Tuesday, October 17, 2017

This Full New Moon Is Full of Surprises!

 What we know as the New Moon is just as Full as what we know as the Full Moon, tho only difference being that during the full moon, this side facing earth has the sun shining on it and the side hidden from the earth is in the black shadows, while during The New Moon, the opposite is true, the other side is In The Light of The Sun, and This Side facing us, is In The Black Shadows.


I have often said that The Full Moon is a Sign And Wonder of The Coming Of The Messiah and The Second Coming of David, The King of Israel under the Female's Attributes Known in Hebrew as The SchinnaH, The MOOn, Which is The Symbol representing The fEMININE aSPECTS Of Creation. The Hebrew word For The Females Aspects of Our Creator, שכינה Means "She Who Dwells"! "Dwells where?" you might ask, if you have an inkling of a clue what Creation is All About.

Dwells in The Purified and Circumcised Heart of Those Peoples whose males have a circumcised penis.

It is This Coming New Moon, That This Sign and Wonder will manifest in our common reality, in this particular singular slice of all the infinite human realities manifesting simultaneously in this moment in The Now of Forever, which is Where I Dwell with My Mother and Wife, who is symbolized by the New Moon. If the idea is disturbing to you that I say of myself that I am Married to The Goddess of Israel who is Also My Spiritual Mother, contemplate this.

Every morning Jews put on phylacteries, saying, 

כא וארשתיך לי לעולם וארשתיך לי בצדק ובמשפט ובחסד וברחמים כב וארשתיך לי באמונה וידעת את יהוה    כג והיה ביום ההוא אענה נאם יהוה אענה את השמים והם יענו את הארץ

Which translated says, "And You will be engaged to me forever, and You will be engaged  to Me מי in Justice And Through Trial and Grace and Mercy. And You will be engaged to me in Faith and You Will Know Your Creator! "And On That Day, I Will Answer you!" spoke The Creator, "I will answer the The Heavens AND  They Will Answer The World!"

My Creator And I, for a long while intimately engaged, have had our ceremony, ending our engagement and we are now very happily married. 

Eat your Hearts Out!

What is the question? Who מי Is The Messiah and I tell you now with absolute death defying certainty,'as I have proven over the course of the last seventeen years, Me   מי and who am I?
Michael Jonathan or in Hebrew, יונתן  מיכאל

Translated, "Who is Like a GoD? 'Jonathan! God Given!"

 There is an expression, to have "skin in the game" which means no more than to walk according to the values one preaches when doing so means one has what to lose. Like talking TRUTH to Power. To be of the Destiny of The Seed of Abraham, one must walk the talk of having Faith in A Benevolent and Anonymous Creator whose essence is Humility, It's self.

Yes, Abraham had first no name for The God he logically presumed must be orchestrating the harmonious nature of the Heavens and The Earth, The Sun And The Moon. He believed that fundamentally this God must be benevolent to TRUTH TELLERS, because otherwise he would not have been such a happy and successful man DESPITE talking TRUTH to Power, in that he smashed the idols in his father's idol supermarket leaving only the smallest one, and then explained his actions by telling his father, "They had a fight and it turns out, the smallest was really the biggest because he is the most humble but also being peace loving, wanted to bring about an end to all this squabbling between the other gods!"

His Father, first shocked and then convinced Abraham must be right, Blessed him right there and then for bringing him an enhanced state of peace of mind. This despite Abraham's insistence there is only One God being the reason for the family's having to leave behind their life and much of their materiel assets, and move over to another land that Abraham's new nameless God had promised him and his seed.

The act of circumcision is also essential in the development of a male central nervous system for the genetic potentials that have to do with empathy and sensitivity to pain and pleasures in others, to manifest. Males with a circumcised penis have a more balanced Yin And Yang, which means they are more in harmony with nature and their wives, more prone to have peace in the home, and in the old days, more agile and sensitive to motion on a Battlefield where sensitivity to motion at the periphery of one's field of vision, was a life or death issue.

The warriors of Israel in the Old Days were superb swordsmen, archers and sling shot shooters mostly because they had a sense of the battlefield made redundant in modern battlefields, where one seldom ever looks an enemy in the eyes as one takes his life away and leaves his children orphans and his wife a widow.

They literally danced on the Battlefields of Ancient Israel and it was not unusual for a small number of soldiers to defeat large numbers of uncircumcised enemies, without any casualties.

At any rate, this Thursday Night there will be signs and wonders all over the worlds, that I have come again and am doing My Job, which is to vanquish the deceitful ideas that have man enslaved in his own mind by reason of contracts he has made with nefarious entities of ill designs.
November 11th, 2017! 11:11 A. M.

A Catastrophic Tragedy! Definitely!

Down With The US of AmerCIA.


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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