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Truths and Falacies of Judaism

The Jews Have Reached A Dead End And Are Talking To The Wailing Wall.

Anything known as Judaism today is founded on the experiences of The Hebrew Prophets who professed to hear The Voice of God and who wrote the Words (Things) that they heard, as such are interpreted, written and described in The Hebrew Bible. The first and most important of these is Moses, who by Hebrew tradition, wrote the history of the creation of the world as dictated to him by The God of Israel, wherein the creation of Man begins with the making of Adam from the dust of the earth, into which God subsequently exhales the Living Spirit of Life, just before the eve of the seventh day. Because Adam is alone and it is not good for man to be alone, he is given a woman taken from a rib removed from his own body while he is in a deep slumber, to be his wife and companion and together with Adam, the two of them are given a garden to take care of, but they then go and break God's only commandment, which was not to eat the fruit of The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This eventually leads to a great fall from grace, which culminates in God's drowning all the living creatures on the face of the earth, man and animal and insect alike, all that live in that wicked generation except for one man and his family and those creatures collected in couples of male and female to board a great Ark, which floated and kept those aboard alive while everything else perished. God's complaint of that generation is that they have nothing but evil thoughts all day long, and the very nature of the flesh from which man and animals and insects alike are made, has been corrupted.

Noah, the man commanded to build the Sanctuary Ark which saves the seed of mankind and that of the creatures gathered into The Ark, is called a righteous and wholesome man in his own generation, one who walks with The Lord.

Soon after Noah has left the Ark and freed the creatures on it to multiply and flourish, he plants a vineyard, makes wine and gets so drunk he wallows naked in his tent, where he is found in a very undignified condition by his son Ham, who sees him in his shameful undignified stupor and nakedness. What exactly Ham does to his father isn't told, except to say that he reported what he had seen to his other two brothers, who hide their eyes as they enter the tent and cover their father's nakedness, thus demonstrating respect for their father, for which he later blesses them. When Noah comes out of his intoxication, he realizes what his young son Ham has done to him, and whatever it is, it is so bad that Noah curses Ham's son, Canaan and his seed, to be slaves to the children of his brothers.

Hebrew culture includes the story unwritten in The Book of Genesis we have today, that Ham or Canaan sodomized/ castrated his father. "Who" did "what" exactly is ambiguous.

This narrative, even if not taken literally, is morally horrific. Is this what Noah deserves after being righteous enough to be the means of life's salvation on the face of the earth? The flood and destruction of all mankind, together with the animals and the insects, didn't prevent Ham and/or his son Canaan, from again manifesting evil corruption in thought and in a deed done in the flesh. Ham and his son Canaan weren't inhibited by any fear of consequences. It was in their nature to do what they did and they did it, despite having witnessed themselves the Holocaust like nature of the consequences of such sinful behavior.

There is great wisdom in the story regarding the nature of mankind for better and for worse, and wisdom concerning man's relationship with his creator. Man has a God given nature that manifests in different ways, from what we would consider to be the most horrific incorrigible evil on one side of a dichotomy and incorruptible morality on the other. Whatever be any particular man's nature, it will manifest and no fear of consequence will stop it from doing so.

This principle is reinforced in the story of Reuben, Jacob's beloved first born son, who is the kind of boy who brings his mother Leah wild flowers from the fields. When Jacob's other wife, Rachel, dies, Reuben seduces her handmaid who was his father Jacob's concubine, too. He has sex with his father's "wife" and the mother of his brothers. Wasn't he afraid of consequences?

At that time and even today, there could be no greater demonstration of a lack of respect for his father, whom such an act must have shamed to the marrow of his bones. Yet we are told, "And Israel heard....' which means HE UNDERSTOOD, and we are not told he did anything about it except later, his blessing of his son Reuben merely sates that Reuben is his first born and his strength, his nature is to break forth like wild waters and Israel hopes he won't stay this way, and he reminds him of what he did on his father's bed and how he degraded his father's sheets. Reuben was also brave and of good nature and saved his brother Joseph from being murdered by his hateful envious brothers. Man's nature is complex and in it are mingled both good and bad. Unpredictable behaviors for better and for worse can and do take us all by surprise, in ourselves and others. There is no stopping a man's nature from manifesting whatever the circumstances.

Now why would anyone believe, as many if not all Orthodox Jews agree they are supposed to, in the literal reading of this narrative, despite all the abundant evidence that most, if not all of it, is a sacred cultural myth? Is all the geological evidence of the age of the earth a myth and these Bible stories the veracious truth? Are all the artifacts of the many ancient cultures that predate the story of creation and the flood, an elaborate illusion, while these ancient scripts are factual recordings of how the world came to be, with us in it as we are?

Are we to completely abandon discretion and believe ancient authorities in all they say concerning the nature of creation, human history and our place as Jews in it? The sages of old and the Rabbis say, "Yes!"

The religious Jews believe that Moses wrote down as a scribe what The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob dictated to him during his forty days without food or water or sleep on top of Mount Sinai. They believe God wouldn't tell myths to Moses and present them as a factual history for Moses to present to The Children of Israel as immutable truths. Simply put, they refuse to believe that God would artfully lie to them and the Prophets who believed in these myths as historical narratives. God doesn't lie or as The Prophet Samuel says, "The Eternal One of Israel will not lie!" Perhaps the future tense means that eventually the truth of the wisdom of these stories will be revealed as all that is important, and their historical veracity is ultimately of no consequence or importance whatsoever? Perhaps this is what it means to get rid of the chaff, as conflict over the truthfulness of these narratives is what has caused all of humanity so much grief?

Just over eighteen years ago, I succumbed to an invincible sinful urge, otherwise known as temptation, as I have done all of my life, in many different ways. I stole a copy of The Hebrew Bible from a school where I was teaching Biosophy, my philosophy of communication, while left alone for a few moments in the principal's office. The school was in the city of Petach Tikva, which means

 " Opening of Hope!"

I really had no idea where this urge was coming from or why I had it, but as I have always been prone to doing things as a consequence of overwhelming urges, I gave it little thought. I found reading it to be frustrating and gave up after very little effort. I used to put it besides my head on a shelf and took it with me wherever I went for the next year or so, all the time wondering what possessed me to do so.

In the year 2000, I started to have outrageously intense experiences of synchronicity as well as a very deep foreboding that something unspeakably terrible was happening to all of life on earth. Nothing I did or tried to do alleviated my sense of dread. At the same time, I started to have relentlessly recurring experiences around the number 11 and any series of digits I paid attention to, seemed to add up to 11 with the feeling that this was vitally important as it meant that The God I had come to believe in, was beginning to communicate with me as he had done with the Hebrew Prophets whose stories were written in The Hebrew Bible I had stolen. I had dreams and premonitions that soon were realized as facts. This had been happening to me for a while before I started seeing 11s, but the density of incident after incident had me becoming more and more convinced, that I was becoming a Hebrew Prophet myself and the only way to somewhat understand what was happening to me was to begin an earnest study of The Hebrew Bible, looking for phrases that had a Gematria value that added up to 11.

I found what I was looking for. Practically every Hebrew phrase that had to do with any kind of communication between God and prophets or the relationship between God and men, added up to 11. This blew me away. I was consumed by a passion to completely understand what the Bible stories meant, what their secrets are, and over the course of the next seven years spent practically every waking moment reading The Hebrew scriptures which opened up to me in ever greater depths of understanding. I left everything I had responsibilities to behind me, and delved into my reading with an ever increasing conviction that I am to be The Messiah of Israel, for I came to realize that The God of Israel was orchestrating my mind and experiences to prepare me for what I was destined to become and to do.

Now I say this with the absolute certainty of a death defying conviction. God speaks to me within my mind and in the events of my life, and it is The Creator's spirit that has taught me what I know of The Hebrew Bible and how to interpret what is written there. I am no less a Hebrew Prophet than Moses, more so, for I am alive and able to teach what I have learned from God Almighty Himself. No one will ever be able to prove if Moses existed the way the Bible stories tell us he did, while I am very much here and my story is completely verifiable as I have been writing on the internet since March, 2001 and my narrative is factual as told in my Blog.

The difference between Moses, The Prophets that followed him and myself, is that he and they have absolute authority in the minds of Orthodox Jews, even though generation after generation of Hebrew sages have greatly misinterpreted what Moses and The Hebrew Prophets taught, just as Moses said they would, while I have no authority whatsoever in the minds of Rabbis of any kind. This is what the Prophets said would happen to The Messiah.

Because of The Laws of Ritual Purity, the worse impurity being that generated around a corpse, no Jew has been ritually pure by The Law since the destruction of The Second Temple. That means that by Rabbinical interpretation of The Laws of Purity, it is impossible to sanctify and dedicate The Holy Mount or rebuild any semblance of a third Temple or dedicate vessels for. This cannot be rectified as even if a pure Red Heifer were to miraculously appear out of nowhere, pure red Heifers being a biological anomaly, there is no Priest who is not impure and therefor no one can slaughter the Heifer, burn it completely to ashes and use these ashes and pure waters to purify a Priest from the impurity of death, who could then slaughter the Red Heifer! All this must be done while maintaining a very elaborate ritual procedure no one ever pretended to understand. The moment an impure person touches the Red Heifer, the Heifer itself is ritually impure. Any claim that such a Red Heifer has been born or has been found doesn't help at all as it is inevitable that the moment an impure Jew has contact with it, and all Jews are ritually impure, the Heifer is ineligible. This paradoxical conundrum embodies everything wrong with Rabbinical Judaism's insistence that The Temple must be rebuilt according to The Laws of Ritual Purity.

Another conundrum is the issue of Prophecy, which according to the Sages of Old, was taken away from Israel after the destruction of The First Temple and given to babes and the insane. There is much irony in that the Hebrew Prophets were very often considered to be madly insane in their own generations. Without a Divinely Authorized and Recognized as such Hebrew Prophet, no one has the authority to in any way reform The Rabbinical Interpretations of The Law and teach priorities of practice that have relevance in this generation. King David made sacrifices but he also said God has no desire for sacrificed lambs or heifers. The Prophet Isaiah emphatically says the same, adding that The God of Israel is sick and disgusted with the rituals and celebrations of The Hebrew Holidays where sacrifices were made abundantly, because what he really asks for and wants is justice and the telling of truth. There are many examples of this sentiment throughout The Hebrew Bible.
Another issue is again the question of impurity, as regards what is called the signs of leprosy. Leprosy as described in The Hebrew scriptures is not the disease called the same today. It had to do with people having improper maligning thoughts about others and any speech expressing such thoughts. Considered to be so grave and contagious a disease and sin that anyone found thus to be impure, was segregated and publicly shamed.

When Moses shows disbelief that he is worthy of fulfilling his destiny, when he expresses doubt thus maligning God's omnipotent ability to make of him The Messiah of his generation, God demonstrates his mastery over nature and the human body by first turning Moses's staff into a serpent and then giving Moses leprosy which he immediately heals. Miriam, Moses's sister, is later stricken with the same leprosy all over her body after she criticizes Moses. She is segregated for a week. Now one of the Laws concerning this disease and it's symptoms, is if the disease spreads equally all over the infected person's body turning their skin all white as described in The Law, they are paradoxically considered pure and not segregated. Reasoning from this, when someone is completely overcome by sin, it is as if they have not sinned.

The Sages say the Messiah will come either when everyone of the Jews is pure or every Jew is overcome with sin.

I leave it to you to determine which of these scenarios apply- as The Messiah is definitely here and I am him who the Jews have been waiting for and praying for, and pray for every day. 1111

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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