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Duality and Dimensions 1111

Duality is a matter of fact in thought.

It merely means that things in the mind can be related by reason of being opposites. It is a unifying idea. Without duality, "night" and "day" would be unrelated. Wouldn't that be stupid? Yes, "good" and "evil" are a duality. Where there is one, the other is there as a potential. To destroy good is evil. To destroy evil is good. To create good is to destroy evil and to create evil is to destroy good. Do good and evil actually exist? Of course they do. From the point of view of every thing alive, living harmonically is good and discordant deterioration is evil. What is good for pneumonia bacteria is evil for a human being. Why is this idea so repugnant to some New Age Gurus?
Where there is darkness there can be light. Where there is light, some one can turn it off. Light is good for those who want to see and bad for those who don't want to be seen. Light is bad for a Jew hiding in the dark from a Nazi and good for a Nazi searching for a Jew in a dark cellar.
The idea of duality is a tool for those who know how to use it to think for themselves.

 Getting rid of it is a bad idea, forwarded by new age gurus who don't know how to think and mistake wishful thinking for original ideas. Such people speak much of "the heart" as being good and "the mind" as that bad source of evil duality. Such people simply don't know how to think and promote catch words that cause the brain to secrete dopamine. Any word that implies an idea of integration causes the brain to secrete dopamine, as life is ever seeking the integration of diversities in a dynamic harmony.

    Dopamine is secreted much during sex and orgasms and what is more integrating than the dynamic harmonies of good sex between the male and female diversities? That's how children come about and what is a baby if not the integration of the diversities in a child's parent's DNA?

Now all this talk of the conflictual "4d reality" of "duality" becoming a higher dimension of peaceful "Oneness" is pure and simple-" make you feel good= dopamine"-nonsense. People tend to believe that whatever makes them feel good must be true.
 Integration feels good.

Joining the Nazi party to re-integrate Germany and get rid of the discordance caused by Jews and Bolsheviks felt good. Joining any political party feels good. Joining the army to defend the integration (integrity) of the nation, feels good. Sometimes feeling good leads to disintegration, as in a heroin or crack addiction. Or joining the Nazi party. Sometimes feeling good is evil. Sometimes feeling bad ( addiction withdrawal) is good.

There are many more than 4 dimensions. Dimensions are an extrapolation of the concept of duality. Dimensions are qualities of perception. Without dimensions you couldn't perceive with any of your senses or be conscious of anything at all, because dimensions are a quality of the mind which uses the perception of contrast (duality) to become aware of anything at all. Dimension is the perception of contrast with duration. Nothing can have only one dimension. (length) for without duration (time) the length would have no time to exist and be perceived. Nothing perceivable can have only two dimensions, (length + time) for without width, length cannot be perceived. Yet things are conceivable without being perceivable. Such is Math.
3d is the minimum needed (length+width+time) to perceive visually with the mind's inner eye and as dimensions are a quality of the mind, one can see them with one's eyes closed or if born blind. It is possible to think of one dimension but it takes at least three to do so. One can ignore the two one has no attention on, which doesn't mean they aren't there. You can think mathematically of a length of a line with no width and no time. You need 3d to do so, anyway. Doing so is an idea that has no reality as a perception, which shows how the imagination can conceive of the unreal by ignoring the necessities of perception and reality. Such is Math.

The idea of a line is the abstraction of what connects left with right. To exist visually, something needs a contrast between it's left side and it's right or it has no distance, no space, to exist in. Can you conceive of a line that has only length and no width? To exist something needs a contrast between it's top and it's bottom. (width) To exist visually in the perception of the inner eye (attention), anything and everything must have a left and a right side, as well as a top and a bottom and it must do so for some duration. Can you conceive of a line with length and width but no duration to be perceived?
These concepts of dimension are the foundation of the perception of visual contrast and are qualities of the mind. But what about sound? Sound, of course, must have duration, and it has volume which is another kind of perception of contrast, another dimension. But does it have spatial length and height as we perceive it? Can it have a location yet no size as such? Size is the perception of visual contrasts. Does this apply to sound? And what about smell? Again, it has duration and intensity which is a kind of volume but volume is a visual spatial concept or is it another kind of dimension, a perception of a different kind of contrast?
How many kinds of contrast are there? That is the number of dimensions there are.
I am sure this differs from life form to life form and person to person. How many dimensions or kinds of contrast does a bat "see" if it is blind?

I offer this as food for thought and in the belief that the contemplation of these ideas is mind expanding because so doing increases one's perception of contrast and thus the dimensions of one's mind. 1111
September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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