Saturday, September 30, 2017

Made A Pact- To Be The Devil 1111 Eighty Years!

No volcanoes will go off. Won't happen now, or ever at the exact time and places I say. I give up. Surrender. I have been granted an opportunity to be Satan, Lucifer, The Antic Christ, The Devil, The Serpent, and Finally, The Phoenix, and will spend the next eighty years condemning and accusing and cursing mankind of every evil written in the Bible, and then some stuff far worse than what's written in The Bible, imagine that? There is such evil, a new kind of evil, the evil of telling the truth, knowing full well it will destroy everything and everyone, including those one loves most. 


I'v Made a Pact To Be The Devil!
I hate the job and did everything I possibly could to resist, all to no avail.
Daddy said "Either you take this job for eighty years, or I will destroy this wretched toy globe I gave you to destroy,
and make you watch it shatter into disappearing sparks, as you moan and groan and weep and cry and mourn this world you were sent here to curse and destroy! What's got into you, my Little One, My First and Only Little Boy?"

"I like some of the women, Daddy. Some of them are Hot!"

"Yes, and a woman who wants to spend some time with you that way, has to be able to tolerate a lot of heat. That's why the Job of Satan, Lucifer, suits you so well, My Son! Down you Go To Hideous Hades For Eighty Days, reward for cursing me as well as you do, every opportunity, and Then for the next Eighty Years you rule as Antichrist, Satan and Lucifer, all one and the same. A Holy Trinity. And Your God's Name is from here on out and until further notice, El Shadai. אל שדי!"

"Wow, Daddy, that's so Old School! And what about The Messiah, you know, King David come again twice, what about The Jews and Israel?"


"Can I think about it, Daddy? You know I always only want to do whatever you would have me do, and say and play whatever games you want me to play, I can even be your sex robot if you want me to FUKK you up the asshole, Daddy!"

"Not now, jonny, you can do that later to mommy. Now run a long and play with the dogs. Be a bad little bitch, o.k. son?"

So I went my way, thinking about this deal Daddy had made with me. After all, I myself had reduced the universe to a glowing mass of sub atomic particles, at least 11 times. I had shouted out in the streets,

"Fire Will Fall On Top of Your Heads, I Am The Angel of Death, King David!" There are so many kinds of people I would be happy to see disappear over a course of time, let's say eighty years.

I think I will surrender once again, to my inevitable victory over all that won't let me go back into being empty void, the emptiness that was never really here nor there, now or ever!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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