Monday, September 4, 2017

The Truth, Once Again, and for Some, The Last Time 1111

The Truth, Once Again, and for Some, The Last Supper! 1111

 For Some This Might Be Their Proverbial Last Supper, where they eat my meat בשרה and drink my blood  נפש  and are betrayed for betraying their Contracts with The God of Israel, get crucified and The True Messiah Survives and Lives Happily Ever After!

 Truth is the agreement that A SYMBOL or any number of symbols,
 like The Hebrew Bible הברית, 
represent a certain reality and nothing else yet not agreed upon, nothing else is TRUTH.

Speculation that the symbol or symbols might represent something else as yet not agreed, is speculation, a belief, an opinion.

Truth begins within one's own mind. It starts with one's first word. The image of one's mother begins to represent whatever one's needs she fulfills and finally the word "mother" itself represents her image and all the feelings she evokes when seen or imagined as a mental image.

Of course one's first word might be "Father" or "Water" or whatever.

Truth is the foundation of language. All languages are founded on a consistent and agreed upon relationship between symbols and what they represent.

Truths can be shared with others. A mother, knowing what the word "mother" means to herself, says it repetitively while meeting her child's needs. The child begins to associate the sound with the experience of having needs met, with all the accompanying feelings of gratification. This brings into the world a TRUTH, agreed upon in a group, the family of mother and child.

Later the child learns that the letters M O T H E R represent sounds that when sounded in sequence, produce the audio experience of hearing the word mother for others, who agree what the word represents to an extant utilitarian enough to know what is meant. If the child gets lost and knows no word other than "MOTHER!", sounding it might make her image appear in the mind's eye of others who know her, and she is brought and appears now in the child's vision.

The Word evokes a reality.

Later, when the mother refuses to meet the needs of the growing child whose need for heroin has him stealing her jewellery, he says "You aren't my mother!"
This because in his or her mind she no longer meets pain causing unrequited needs and has broken the agreement he or she had in their mind that "mother" means having needs met.

This understanding of TRUTH is the foundation of all contracts of every kind imaginable.

It is the foundation of all common realities.

All conflicts, within one's self or between people, are about different TRUTH and broken CONTRACTS from some perspective.

A fact is a contract that symbols represent a certain reality.

If one party disagrees "on the facts" with another, there is a divergent reality and a potential for conflict. If either party feels it's survival or quality of life makes it necessary to coerce it's reality on the other, a conflict ensues until one party is subdued and surrenders, accepting the other party's reality concerning themselves.
Or that party,
which despite inevitable defeat in a war over materiel or spiritual assets,
refuses to surrender,
is obliterated into oblivion
together with whatever was it's reality.

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