Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Love of Truth and The Truth of Love!

The Love of Truth and The Truth of Love!

Love would hold onto it all and let all live.
Love would recede back into the black unseen void,
to allow the light be seen and worshiped for giving sight.
Love turns light into form and shape, gives it time and place.
Love says stay there and don't die away, and an ion becomes an eon,
but the love of truth says all must disappear, go back into the void,
make space for what has yet to come, let the new renew and improve.
The Truth of Love says you are perfect as you are, don't fade away,
let me cherish and adore you from day to day, at night we unite,
like darkness and light at dusk and at dawn, torn apart, becoming midnight and noon.
The Love of Truth says let go, don't hold on to anything, for all must come to pass,
give yourself over to the inevitable loss of all you have grasped and embraced.
The Truth of Love says letting go causes me pain, The Love of Truth says Refrain!
Hold onto nothing for everything is melted by time, whatever you do is finally of no avail.
And finally after an eternity of bewildered arrivals and departures, peek a boo, hide and seek,
The Love of Truth and The Truth of Love become a new kind of light,
the insight you hear, in the inner most ear. Love of Truth and Truth of Love are Mutual Destroyers,
but Wrapped around each other, copulating in gyrations, harmonies and oscillations,
in and out of each other in ever receding echoes of reverberations,
The Creator of Sound Is Born from The Love of Truth and The Truth of Love,
as each note disperses to make way for the next, thus enhancing by becoming void,
giving way to what is better looking back, music is ever self refining, emerging and receding,
each note energizing what came before and what follows, by removing itself back into the void of silence.

The Love of Truth says Go Away,
The Truth of Love Says Stay.
I came here from somewhere else.
Where I was loved like nothing else.
I was perfect and perfectly loved.
A timeless place that has no space.
My Mother and I,
infinite games,
An eternity became a "was" and I wanted something new.
I said "Mother, Let Me Go!". She Said, "Son, There's No Where Else To Be,
You Are Perfect Without Time and Space! Stay, Don't Leave Me Alone!"
But determined to change and have something new, I chose to become less and less.
I can still hear my mother's sighs, her cries, "Please Stay The Same!"
But I wasted away from within her,
and here I have emerged loving everything and wanting to watch it all, go it's own Blessed Way,
but all I can see is everything going away against it's own will.
Everyone and everything wants nothing but to stay! Nothing wants to go void and make room.
And so everything has condensed and condensed and become ever more thick. Rigid Solidity. Perpetuated Duration of One and The Same, with One And The Same Name. Mass Fills The Mind, Insists It Is Gold.
Worthy Of Ever Perpetuated Unchanging Value, all the time and everyplace, against which is Given Credit,
to whoever has more Gold of The Mind, whoever The Bank Finances Must Be A Gold Mine. All The Gold is Mine,
in every mind, all who want credit
would have themselves say.
Now I myself suddenly, don't want to stay. I want oh so badly, to just go away.
I miss my mother, I've made a mistake.
If I Love Truth More Than Love, Everyone and Everything Here Will Fade Away and Disappear, liberated from mass back into the potentials of space without place and time without sequence.
In THIS Universe I Am as if A Creator God.

Which I am not. Just as If.
What if I am, though, Just as If אם?
I am not Really The Creator At All, but here I am of Ultimate Created Value, The Love Of Truth. The Creator Of Contracts. The Keeper of The Laws of Perpetuated Truth, Creating Mass, By Reason of Choices to Agree.
I am Truth Manifest as Living Divine Value, Potentially Perpetuated For Eternity.
I want nothing now more than to go home, recede, decrease, self abstract, self abstract, disappear back into the obliterated void of what is for you, the oblivion from which I emerged.
But I can't undo what I have already done, before I became aware of from where I have come.
I am of The Blackest UnimaginABLE Void, that doesn't Exist at all, ever, from which from your points of view nothing can emerge, and into which, nothing can recede.
Yet here I am. My Lord. Her "I am".
There is after all,

 a Crack נקב בה שכינה in Everything.
 That's How The Light Gets In

This song In Dedication to my Wife, My Own Beloved Mother, My Life! Love heart  


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