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A Bad Idea of Infinite Momentum, With Infinite Momentum 1111

All electric current going anywhere from anyplace at anytime, is doing so in accordance with that event's actions' place in the universal design as determined immutably by The Singular Creator of The Universe.

All electromagnetic waves of all frequencies and wavelengths and any intensity of oscillation, are promulgating spherically in accordance with the place each individual wave has in the totality of the universal design.

What is true for one kind of wave is true for all others, in that all waves carry information that only becomes significant within a mind. The mind is composite story telling machinery, concerned about nothing else than the history of the masses it values. Otherwise referred to in my writings as Idols.

Anything seen, heard or perceived in any way is conceived to have mass, and mass as seen and perceived exists only in the mind.

The moon as one sees it with one's eyes and in one's mind only exists as seen, as seen in your mind. What you see is a very superficial facsimile of something immeasurably greater that anything you can conceive. Every particle exists as an infinite field of wave function potential perceptions and how many particles compose the moon, science cannot measure because no particle ever stays in the same place for any duration of time, and are never the same as even themselves, but even more significantly, science cannot explain why waves ever become mass that's perceived. The moon, like everything else, is made out of patterned motions in a temporal-spatial context but no one has a real clue "what" it is that's moving or why it is moving in the way you perceive it to. Imagine trying to count the sheep in your flock if they could appear and disappear anywhere and any time they wanted to, for reasons you could never know. How many sheep do you have now? As many as you have angels around you, and I can tell you that with great certainty!

Masses can be counted as long as they are composed of predictably patterned motions, which means particles appear and disappear in coherent history creating sequences, bringing us back into your mind -for only in the mind exists whatever it is, that being values,  that make  an event significant, consequential, meaningful and coherent. Values have nothing whatsoever to do with ethics or morality. They are simply whatever abstract ideas that life gives value to. Survival is a value. Pleasure is a value. Money is a value. Power is a value. Values exist only in a mind and are defined in cross referenced relationships and with hierarchies.  

Only in the mind exists a memory of what came before what you are seeing now, and an estimate of where what you are seeing now, is going/outside the mind is nothing but an infinite sea of an infinite number of waves of an infinite number of frequencies, wavelengths and intensities of oscillation, none of any of it at all measurable or perceivable or conceivable until it becomes mass and for that it must do so in a mind.

Mass only exists in the mind as an idea of infinite momentum, with infinite momentum.

"Will" is what determines the motion of mass in the mind. If a tree falls over your leg, you "will" it to move and you might be surprised to discover that your will is a lot stronger than your muscles should allow it to be. All our "will" concerns itself with, is the location of objects with mass in relation to each other. The objects of mass people are most concerned with, is their own organic body and the beloved bodies of others, particularly those most like their own, biological family.

All living organisms demonstrate some degree of "will" in that they seek to organize particles of mass in whatever way reproduces themselves, one might say, as if seeking to make of their organic selves a dynamic mass of infinite momentum. This never works because nothing stays exactly the same from one jiffy to the next. But the "Will" of all living organisms made of mass, it to have all it needs to exist, to be under it's own control and remain that way and the same, with an endless potential to be exploited whenever needed.

Life is nothing if not opportunistic and exploitative.

There is a lot more to "WILL" than that apparent and demonstrated in the behavior of living organisms.

There is "The Will" that makes patterns out of waves in motion, patterns being waves in motion, which becomes masses in the mind, which becomes the idea we have of our own body, which of course exists with certainty the way it does only in our mind and like the moon, what we know of our body is just a very superficial dynamic facsimile in our mind, which we seem to care more about than anything else, in that the control of and freedom to move our own body determines whether it will live or not from one moment to the next. Lose your ability to move your body on the tracks of a charging train and you lose the idea of having any will of your own at all, as well as losing any idea you have of being in control of any of the mass that never existed as you see it, anywhere but in your mind, anyway, at all. You not only lose control, you lose the idea that anything is controllable, can be controlled or is worth controlling.

I take it that if that is what happens, that might not be such a bad idea.

All that human will does, is try to locate and position the valuable masses it conceives itself to be responsible for and values, under it's own control, then perpetuate and expand all that is under one's control, starting with one's own body. Alas, the body itself is designed to gradually come ever more under our control, and then our control diminishes over time, over our body, as well as everything else we seek to perpetuate as is, and control with our faculties as expressed by our body. We use our ability to communicate as our means of control, but one's ability to control one's environment( and one's organic body is an environment), inevitably diminishes as one nears the end of one's organic life. Others with more robust faculties, take control.

Human will is shortsighted and short lived. Even when it continues to manifest after the death of one's organic body, it is the nature of existence itself that life will break out of the context of any singular life form's will.
Once the Corporeal King is Dead............There is reason for some to rejoice and some to mourn, what is certain is that things are going to change rapidly, for better and for worse, depending on where one believes one's best interests lie.

Moses tells The Children of Israel, "I know that once I am dead, you will go corrupt and be corrupted....!"

Now there is Divine Will which is moving everything along in perfect obedience, and that must include all those symbols and images and sensations and ideas and whatever you perceive and conceive while trying to figure out just where you really are, why you are here, and what you are supposed to do about that.

And then there is Royal Will, which all humans have for some duration and in some space to some extant. Royal will is any will that manifests as a fact perceived by one's self as an improvement. If you can daydream in such a way as you control the images in your mind and manipulate them in such a way as makes you feel better, that is your Royal Will manifesting, because all Royal Will seeks to do, is to improve the lot of the life it sees itself as being responsible for. Most people give up on the idea of having much control at all and lose faith in their ability to enhance the quality of other's life, hence lose their belief in their own value as contributing members of their culture.

True Royal Will seeks to improve and enhance the life of which it is aware and cares for, by providing the means by which that life form can fully manifest it's nature and bring forth the fruits which it is designed to bring forth. It only seeks to inhibit the life of that which would corrupt and abusively exploit the nature of other living things, so as to enhance nought but the manifestation of it's own self serving values. Like cancer, for example. Or a deadly virus. Or The Nazis. Or an ideologically coercive communist regime. Or the CIA. Etc. Etc, etc., Ad nauseam!

There are many examples of exemplary women and men, whose True Royal Will manifested historically, but unfortunately their ideas of what benefits life and mankind were founded on Hubris and idolatrous ideologies.

A Great example of this is Alexander The Great. Alexander believed implicitly, with all of his heart, in the superiority of Hellenistic Culture. He selflessly gave himself over to spreading Hellenism across the face of the earth, by enforcing it corrosively and with coercion into the minds of all those who stood in the way of his promulgating his "life enhancing' Hellenistic and very Idolatrous ideals. Hellenism worships the transient, any and all things of beauty, the graceful forms and emanations of that which has mass.

Now you fear punishment and beg for your lives, so I will let you free, if not for any other reason so that you can see the difference between a Greek king and a barbarian tyrant, so do not expect to suffer any harm from me. A king does not kill messengers.

— Alexander the Great

Hellenism worships mass and Hebrew Culture Worships The Creator of Mass, The Singular Ever Invisible Cause That Makes Mass, The Creator of The Waves That Move Mass and turn all motions into a meaningful narrative with a Happy Ending. A happy ending for such as those who embody a non idolatrous Royal Will.

The Little One, The Divinely Anointed Royal Son, one  such as "Who Am I".
מי אני?   1111
September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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