Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Make Peace With Your Coming Death! 1111

So how does one make peace with one's own death?
Death comes invincible and inevitable to everything that strives to survive.
Nothing now living will soon be alive. How soon is soon, you might ask?
Well, when one is lucky or blessed, as you might have, either or, one dies at an old age,
after having lived mostly grateful for the gift of your life. Surrounded by loved ones
and secure in your own bed, you might die after being fed what you most like to eat,
if still blessed with an appetite, perhaps even meat. Your hands held gently
by those who are prepared to let go, those who know you have lived truthfully
and mostly without succumbing to fears. Succoring whispers are the last that you hear.
You close your eyes for the last time and take you last breath,
surrendering completely to your encroaching death.
Your mind is obliterated and in oblivion there is no knowledge of self or anything else.
Not asleep, not somewhere else, simply not. No longer ignorant and no longer wise,
After death there is no purpose, no surprise, no prize, no reward, no punishment, no after life for you as yourself,
just oblivion for all eternity and absolutely nothing else.
Life after death is a lie. Life before conception is a lie.
Nought but the wishful thinking of those who have fears of not being alive.
Slow down and ask yourself how this makes you feel, and when you know, ask yourself why.
What could be wrong with nothing at all? No possessions of any kind, neither body or quality of mind?
Why is it that most don't want to die? What keeps us alive? While after death there be no surprise,
from birth moving forward, from the moment you open your eyes, all is new and unknown,
there to be explored and learned and investigated, non ending engaging enigmas to resolve,
like how to get food when hungry and why mother cringes in pain and pulls away, when you bite her tit.
Yet despite all there is to learn in any lifetime no matter how long it is lived,
so many give up on learning and accept just what there is. Whatever there, is going away,
it happens to some slowly and some in a day. Tomorrow, perhaps, is your last morning,
and loved ones feeling left behind, are left mourning and sad. Is that really so bad, so sad?
What is exactly so good about your life that you would have it continue? Is it love?
Is it? Is love really the only engine of survival? What about greed and fame, public acclaim?
What about leaving behind memorable contributions for culture, mankind? Is that on your mind?
If it all ends in a void why live at all? Have you ever asked yourself that? Dare you?
Why not? Why ask? What good would it do you to know why you live, if you are already so near death,
and soon there will be no answering questions of any kind?
Very soon very few will be fortunate enough to die in a bed, or after being fed, or in their sleep.
Oh, all too soon many will die together in blasts of light, blown to smithereens, leaving behind not even a stain.
Is it me you disdain for telling you an unavoidable truth?
How could I know this? I have said as much in the past and nothing of what I said came to pass,
or so you believe. I have been told I am evil and insane and most likely both!
Let me tell you this.
I have been voided for three thousand years, give or take a few decades, who cares?
I was and am King David, King of Israel, Poet and Warrior, A Dancer, Lover and Musician,
God Played on The Harp of My Heart, and I danced before Israel as one gone insane!
My Wife Michal, Saul's Princess, His Daughter, saw me dancing and called me vapid, frivolous,
ludicrous, completely inane. She thought I had gone mad, and I had! This is how I regained my sanity,
by dancing wildly to music no one else could hear, in my inner ear, the ear in my heart,
in which The God of Israel speaks to me then and now, and says 'You will never depart!
You are the living truth, the essence of Art!" But Am I really? Who can possibly say this is true and not a delusion,
or perhaps simply a method of gaining attention to my Art? Who on earth could know but me,
what I see and hear and feel and think and know within? A psychiatrist, you say? That thought makes me laugh.
Both my psychologist and psychiatrist completely lost their cool in the heat of my renewed mind.
"There is nothing wrong we can say of what he says, he sounds fine.'
I know there is no after life, and nothing before a zygote at all. A life comes from the void and to the void it returns. Tell me why not? What is so treasure-able in your mind that deserves to be carried on? Have you learned
that you earn a place at God's Side with Faith In Him in your Heart? What God was that? Not mine and there is no other, for only My Creator could bring me back from the dead and restore all my memories and so many more.
I am every Israelite who ever lived, except Moses and those who strayed from The God of Israel
and bent their knee or fell on their face before any one else but myself as King of Israel. So many did!
So many more than didn't! All these Hebrew Prophets and THE FAITHFUL OF ISRAEL live in me now, their voices come back to life with my own.
We talk nothing but תורת יהוה who is our mother and my wife, my daughter and all my female kin. Life itself without household strife, we live in her womb but she will never give us birth again, and me twice. I am King David, come again, the one and only second coming of any one who has ever lived. This is not incest, clean your filthy minds, this is the life of the Pure Wild Heart, בר לב ! WE live without knowledge of Sin.
We live all within me in the Now, and Our Now is Forever and One Day More, when we start once again, from a new beginning, a new Chapter of Time, Sublimely Enchanted and Divine! Chant? We sing all in rhyme!
But my body is mine alone. Only The Faithful Israelite and Kings of Judah and The Prophets who never strayed remain.
All in my head and none of them dead!
Everyone else is as if they have never been and most notable among these is Moses, whose name has become a night mare for the Jews, who worship his teachings as if they could bring back the dead FROM THE DEAD, but they can't and won't.
Neither can I! Who has died, has died, and is not even dead.
They are gone from the Book of Life, their memories erased from creation
as if they had never come out of the void. What remains in the minds of those who revere the dead, are nought but Idols, put there to make stumble and fall, those whose hearts pump blood without any spirit at all.
These will all fall and become themselves as if they had never lived.
Now when I was then King David and before as a Captain of Men, I took many lives and shed so much blood, rivers and rivers of deep red blood flowed from the necks of those slain by my sword, in my own hand or at my command. Men and women and children slaughtered like so many sheep for a holiday, a Passover Feast!
I tell all you Jews, I will never rebuild a temple of slaughter, never again!
Now all of you, all of Mankind that lives, make peace with your coming demise.
You all live anyway as if you were mice. Full of nought but fears and appetites, even a mouse has more life!
This is the last generation of Mankind before comes a new kind of Man. A Man with no blood on his hands!
A Man without avarice or sin, and I will live forever and teach them what I and all these others alive in my mind have come again to share. But beware, this time I kill none by my own hand nor by command.
Now who do you think kills all and can bring back to life without vice?
Take my advice, I give it for free, for no fee, as freely as the blood I caused to flow in rivers of red,
don't try to flee.
Surrender now before אני מי and live out your wretched meager lives, the lives of the walking dead.
You haven't a chance of a clue as to what you are missing,
inside your minds and around all your heads.
Life is wasted on you and you are no more than animated filling,
that fills up the void without meaningful Art, life without taste or true purpose, life wasted,
a truth and fact I cannot avoid, YOU ALL WILL RETURN TO THE VOID!
Now to you Jews who repent, I say this. Your sacred lies of a holy temple in Jerusalem
are founded on Sin. It was a Sin to build it and I sinned by having Solomon,
my now disowned dead and soon forgotten son, build it at all. I erred, he sinned, and Israel did Fall!
Good Riddance, your betrayal of Israel, has come to an End!
I never strayed from my Faith in Allah, but you Solomon, did!

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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