Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Inside The Messiah's Mind 1111

                              The Messiah Dances Alone Before His Lord

     Over the course of the last seventeen years, I have been engaged with the idea that I am
The Messiah 363. It has been and is still, my firm belief that this idea came into my mind from an originating source that exists outside and independently of me. I believe that this originating source, that first planted the seed of this idea in my mind, exists within me and around me- and is my Creator.   
On September 29th, 2017 at 9:39 AM.  Jerusalem Time, There Will Be A Sign Of Unmistakable Divine Design

   This belief has been relentlessly reinforced over the course of these last seventeen years with a chain of incidents, all of which have been characterized by an outrageous intensity of synchronicity around the motif that I am, indeed, The Messiah, Son of David, The King and Corporeal Deliverer of The Jews from spiritual bondage to foreign gods. The Messiah that some Jews have been praying would come and establish a peaceful common wealth of mankind, with Zion in Jerusalem as an emanating location of orientation. The Messiah Teacher who establishes a school and discipline for those teachings that would finally enable a peaceful coalescence of the human spirit, in which humanity recognizes itself as The Custodian of all living things and life itself.

I still believe this to be true.

More so now than ever before.

Even so, I am completely cognizant that this belief of mine is just that, a belief, a kind of elaborate and sophisticated opinion that explains to me and allows me to believe that I understand why I have had the experiences that I have had. It is an extrapolated interpretation of the narrative of my life from the moment I started telling it to myself, from a very early age, until today and is only The Truth in so far as I am completely certain that there is a God in me and around me who is telling me this narrative and who would have me interpret it the way I do. Only The Creator God could orchestrate the meaningful relationship that has existed between what goes on inside of me and what has transpired around me, in what we all experience as some kind of objective external universe.

Only The Creator could have prepared me in advance for what was to become my past. Only The Creator, for whom the past, present and future coexist, a creator for whom there is a purpose to my life which is essential to creation itself, only God could have orchestrated the events within me and around me as I have experienced. For God, the future is no mystery. In it, there are no surprises. Everything that I have ever needed to become what I am and am yet to become, is provided to me with a wisdom and foresight that knows my future. For me this is explicitly self evident and inexplicable unless there is a Personal Creator God, One who is the composer and musician of all the inestimable quantities and qualities of vibration that are me and what happens to me and what I say and what I do.

Of course, you would have to be me to see this as I do.

My experience of my Creator is axiomatically self evident. What has happened until now in me and around me as I remember it all, is true. As true as anything can be for anyone. How I interpret the facts of my experience is no more than the application of mundane common sense.

If I were to give you an umbrella on a sunny summer day and tell you that you should take it with you because you will definitely need it despite what the forecasters say about the weather- and then you don't, and then subsequently you find yourself exposed to an outburst of unforeseen pouring rain, you might begin to believe that I know the future. If similar incidents happen repeatedly and you learn to take my advice to your advantage again and again, you will undoubtedly also begin to believe that uncertainty of the future is a variable dependent on factors you can't estimate the value of, while I can.

If I then tell you that there is this God who speaks to me and who not only knows the future, but is The God who creates it for all of us, and this God has made me a messenger to you, you might very well believe me and ask what this God wants from you and what should you do to ensure God's continued good will towards you.

This is how the great and minor spiritual authorities of all times have gained their reputation. They appear to know the future better than anyone else. If the spiritual authority isn't promoting a god or spirits, merely some grand philosophy of salvation or well being, like Confucius or Buddha, the authority is granted as a consequence of the great wisdom that must be possessed by anyone who knows how things will unfold better than anyone else.

Now while I have said of myself many things over the course of the years since I first became so engaged, such as that I am a Hebrew Prophet, Messiah, King, The Son of David, The Son of Man, The Anti Christ, and recently and most outrageously and illustriously, The One and Only Little One, The Son of God, I have done this all as no more than an honest description of what has been going on inside of my mind, out of the fervent belief that this is what The God that so possesses me, would have me do. Be a witness and an honest scribe that describes what goes on inside my own mind, as that is all anyone can ever describe anyway.

The only title from the above that I would have, is "The Son of Man" in the sense that I am the child of a man and a woman and so is everyone else. I see myself as a creature of the human species, a creature as Divinely created as all creatures are, a creature created as a very infinitesimal and short lived duration of conscious sophisticated and multifaceted vibrations.

That's all I am. That's all anyone or anything can be. That's all anyone can see of themselves and the world around them. A very very small and minute moment of self aware vibrations with an ability to perceive various kinds of contrasts in the natures of the different kinds of vibrations that life forms can perceive, and a preference for some kinds of vibrations over others.

That's what life is.

It is the conscious quality of complex and sophisticated intricate vibrations that is so mysterious and ponderous and wondrous.

Differentiation is the perception of contrast. This is common to all living things. Everything that lives also moves, seeking out through the differentiation of contrasts that environment and those conditions and assets most conducive to elongating the awareness of those contrasts which are most self serving in the overall perpetuation of the species. A certain temperature, amount of light, PH, etc. .....are all essentially vibrations of energy.

I am like everything else alive, yet perhaps more so, in that I am ever aware and conscious of the vibrations of life itself. All of life is a creation and not The Creator.


 Perceptive units of vibration in an endless and therefore immeasurable sea of potentials to be whatever can consciously be, whatever life will be. All this vibrating and the consciousness thereof, does so in accordance with The Will of The Great Harp Player who continues to exist when there is no music and no vibrations and nothing dances anymore.

This is The Benevolent God of my Faith.

At any rate of vibration, finally, I am nothing but a witness and a scribe intent on telling my story, thus describing with lyrics as poetic as I sense all life to be, the music I am dancing to.

I dance alone in front of My God, as did David The King, My Father who is me come again, better and improving with my every breath, completely free from any fear of death.
September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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