Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"I Will Destroy You If You Won't Let Me Be"

No Judaism frequency for me!

   I have been on the transcendental/ascendant frequency of prophetic Hebraic Culture and have now moved on and above to something as yet unknown and of which there is to my knowledge no evidence of anyone ever having previously experienced. Being The Messiah means being the previously rejected cornerstone of a new metaphysical sophisticated complex mansion which has as rooms infinite and eternal realms of ever shifting kaleidoscopic experience for all of the ever increasing kinds of senses a mind can have. I will be spending the rest of eternity investigating in research the Nature of God's Creativity and Creation Itself. This is as close as it gets to Knowing God at all.

I love the word RESEARCH. It has an ear to hear the Voice of God and it has an arch to support the structures of the mind one builds on it. It is something one does again and again, hopefully with never the same results. 

Why would one do an experiment to get the same results as previously achieved? True research is always looking for what is new as what has already been found to be true remains so until further notice, and once informed that what was truth is no longer true, one needs a new definition of truth for truth is ever enduring and immutable when properly defined. Truth must always serve the purpose of life enhancement or it isn't wise and there is nothing unwise about truth, only about defining it incorrectly as our cultures all do.

The idea that God is a parent is just an idea that feeds into our need to be taken care of because of all the dangerous unpredictability that characterizes life whenever and wherever. Civilization strives to remove dangerous unpredictability from the human experience. The relative regularity of the celestial bodies' patterned and circular motions becomes time on a sun dial and then a public clock and then a watch on the wrist and now an ever available digital display in one's pocket.

Trains and planes and ships arrive and leave intent-fully on time as do supplies of all kinds and schools teach culture in timed increments according to a syllabus and schedule. The population is indoctrinated to strive to be ever physically if not sexually attractive, healthy, wealthy, popular and influential but is also managed emotionally with fears the government as parent is supposed to resolve. Natural disaster, global warming, disease, terrorism, crime, encroaching old age, dangerous ideologies are all kept in the public mind with corporations and governments presenting themselves as the providers of every kind of panacea, and this is the very dynamics of the inflationary world economy. Whatever it is that is going on keeps growing, exponentially, in all realms of human activity. All human activity is potentially commercial with economic consequences for better and for worse.

Civilization creates leisure time. First for the owners and masters of others labor. Slavery demonstrates the exploitative nature of mankind. As civilizations develop, slavery is ever more disguised and refined to prevent rebellion and eventually, after the industrial revolution, even the slaves have leisure, which is potentially dangerous. A mind uncontrolled and unoccupied with government/civilization serving cultural activity is unpredictable. Therefor cultural indoctrination and addictive mindless titillation as entertainment as well as religion are promoted as the way to spend one's time off the treadmill of predictably asset producing and consuming civilization. 

The government seeks to replace God as parent or manage the idea of God in the minds of citizens, making Him the authority that gives government it's authority. "In God We Trust" and therefor He blesses us economically and spiritually with a citizen serving government. You can take that to the Bank, The Federal Reserve.

God is not a parent. God is The Creator of the idea of Parent and Child so as to demonstrate in the mind the nature of nurture.

There are two reasons to nurture life and it is one or the other or both that applies to mankind. One is to nurture life through management until it becomes a self serving economic asset. That means it becomes food or pays taxes and interest on debt.

The other reason to nurture life is so that it becomes itself and manifests the fullness of its potential nature. Why? For Art's Sake and one's own emotional gratification upon seeing how mysteriously wonderful life can become, particularly when allowed to thrive by being itself and manifesting it's own peculiar nature. This is the essence of nature and the nature of nurture. Both reasons are self serving. Altruism has nothing to do with reality as experienced by life. Exploitation, mutual and symbiotic, allowing different natures to fully self express, or coercive and nature inhibiting parasitic relationships are both exploitative. Life by its very nature will exploit every opportunity it has to flourish and prosper, wherever, whenever and however it can, according to the values it is manifesting in nature.

To nurture is to cultivate a potential asset. This is agriculture. This is education. This is what a government of any kind presents itself as doing to it's citizens, turning them into cultured civilized tax paying public assets. This is what religions present God as doing to mankind, Divine Taxes  being whatever kinds of sacrifices your religion teaches you to make so as to ensure God's Favor and Grace. My God wants no sacrifice from me at all. Thank God for Giving Me My God, The Artist, who expects nothing from his Creation than that it Be Whatever It Was Meant To Be, and that is never ever a sacrifice for any reason whatsoever. None. Sacrifice is a very bad idea that served an evolutionary spiritual purpose, like many other bad ideas, particularly Christianity. 

No more sacrifice of self or others, for any reason what so ever, forever! Hear that, Jews?

Life is the nurturing and cultivation of assets. We are nurtured and cultivated to be assets to each other. We are to understand that there is nothing wrong and everything right with fully informed self serving mutual contracted exploitation.

What is wrong and this because it is always eventually self defeating, is coercive exploitation that inhibits and potentially destroys the Divinely Orchestrated nature of the exploited. Life always fights back when it's nature is inhibited by those who would exploit it.

"I Will Be What I Will Be!" will destroy you if you won't Let Life Be.

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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