Wednesday, October 18, 2017

God Is My Nameless Anonymous Benevolence Forever! 1111


The essence of The Divine is nameless and anonymous.

Having no need to call on itself it has no name unto itself.

Having no need to be praised for the benevolence of it's essential nature, it can be called upon without calling out a name, called upon anonymously for help in surrounding silence or without name in the noise within one's heart.

This Good Willed Essence of Creation is spread around creation equally and to the same degree/ It is within all creatures to the same extant and there is absolutely no differentiation in the intensity of it's presence at any time or anywhere.

It is completely free from senescence or benevolence towards one creature over another.

It is invisible and completely undetectable by any means whatsoever and is the invisible cause for all effects.

It is not sentience.

It is The Creator of Sentience And The Master of Everything Alive and pervades sentience wherever and wherever sentience has a mind and whenever and wherever it does not have a mind.

It is The Creator of All Experiences and dwells in all that is Alive.
All Is Alive.

It is Intimate with All That lives.

Nothing is Inanimate.

Nothing is dead and nothing dies, but only Ideas in the mind that avoid self discovery are obliterated back into oblivion, back into the most black farthest most empty void, which surrounds all we know as mass, the black voids from which deceitful self conceited thoughts and ideas arise.

Thoughts and Ideas that are made out of lies all disappear and are as if the had never been.

It grants all desires but that of Liars yet ever gives Liars more lies.

It only perpetuates Truth As The Substance Of Immortal Survival Which Does Forever, Flourish And Prosper.

Truth Is Life Describing Itself In The Confines of A Mind, by saying "This A is That Alpha" and "That Z is That Omega" Through Inflating Spaces And Elongated Times Of Eternal Duration, In Every Location become known or forgotten.

All that one sees and perceives and senses and thinks and feels is created by this essence as so is all that one gains and all that one leaves behind.

There are no holy places, no holy shrines, no holy men, no holy women, no saints and no sinners and nothing is sacred to the truly Divine.

It Helps During Any Degree of Chaos Or Confusion, Only When Called Upon Out Of Recognition of Self Ignorance.

Nothing that can be measured with numbers or digits of any kind, no equations or formulas of or in any kind of mind, has lasting perpetuation through times and spaces and whatever locations from which can be perceived anything at all.

For it, there is no good and no evil and no righteousness and no worthy perseverance but the trustworthy description of what goes on inside one' s own mind.

In the context of what is written from the first word I have ever written to what will be my last, the word "It" as used here in this Post, symbolizes and defines The All Pervasive Nameless Anonymous Benevolence which I Worship and Adore and Praise and Feel Gratitude Towards And Give Thanksgiving to And Hope To Pray To Forever More, Asking For Nothing Ever But More Knowledge of Truth Through Self Description.

It desires no worship nor adoration, no praise nor thanksgiving, nor to be the Subject Or Object of Prayers, but recognizes Gratitude For Providence as The Most Essential Truth There Is.


“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful then a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”
Mahatma Gandhi 

 “What is life?
Life is living in this moment,
experiencing and experimenting
but experience isn’t life.
Life is reflecting and meditating
but reflection isn’t life.
Life is helping and guiding
but philanthropy isn’t life.
Life is eating and drinking
but food isn’t life.
Life is reading and dancing
but art isn’t life.
Life is kissing and pleasuring
but sex isn’t life.
Life is winning and losing
but competition isn’t life.
Life is loving and caring
but love isn’t life.
Life is birthing and nurturing
but children aren’t life.
Life is letting go and surrendering
but death isn’t life.
Life is all these things
but all these things aren’t life.
Life is
always more.”
Kamand Kojouri

 “I could not turn away from anyone
Like you, a stranger, or refuse to help him.
I know well, being mortal, that my claim
Upon the future is no more than yours.”
Sophocles, Oedipus at Colonus

“When I became a bandit, I spent a lot of time being close to the lowliest of the low: criminals, the enslaved, deserters, men who had nothing to lose. Contrary to what I had expected, I found that they had a hardscrabble beauty and grace. They were not mean in their nature, but made mean by the meanness of their rulers. The poor were willing to endure much, but the emperor had taken everything from them.

These men have simple dreams: a plot of land, a few possessions, a warm house, conversations with friends, and a happy wife and healthy children. They remember the smallest acts of kindness and think me a good man because of a few exaggerated stories. They've raised me on their shoulders and called me duke, and I have a duty to help them get a little closer to their dreams.”
Ken Liu, The Grace of Kings  


November 11th, 2017! 11:11 A. M.

A Catastrophic Tragedy! Definitely!

Down With The US of AmerCia.


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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