Wednesday, August 16, 2017

In Defense of President Trump 1111

When observed through the lens of my own values and ideals, President Trump leaves a lot to be desired. That merely means there is yet much room for improvement. He has faults of character, again from my point of view. Who doesn't? I have faults of character too. And I am The Messiah. He was, however, elected legally to be the most powerful and influential political executive on the stage of human affairs, at this very precarious time for what is left of true civil rights and individual liberty. So his faults are of some consequence. Never the less, he doesn't really try to hide his faults, even when he denies having any. This is a paradox, but a fortunate one. He is a much better man than many a President that came before him.

First, let me say this.

In a truly free country, people are entitled to have absolutely any opinion whatsoever. They can think the Jews are germs it would be best to eliminate from the human race. They can look down with disdain in their minds upon blacks and see them as inferior and christian whites as superior. They can one want to live among people of their own kind, without having to smell the cooking emanating from the kitchens of those from foreign cultures. They can desire not to have to see people of other colors, black, white, brown, red or whatever, when they go to the beach or a public swimming pool or a restaurant. They are entitled to their prejudices, intellectual or emotional or instinctive or whatever, they are however, forbidden to act on these prejudices illegally.

They are entitled to their opinions of how they want the culture around them to be occupied and as regards private property, they should be completely free to entertain in their private spaces only those they welcome. In the privacy of their own property, when said property is not being used commercially in any way, anyone should be able to do anything at all except physically abuse another person. They should also be completely free to express any opinion whatsoever, even when through ignorance or deceit, their opinion is presented as fact. Not publicly though, only privately. If they write on social media, that is publicly.

No opinion that does not incite to violence or infringement against the human rights of others, should ever be against the law. When expressed as an opinion and not a fact or a truth, anyone should be allowed to say anything at all, in any medium whatsoever as long as it is not a call to act against the personal freedom or personal property of someone else who has not been found guilty of having broken the law. Of course, a call to have a person investigated for having broken a law should be legal when presented as an opinion.

On the other hand, presenting a bigoted opinion or a racist belief publicly as a universal truth, as a fact, should be against the law. If someone says Jews are conspiring to take over the world by corrupting it, as a historical fact, without the caveat that this is just a belief or opinion founded on this or that evidence, doing so should be against the law. However, if a man says, "It is my belief, my opinion, my faith, that......." he should be able to say anything he wants, except when doing so is an incitement to infringe against another person's civil rights for no other reason than their political opinions, religion, ethnicity, race or creed are not agreeable from the point of view of the speaker.

It should be legal to mock anything and anyone publicly, as long in doing so there is no intent to incite violence or any kind of incitement against the human rights of others.

In public places and any place of business where a government currency is used for transactions, where any kind of financial transaction takes place in the acquirement of services or products of any kind using any kind of public currency, all peoples should be equal in rights to acquire and deliver said services equally, unless they are sexual in nature. A prostitute or worker in the sex industry should have the right not to give services to any one requesting them for any reason whatsoever, with no need to explain.

Trump's condemnation of the violence perpetrated by both sides was perfectly correct. White supremacists, neo nazi's, bigots and racists of all kinds are entitled to their opinions and have the right to express these opinions in legal demonstrations as long as they don't break the law and incite to any kind of violence. To infringe against this right should be against the law and such criminality should be condemned and legal action taken.

No opinion should ever be against the law when expressed in private conversation in a privately owned space, discreetly.

In the great art of stand up comedy, anything and everything should be allowed to be said. This whether by the audience or the comedian.
Trump's Answers To Questions Here Make Perfect Sense
I applaud President Trump for condemning the illegality and criminality of individuals' actions on all sides.

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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