Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Spiral of Your Mind and The "I" That Sees! 1111

Oh My Family of Islam, You have All inspired me to tell more, as you are a sublime instrument of Divine Creative Design! 

Imagine looking backwards in time as if you have risen from the very bottom of a dwindling spiral.
Imagine that spiral goes back a finite amount of time, but
created at a moment  immeasurably before any Big Bang.
At the very bottom of the spiral where all coalesces and conflates is an "I" with an "eye" and that is your soul, looking around, confined in a mind, wondering how it got where it is and what it should do to improve the view. "In The Beginning" is very confusing and while there is Light, all you can see is in your mind which is all you can see, it is all yourself reflected from the confines of your own mind. You are confined by the symbols and syntax unique to your own soul. You are looking at mirrors reflecting what is "with in" and what is "with out". Now all living things and life itself is confined in a mind. Allah is The Creator of Minds but is never confined. Allah is The Perfect Cause and all that Happens in The Mind is The Perfected Effect, you know as your own history, your narrative. Allah sees your Soul and understands completely it's perplexity, as all minds of all kinds are Challenging Games of Perplexity For The Soul.
When I say Allah sees you as you are, I mean also feels your sense of being trapped and confined precisely as you do. As you experience yourself confined and trapped in your mind, over which you must honestly admit you have no control of any sustainable duration, Allah looks at things precisely and exactly as you do in whatever the context you find yourself in. But as Allah created your Soul and designed the Spiral in Both Directions, Your Creator also knows all you will come to see above you as your mind rises and expands by turning mass into energy, or beneath you, as your mind contracts by turning energy into mass. The Soul never moves. It is the Only Thing in the Universe that is truly static and has a "relatively" motionless point of view, but as it identifies with symbols moving in the mind, it thinks it's moving too.
Now while The Spiral has a finite beginning, it rises and expands forever. When you turn mass into energy by letting go of everything with mass, symbolized in your mind, your view of that infinitesimal reflection of all of creation which is your destiny to see and experience, expands in perspective, allowing you to hold in any moment in your mind, ever more of how and why things come together and things fall apart. You become a witness and a scribe of the creation that is your ever expanding mind. But should you experience a moment in which you say I have arrived and seek to hold on to what you see and call it your own, whatever it is, and call it a day, you are turning energy into mass and you begin to sink back down the spiral, which as you go down dwindles, as nothing is more trapped than mass in the mind. Eventually there is too much mass held on to, to drop any further and you get stuck, unable to sink and unable to look above the mass you are holding on to, and there is no alternative to losing your mind, having it fixed, and returned and refined.
To understand your soul, think of a Sim Card. It is uniquely itself because it "sees" with a unique kind of resistance to what passes through it, unaware of anything else. It comes with the initial information any mind is confined by, but also that which makes your soul and it's destiny unlike that of anyone else. Your body is like the smartphone, but no two phones are as exactly as smart or contain exactly the same memories, now the sim card records every decision you make about what is valuable and what is not and keeps it as is, until further notice.

These decisions are either of future freedoms or future kinds of confines. They are either a decision to hold on or a decision to let go, of whatever you can focus attention on and value or abhor, anything at a[size=24l[/size]. You can focus attention on nothing but symbols that represent mass, but as nothing has mass but that which is perceived in the mind, nothing has mass unless you believe it does, forcing it to obey The Laws of Gravity and Newton's Principles of Motion, until such Time as God demonstrates to your mass less mind that mass is only a symbol in the Mind and The Creator of Mass and Energy can do with Mass and Energy whatever required to make His Omnipotence Known, to any such deserving Soul.

Look up towards the Heavens, My Family of Islam,1111, from where Allah orchestrates all in your mind, for as far up as you can see in one lifetime, is as far as you can go with your "I Wink ", when looking from the very bottom, below.
September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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