Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Where Is Reality If Not In Your Own Minds?

  We have all been born into a world which from the very beginning of our awakening into it, seems to say "I have been here from long before you arrived, and will be here long after you depart." We look at the house we are born into, at our parents and elder siblings if we are not first born, at our extended families and the sky and the earth and the mountains and the seas, and all of these give evidence of having been here from long before we arrived. We go to school and learn from scholarly authorities what are presented as immutable facts and truths. Math and History And Geology And Geography, as well as Whatever Religion one is born into, all present us with what is called knowledge, of which initially, we have no personal experience of.

The Sciences, with their unchanging equations and formulas, are presented as Knowledge that has been established as what is known and what works after being tested and tested again, in experiments we are not witness to and have not performed ourselves. The product of all this is a solid immutable world perpetuated through linear time, as masses moving in repetitive patterns of motion governed by Immutable Laws.
We are told this is true of ourselves as we are All living parts in a world of nonliving mass and we are governed by the same laws as govern the mass of which our bodies is made. We are told that life is animate, which means that it moves from within itself. and moves without being pushed or pulled by the energies of the forces of nature. But then we are told that we and our feelings and behavior are the consequences of brain chemistry and electricity, and we are also told. no one really knows what electricity is, despite the formulas and equations postulated to describe and define it's activities. Which is it? 

Is there freedom of choice or are we no more than living machinery contained as moving parts in a great inanimate machine, which is paradoxically in unceasing motion?
And there is that of which it is said not to be not alive, inanimate. But through the observance of mass in greater contexts we find that all mass is in motion. and not just that which we call "alive".

    And from the observance of our own minds. we learn that all we know of the world we know as such, is reflected into our minds and exists within our minds. or we could not know anything of it at all. 

What do you know that is outside your mind? Point at this knowledge! At what and where do you point? 

And all that is in a living mind is in constant motion, nothing remains as it is, where it is, for a duration longer than our perception of it. 

Look at anything at all and notice how your attention expands and dilates and moves across the surface and location of what you observe, changing if only minutely whatever you are perceiving. 

Everything is in motion, all the time, in accordance with Laws you really know nothing of, and they are not the Laws of Physics as described by modern day scientists! 

You are all trapped in illusions that was is enduring, is anything but LIFE, and life is as fleeting as a dream of water and food on an oasis, where  one has fallen asleep thirsty and hungry and abandoned on a dessert island, surrounded by a lifeless sea of motion without purpose! 

And what of the mind, which is such a scientific and philosophical mystery, a miracle arisen from out of the lifeless and mindless chaos from which it somehow makes sense to it's self, and discovers meaning and significance and coherent narratives with purpose as context and within it. is born Art? 

What do you know of the workings of your own minds if you listen to authorities whose science is full of paradox and discrepancies and contradictions and enigmas and conundrums without resolution, growing ever more complicated, with specialists who become authorities in all the contradictory disciplines, authorities who compete for recognition and fame and reputation and wealth but who deny the overwhelming evidence for what must at least be conceded as the intelligent design of an intelligent mind, such as mine! 

And what of  Freedom of Choice?

 It Exists! 

 The only choice there is, is to break free from the patterns that have governed your life until now, patterns of motion and behavior, all making you a cog in a vast mechanized living machinery, that would have you do nothing but pay taxes and interest on debt.  The only way to make waves of redemption and increase your freedom of mind is to go against the flow of the culture and civilization around you, all made drunk on dopamine and hypnotized by glittering promises of sin with no consequence.

It is the choice to tell yourself the truth about what is going on inside of you, about what you have done and what you have caused others, it is the choice to confront your painful emotions and experience them for what they are, spiritual self discipline!

One  only can makes waves of change, by going against the flow of the current in which you are immersed above your head. Tell the truth to yourself and see how providence begins to help in miraculous ways!

Research and discover what THE CIA AND MOSSAD are up to!


                                                BEFORE   IT  IS TOO LATE!
November 11th, 2017! 11:11 A. M.

A Catastrophic Tragedy! Definitely!

Down With The US of AmerCia.


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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  1. Writing such as this surely can only emerge from an intelligent mind.