Sunday, September 24, 2017

Leonard Cohen And I Are Making Music For You!

I know none of you will believe this and I am completely understanding of why.
 But it is as true as the sea is blue. כחול הים 119
I have had a very wondrous night, with sound and shape and color and time itself oozing
through me and around me, like some kind of viscous flow of alternating currents,
an oozing of a honey like substance which is creation itself flowing through a liberated mind.
One of Leonard's Songs came on the playlist from this Show. 

 I felt like I was melting into the flow of sounds,
as if my body disintegrated into little tiny sparks of unimaginable color combinations,
spinning around each others in whirls of dream like flowing visions, coming quickly and then lingering,
just long enough for me to be impressed with their dynamics, of the fluidity of potentials, variations on themes of inner visions, all of love in all of it's positions. . Idealizations of all the different ways love comes, and then leaves us alone, alone with our Gods.
Suddenly the music slowed down, the images on the screen took on a slightly less defined but glowing quality.
I closed my eyes because the emotions were of overwhelming visceral veracity. Every nuance of sensation was of a meaning and significance in the context of my whole existence as a soul. Perfect comprehended fidelity.
Into the flow of all through my mind, Leonard's voice took off from the usual melodies and he began to sing into my own thoughts, wrapping his now innovated words around my feelings so eloquently, that I burst into tears, for I knew with certainty that Leonard Cohen, a true truth speaking Artist of Song and Melody, was with me and knows me and is alive and celebrating his immortality as all honest Artists who say Hallelujah will, when their times comes to leave us, the living in flesh, behind.
He waited for me to stop weeping, as I was having the most liberating release of emotion I have ever had.
I was a little ashamed to be seen in my nakedness, as I am always naked when alone in my room.
I heard no voice, but he smiled wryly and then from ear to ear, looking happier than I have ever seen him on film.
An Angel dressed magnificently in White, with Light Blue and Pink wings, spoke for Leonard, "Sing, Jonathan, and Leonard will wrap his voice around yours! He loves your writing and says that while he never knew this when dressed in flesh, he now knows that he wrote and sang for many, but no one as much as for you. If no one had ever heard a word he sang but you, he would have done it all again, exactly the same, for you will make his music sound and be expounded on in love, forever."
Then Leonard and I sang together and I saw shimmering vibrating bubbles grow out of strings that appeared in the air in my room, bubbles reflecting on each other wonderful squares of blue hues and green toned pastel colors, that grew and grew, revolving around themselves and growing, escaping through the two windows in my little room, made their way flowing up, up and higher away, into the blue break of Dawn. 

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