up and away, my old life is receding and I am proceeding,
breath taken away, sweetened and returned,
The Bliss, Oh, The Bliss, God's Never Ending Kiss.
Who could have known that God Loves Me Like This? Shocked Surprised Laughing
September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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