Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Coming Crumbling Civilizations 1111

 The Shattering of the Kingdoms of Idolatry is At Hand! See This? The Digits 1111?

First let me say, I believe we are all going to part ways in a very short time.
The foundation of the whole world is about to be shattered
and will crumble like that Philistine Palace, when Blinded Samson,
mocked and ridiculed, while chained to the supporting columns,
regained his miraculous strength and brought down the Palace
where the Philistines had been partying, in celebration over Samson's capture.
His last words were,"My Spirit will die with the Philistines!" 

Being a true servant of Allah, he needed no belief in an afterlife as reward
for killing so many enemies along with himself. He fought Jihad, but violently, only against those who would enslave Israel, who were Ironically enslaved to foreign powers by their God, for their own Idolatrous Ideas.

Samson is not considered a Prophet but is called the Judge of Israel in his generation.
Had he condemned Israel for their Idolatry he would have been a Prophet but he idealized Israel and died for his own Idolatry, in his unrequited love and Idolization of a Philistine Whore.

But while he lived he fought fearlessly against Idols and enjoyed life to the full extant of His Manhood.

Irony is God's Signature in Human Affairs of The Heart!

I fight Jihad, but I am completely unwilling to so much as kill a mosquito.

What is Jihad? 

The Eternal War against the Idolatrous Empowerment of Symbols,
as if they are divine or have any causal power of their own.

In my definition of "TRUTH" I say,

"Truth is an agreement that a symbol or symbols represent a certain reality."

No one believes a statement to be true unless they hear so from a trusted authority or conclude it's truth after their own research. Neither instances ensure what now believed to be truth will weather confounding hurricanes of chaos, wherein authorities and gods are found to be impotent and unable to answer prayers or dire requests for assistance.

 Like The AmeriCIAn Flag, for example.

Does it really represent "One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!"?

More people are incarcerated in the US of Amercia per capita than anywhere else in the world. Are Amercians innately more criminal than any other country on the Globe? Is the Justice system more just, exposing more crimes? What does "Indivisible" mean? Is The Federal Government a Causal Singularity like God Almighty? Is everything the  Government says Truth, because it says,"In God We Trust!" on Amercian Currency and Government Executives therefor fear God, and wouldn't lie? 

People die for the Flags of their nations, for crucifixes where thousand and thousands of tortured men and women were left hanging until they expired, dying one of the most humiliating and miserable deaths imaginable,

Jews have been dying for the letters of the name of their so misunderstood God for Millennia, Moslems for their misunderstanding of the Symbols of their own religion,
words and doctrines and dogma, all no more than symbols meant to represent a narrative of reality, no one has any personal knowledge of. People empower symbols and make of them a reason to die and a reason to murder strangers. This has been going on for a very, very, long time.

  Look at the world from this point of view alone, and the inhumane behavior of humans
and the unkindness of Mankind, is all caused by the worship of Symbols, rather than The Living Creator of Symbols, who has created them for no other reason that to be able to have conversations with men like me, who have been doing Jihad since Abraham. Hebrew Prophets. Most of whom, albeit with remarkable exceptions like Moses and Samuel, waged a non violent war within themselves against their own False Ideas regarding what the symbols that compose the names of God in Hebrew Scriptures really represent.

They represent nothing at all but Idols of the mind, that need to be mocked and shattered to dust, with no regard for personal consequences.

One discovers that there is One Real Creator, who you become conscious of for no other reason than you become conscious of anyone. He talks to you in your mind, but without any holy symbols at all.

To the contrary, his whole tutelage is one wherein he has you shatter all you hold sacred and holy in your own mind, except of course for the living two way relationship
that has come to Life between Your Creator and You/ 11!.

This is the single true message of Hebrew Prophets and The Hebrew Scriptures.
This is what all that sequence of Hebrew Letters in The Hebrew Bible represent.
Have No Idols. "I am the Creator of Life Itself, Am I not Alive? I am The Creator of Intelligence, am I not Intelligent? I am The Creator of Wisdom, am I not Wise? I am The Creator of Reality, Am I not Real?  "
What makes life alive?

It communicates!

All life communicates because DNA is a chain of symbols that represent certain living biological realities that manifest over the course of the life time of any living organism.
DNA is a language that represents the power of symbols to become "word" and "truths" and evoke emotions and sensations and realities, desired and horrific alike.

 The Creator Created the illusion that DNA has the power to create life but who gives it that power? DNA is a message itself into the mind of modern man, if you corrupt DNA in the pursuit of Materiel Idols by manipulating it to get rich and powerful, I will destroy any and all of you but those who understand that The Creator of Life has such an abundance of it, that he can eradicate species and create new ones over billions of years, and For The Creator Species are no more than an Art Form!

They come and go when the time comes to manifest different Art Forms
and Artful relationships between Art Forms.

Now Who is All This Art For, seeing as man worships Art Forms and Not The Artist? The Angels, perhaps? Are there Angels. Yes! But who cares!

 Man, that is most men, don't see the pageantry of drama and forms and colors and sounds and feelings and ideas flowing through their own minds as Art! They aren't entertained or at the very least educated, by their own lives.

So many men are grateful for an opportunity to have eternal life by forgoing all the wonderful pleasures of this one, if they believe that symbols truly represent some ridiculous and outrageous reality, in an after life.

This is true in all religions, Islam and Judaism and Christianity and Buddhism and Hinduism, only the great and wise Conscientious Confucius had no pretense of knowing truthfully what cannot be known as truth, and said "Live a good, ethical and moderate, grateful life for the pleasures at hand. Train your mind. Strive to excel at what you do. Etc." But Man worships powerful symbols and Confucius himself became a mental symbol, as his ideologies were, and his premise that man is fundamentally good was founded on the condition that men believe concepts have a power unto themselves, which is just another sophisticated Idolatry. 

He laid the foundations for Godless Communist China which Idolizes Ideology and commits horrendous atrocities every second of every day against men who don't cherish communist beliefs and The Chinese Communist Government, which itself is Idolized and spiritually corrupt beyond redemption.

I know no truth of an after life. I have my own beliefs that the symbols my Creator has put into my mind represent future realities for my soul, realities I am really unequipped yet to comprehend.

I can't say something I can't comprehend is true. I have been disheartened by the realization that Islam Sufism teaches and describes indescribable metaphysical realities which are no more than self flattering  idealizations of their own hard won mystical experiences.  Poetic metaphors become mystical sacred doctrines of how man is created in God's Image and becomes godlike himself. God has no image, fools! That was the essence of Mohamed's  Gospels!

Man wasn't created in some deep distant mystical past through some metaphysical mechanization of self replication. He is created from one jiffy to the next like everything else, all the particles created having coherent narratives in the mind of man if you know how to see and read the writing of warning on The Wall. Don't believe any image has any power ever, at all. Trust The One who has no image of form or time or place except as He chooses to assume to communicate with You, and until God is evidently communicating with you from within your own mind, you can't hear what he is saying because of the menagerie   of idolatrous  images and ideas competing over your life energy, as they have none of their own, unless granted life by you, and your beliefs in their divinity of some kind.

I know no truths at all concerning what existed before my mind awakenned, before this life time.

I have beliefs that I agree to agree are true, because My Creator Commands me to, telling me "This Is The Contract I have Made Between My Self and Between You."

The New Contract!= הברית החדשה=939

  My CREATOR Tells me this, is He not your Creator, too? Am I lying or delusional?  Many have and will say, I am not what My Creator Tells Me I Am.

God talks to me with a very loving and fatherly and motherly insistence that I cannot resist and don't want to for the life of me.

My Creator is Alive and Lives with me in my mind.

Like Michael Neil Stanton, the creator of THE 11:11 SITE The Only 11:11 Phenomenon Website That Matters said so many times to others, who believed that the "white fonts" on their screens represent reprehensible realities in my mind concerning themselves.

"It is Just Fonts, for God's Sake." Michael said so many times, to people who threatened to leave if he didn't ban me from writing my beliefs of what 11:11 really means to me.

 Michael is a True Champion of Free Thought and Free Speech! I will be grateful to him and ever remember how our first debates inspired me to express my self ever more eloquently, in service to the God who had commanded me to leave all I love behind and to do as He Commands.

It is they who accuse me of evil intent for disconcerting them with descriptions only of what goes on in my own mind. Who can describe  anything at all but what goes on in their own mind? Can you? Ask yourself that, for real. 

 People give me power when it is all no more than white fonts on a blue screen, or whatever color the fonts are on your screen, as you read this now,  symbols in your mind, as AM I just a symbol in your mind with no power whatsoever of my own. Symbols. Letters in strings of significance only the reader can assign the true meaning and intent of.  Language SOME agree to believe represents a TRUTH, when it doesn't represent the truth of the reality in my mind at all, in any way, shape or form.

Concerning 11:11.

It is a symbol of something or another, on that we all agree.

What does it really represent?

Is it a message sent from The Creator of us all? To you? To me? To anyone at all?

I have my truths concerning my agreements with my Maker concerning what any and all, of the symbols in my mind, represent. They are founded on an intimate relationship with my Creator and the undeniable Artful orchestration of anything and everything that has ever happened to me, within my mind.

Nothing has ever happened to me outside of my mind that I could possibly know or say is true, neither has anything ever happened to you that didn't happen within the confines of your own mind. You are the one who has the freedom to empower symbols or revoke any power you have given them or they are given by others. This is the essence of freedom of choice and why you have it.  Be an iconoclast. Love nothing but The Creator of Love.
We are confined by the symbols in our minds and what we believe them to truthfully and consistently represent.

In Hebrew, The Word for "Border" = שפה is the same as that for Spoken Language.

The languages we speak to ourselves and others are indeed the borders of our minds,
collectively and as individuals. Languages are composed from Labels and Labels represent substances or the relationships between them. You see the Label on a bottle and believe it unnecessary to chemically check if it is really aspirin inside. Labels believed are the end of research and discovery. Call a man insane and those who believe you, will no longer hold with any regard what he says. Say "conspiracy theorists are outrageous madmen" and those who believe you have the authority to label them that way, will no longer investigate if the crazy theories are actually founded on facts and common sense. Case in point being George W. Bush and what happened on September 11th, 2001, which was the beginning of the End of This World, as we each know it to be in our mind.

      We need to agree on the meanings of words, to build a new world that reaches all the way to the heavens where we then can tumble down the false gods who are envious of Man's place in Creation, which is above the Angels.

Remember Genesis, Chapter 11? The Tower of Babel?

Idolatrous Babylon, who worshiped the works of their own hands, like men today who worship technology with no real understanding why anything moves at all!

I am the Foundation Stone, cast aside by the builders, which has become the immutable measure of what the word "righteousness" really represents for The God who gave us the concept of right and wrong.

Not good and evil.

But right and wrong as judgement.

Logic. Rationality. Sanity.
How Ironic, yes , I know!

It is insane to empower symbols and not the Creator of Symbols and their meanings,
which explains why I went insane completely, out of my fear of letting go of the holy symbols I adored.

Words like "Israel" and God and יהוה and Allah and whatever was the menagerie of empowered symbols that fought for supremacy over my heart.

We grow up in a world of authorities that tell us what is true and what is not. Academic and religious authorities who all contend with certainty there is a real "there" outside your mind that is solid and never moves unless pushed or shoved by something with the power to do so. Authorities on history and science and the meaning of The Arts, all pretending to know elusively and exclusively the sophisticated complexities of their expertise, no laymen could ever understand. They pride themselves for being expert authorities on the workings of the mind and brain and technologies and are paid mass amounts of money for their advice and lectures, all asserting reality is solid and only moves by The Laws of Nature which are immutable as if written in stone. Anyone who follows modern science in the field of theoretical physics must become aware that they haven't a clue why things appear to us as solid as they do. All the immutable laws are found not to apply as observations are made of the behavior of galaxies, so they improvise with new theories like Jazz artists who have lost their musical theme and play to a beat that  is uncoordinated with the musicians in their troupe.

The natural sciences have become a cacophony of divergent theories about what makes reality real.

 My own Idolatry only finally ended months ago, when God began to perform miracles that completely shattered any Idea I had about what My Creator can or cannot do,  with my reality. He has demonstrated to me that nothing is  immutable but God's Creative Will.
I don't believe in miracles because the Bible tells me to. I have witnessed so many myself that I am now prepared for the skies to open and tunnels of flame to twist down and consume man and machinery alike.

I have see Miracles of something to nothing and nothing to something, right in front of my eyes, in no uncertain times, God saying, "Look, my favorite AND only Son, My Little One in My 11, believe Only In מי and do whatever I tell you to do, as quickly as you can respond and act. What you do and don't understand, I will explain and you will hear and understand, later! I will establish the Kingdom I promised to, with you as My Son, David, Son of Jesse, Corporeal King of Israel and the Redeemer of Mankind!"

Now, what can I do? I ask you! Should I see a psychiatrist  again, after being hospitalized four times in closed wards and put on anti-psychotic "medications" against my will? Many of you reading this are already convinced I am utterly insane. But I write quite well for a man suffering from schizophrenia, don't you agree? Isn't that the truth?

 Should I argue like Jonah? Will that do me any good? Can I run away from the Creator of The Heavens and The EARth?

 The Vibrations of His Voice are what make particles of mass dance the way they do, and that includes Michael Jackson  and  Prince! All mad dancing men, too!

God's Voice Creates Realities and symbols are the words God Sings to God's Melodies!

The Music that moves everyone and everything that moves, the way it all does.
Symbols become memories become narratives with a lesson to be learned.

Can this only  be true for me?

I hope not, for your sake and not mine.

I no longer fear oblivion or ache from loneliness. I have never been so loved and cared for in my life. Not by mother or father or lover, God's love  compares with nothing mortals can even imagine unless experienced in a way all others would say is insane. Are you willing to be considered insane by one and everyone you know, because you tell them, God is really talking to you, first in dreams and puzzles and events of poignant synchronicity, and finally as would your most intimate lover whose sweet warm breath whispers words of love into your mouth, as she kisses you so gently on the lips. I swear by My God of Art, this is my daily experience and there is absolutely nothing I would not give up to keep this relationship as intimate as it is. Suppose I am not insane. What does that make you feel? Fear or envy or hostility or what? And why?

My inner moment to moment experience has become ineffably divine. I am not divine in any way, shape or form, but my experiences are Sublimely Divine by any definition. All you can do is believe me or not. Probably not.

 I am no holy man, in any sense of the word Holy.

I am not sacred, if anything, I am ultimately profane.

I revere nothing that can be seen or heard or has location or is of any measurable and comprehensible time, including what God Himself just told me a moment ago. What has been said is already an image, a memory, symbols of past communications. When God commands it's always in the present moment, "Right Now, Do as I Tell You To Do!" There is never, "Or Else!" attached to that. That would be redundant.

  יהוה אלהיך אליו תשמעון  = 939

I have always chosen to fall in love whatever the consequences when provoked to do so by the beauty of the moment. Sometimes it was with a prostitute with whom I had made a sacred contract that we would love each other and make love until the half hour contract came to an end, leaving us both feeling sincerely sad. They always kept me embraced until the knocks on the door became somewhat frantic, "Your time is up!" spoken sternly for the fourth or fifth time. Sometimes it  was with a woman I shared years with, years that ended in mutual heart break. Human love always comes to a sad ending, if it is indeed a love for the life within the body of "the other", that one cherishes, and wishes only the best for. We inevitably must let go of all that we cherish, all that has a time and place in our lives, finally we must let go of our own cherished life itself, and Trust God that oblivion is not to be feared.  

Perhaps though, The Love of The Living Communicating Creator of Time and Space and All that moves within our minds, The Love of The Singular Eternal God above everything and anything else,IS Eternity Itself. I guess, we who love God above all else will find out if our Relentless Trust is a contract that lasts forever. If it doesn't, we won't know anyway but have lived wonderful lives full of gratitude and meaning, Artfully orchestrated and ever amazing.
Amazing Grace beyond description.

I am just a human being, with the Divine Crown of Creation on my head, by no will of my own.
"So, Help Me, God!  Help me Cope! I am Overwhelmed with Gratitude and Thanksgiving FOR YOUR UNRAVELING ART IN MY MIND, EVEN NOW, AS THE WORLD OF IDOLATRY CRUMBLES !" 1111
September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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