Monday, September 25, 2017

So How Does It Feel Now, Inside Your Head?

I am sure to various degrees,

that some of you are going up and know it,
and some are coming down and know that, too.
Some are turning insides out, and some outsides in.
Some are turning upsides down,
and some downsides up.
Some move out from within,
and some in from without.
Some come closer,
and some grow farther apart.
Some inflate and expand into a contracting overwhelming sphere of resistance,
Some deflate and evaporate into the little black wholes to be found among the smallest green dots.
Some have ever increasing and deeper resolution, ever more dense virtuosity, dissipating vitriol,
in the minutely granular oils of redemption, which bring more pleasure to friction than resistance to heat and pain.
So what is going on, now that I have you all in the Ark that floats beneath the hailstorm of flames beneath the deepest waves, foamy and whipped into whirlpools by a maelstrom of unprecedented proportions.
How are you doing, anyone who reads this and responds is saved and safe, together with loved ones and pets , in a dream come true expanding universe in which you get everything and experience you desire, ever challenged and engaged and entertained and growing wiser and wiser, all the time.
It is all within the qualities of viscosity, the resolution of the grains, the frictions caused by swirls of effervescent liquid competing for space in a race to manifest some fleeting image of what is ultimately beautiful and worthy of perpetuation in The Eyes of Our Creator. 

 All that is True shall endure ever more sophisticated refinements of subtleties, nuance expands and cross relates with every other space and time refinement is going on, and there is no where that is not being refined and made more  valuable and essential in the Now of Forever of This Ever Improving Creation.

 So How Are You?

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