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Time Manipulation To Control Your Mind!

From my writings at My Writings At A 11:11 Phenomenon Site Since 2005 as jmr or jmralight!

Some thoughts and ideas I believe are worthy of perusal by inquisitive minds.

Wednesday is the fourth day of the week. It is closer to The Day of Rest than Tuesday, which is a day of Lying.

Sunday is a day of plans and ambitions and sobering up. Most of it is passed away in speculations on to what degree the week will manifest as accomplished plans. Monday is more of Sunday, infiltrated by doubts and fears that one has not gotten off once again, to the start one had been hoping for with the coming of the new week. Speculations increase as certainty diminishes. Who can be certain about anything whatsoever, anymore? Tuesday one tries to self medicate with wishful thinking and increasing the value of false hopes and self idealizations. Believing ever more intensely in one's romantization of one's self as an unseen hero. Tuesday is full of lies.
Then comes my Favorite Day, The Fourth.
Every Tuesday night which is the beginning of the Fourth Hebrew Day, I do what I call, improving calibration through repentance and absolute surrender to the absolute truth that I am not really doing anything at all, whatsoever. Even that which I see  is going on in me and in the all around me,which is all within me as reflections of vibrations from masses in motions, I remember  that seeing whatever and whatever I see,   what I see, is no doing of my own. 

On the Fourth Hebrew Day, Fourth being 292, I put my attention on nothing but dynamic objects in my mind, objects that I believe would give me pleasure to see manifest as I desire them to, when I believe for a moment I might have desires of my own. These mental objects have mostly to do with the people whose existence I am aware of, whose nature displeases me and rubs me מי with too much friction, rubs me the wrong way thus increasing the heat, and ruining the taste of what I eat. I change them in my own mind by pleasuring them in theirs.

I only ever do in my mind to others what I would have them do to me, were our situations reversed.

Thursday is happy anointed messianic day, as I see my efforts from the fourth day manifest for me as an improved sense of well being, without any desire or need to see my mental expostulations manifest, as what is for me, the improved behavior of the people who occupy my own mind as reflections of whoever they really are.

Friday is all joy towards Shabbat! The anticipation of happiness is a happiness of unparalleled joys!

Saturday, Shabbat, is a day of Happiness of All Kinds Imaginable, in a mind ever able to imagine all kinds of Improved Happiness, For One And For All.

These exercises can only be successfully done in a mind that is meant to be more than machinery moved by the will of others. Those that do not succeed at doing these thought experiments are no more than filler, entities created with no other purpose than to give those who love TRUTH, the appearance of a universe vastly beyond any kind of human comprehension. Such filler entities, demonstrate all the time and without exception, a freedom of choice that is nought but self deception. They are here to fill space and operate the machinery of culture and civilization, until such time as that which is better, takes their place.
I do these exercises all the time with varying degrees of success, and no mind has ever been freer than mine.

1.Think an unthinkable thought!
Hint. Don't be fooled too quickly into saying that's impossible.
Instead do it, and explain why it is possible.

2. Know an unknowable fact! A fact only you can know and no one else.

3. Put into words an ineffable idea after creating one.

4. Describe to yourself an indescribably annoying vision.

5. Send a communication to yourself that surprises you when you receive it. How did you do that?

6. Imagine yourself in the best of all worlds. What would you be? What would you do? What would you have?
What about everyone else, what would they be, do and have? Think of all the different kinds of people you are aware of existing.

7. Imagine yourself in the worst of all possible worlds. What would you be? What would you do? What would you have? What about everyone else, what would they be, do and have?Think of all the different kinds of people you are aware of existing.

8. Remember a memory you have no conscious memory of.

9. Envision in your mind a dynamic four dimensional colorful object that is completely under your control. Can you even see an object perpetuated with your inner sight? If not, why not? If so, why can you do what so many cannot?

10. Put a thought you dislike out of your mind and have it instantaneously voided with no residual knowledge of it's ever having troubled you at all. And then, perfectly untroubled, bring the thought back to trouble you even more intensely than before.

11. Close your eyes and observe the field of darkness within, with it's gestalt as a field of points, brighter and darker little and tinier spots and dots. Focus your attention as best you can, only on the darkest, blackest, most infinitesimal and virtually farthest away spot or spots, singularly or groups of such spots, and imagine yourself willing your whole being to penetrate into these spots or spot, leaving nothing behind. Do this is many times as you can, regardless of whatever colors the field becomes, until it scares the shit out of you, and then say "Help!" 

The only part of the universe you know
is in your own head and that is not UNIVERSAL. At all.
MY MinD is completely different inside than yours.
My head is completely empty. I don't believe I have a brain.
I have never seen it and don't believe what I experience depends on having a brain or even a head.
I have many good reasons for believing what I do, that you don't have.
No one knows for sure what is happening in someone's mind other than in their own, unless someone else says what is going on and real for them, in their own mind.
But if it is "impossible", they are told they are insane and not believed. 

 I am not a solipsistic self deluded creature such as Descartes, who was the founder of the modern scientific method and who believed this: "Perhaps there may be some who would prefer to deny the existence of so powerful a God rather than believe that everything else is uncertain. … yet since deception and error seem to be imperfections, the less powerful they make my original cause, the more likely it is that I am so imperfect as to be deceived all the time. (Med. 1, AT 7:21). [W]e have been told that there is an omnipotent God who created us. Now we do not know whether he may have wished to make us beings of the sort who are always deceived even in those matters which seem to us supremely evident … We may of course suppose that our existence derives not from a supremely powerful God but either from ourselves or from some other source; but in that case, the less powerful we make the author of our coming into being, the more likely it will be that we are so imperfect as to be deceived all the time. (Prin. 1:5, AT 8a:6) God could have given me a nature such that I was deceived even in matters which seemed most evident. (Med. 3, AT 7:36)

I can convince myself that I have a natural disposition to go wrong from time to time in matters which I think I perceive as evidently as can be. (Med. 5, AT 7:70)

I saw nothing to rule out the possibility that my natural constitution made me prone to error even in matters which seemed to me most true. (Med. 6, AT 7:77)

A fool and his foolishness always arrive together and are inseparable. A true fool's foolishness never can be diminished by the sounding of wisdom in the fool's ears, for the recognition of wisdom is a quality fools lack.
A true fool cannot grow wiser, just as fire doesn't come from water, nor does intelligence sprout from chaos.

Descartes conceded that his own mind was a creation, created by a Creator unknown to himself, which may very well be that greater self creator of self, that causal factor affecting himself into being, that he has no prior knowledge of and which by this reason, must be doubted as to the veracity of it's knowledge, too.

Descartes believed that absolute certainty determines what is true and enduring knowledge. A very self serving ideal, for it makes that whatever one is certain of without doubt, must be factual and true for everyone else, if there is anyone else, and of that one has no way of being certain unless one believes so with doubtless absolute certainty. As I do. I believe you are real and t/here as much as I am here. I am no soloist solipsistic masturbatory conjurer, because I would never of my own free will, conjure , provoke or even evoke into being a fool like you to play with. On this I insist with absolute and doubtless certainty.

 Just because everything you know, exists only as such in your own mind, doesn't mean there is nothing out there around and surrounding you, and it doesn't mean there are no other minds different than yours or mine, having a totally different kind of experiential knowledge. You have now just fallen off the edge of your owned ideas. If you don't like free falling, hold on to my ideas Truth.

Time on the internet is being alternately quickened and slowed down as such expresses itself on a 2/1 ratio, without any loss of coherence, due to increased resolution, and the release of self similar information in a fractal pattern of unfolding signal. This increases sensual stimulation, particularly while watching and listening to porn, as well as all other media, but also causes a distortion of the common mind, by spinning individual minds into dopamine drenched self ignorance so as to better control one and all. Just saying. Twisted Evil 

Watch the passage of time on this video while holding a time stopper, like that on your phone. 

Any perceptible differences? Laughing Laughing Laughing 

LaughingA Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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