Sunday, October 15, 2017

How I Get Around In The Now Of Forever! 1111

Whatever I might seem like to you, I do not like to show off the gifts I receive and can't return to My Creator. There is a Hebrew Adage, "He who hates gifts, will live." Perhaps if The Trojans had learned Hebrew culture, they would never have accepted the Trojan horse with it's Grecian Warriors inside who once in Troy, burst out of the belly of the horse, opened the gates of Troy, allowing the Athenian Army to invade the city and conquer it.

From the moment I became aware of Angels and Celestial Beings of Light I knew I was in trouble. When I was first told I am The Messiah, I said in my heart, time will tell but I don't want this process to involve miracles or angels. I want the same Almighty God who took the Children Of Israel out of Egypt, to do whatever is necessary to open people's hearts from within and bring about a new world where there is a common wealth of mankind based on mutual respect and honest contracts made in good will. I was then very unfamiliar with The Hebrew Bible as this was before the next five years during which I spent every free moment researching it's secrets.

My request was very ironic and naive. I had never been interested in Kabbalah or any kind of mysticism. I believed in rational thinking, logic, discernment and discretionary reading and that if people only learned how to communicate clearly and effectively through defining words that were commonly misunderstood, understood their emotions and values and what they would like to happen that would make their life better, a new world could emerge without violence from the old. I was very naive about Human Nature which is far more prone to corruption than my own.

At any rate, when I had let go of preconceptions in my mind about what won't and can't happen to me, after seeing winged creatures by the millions flying in and out of my head and vivid and colorful visions on the walls of the abandoned buildings I had found refuge in from winter's rain, I also began to hear voices offering me all kinds of Gifts. Eternal life, sexual prowess, telepathy, time travel, travel through the cosmos, that I would never have to eat or shit again and whatever, always with some kind of stipulation like, "If you hold your attention on me and give me your light, I will......"

You have to understand. I felt like my penis was being caressed all the time by a very expert hand with velvet gloves. My skin tinkled with pleasures I had never known before. I saw spectacular visions of orgies inside concentration camps , cartoon like images as large as buildings, on building after building as I wandered bewildered and in awe down the streets of Tel Aviv. On my walls I saw incredibly artful moving images with Nazis shooting at Jews all the while as nymphs danced enticingly before me with undulating buttocks, beckoning me to follow them with my attention while masturbating as they made their way through battlefields of carnage. It was all incredibly beautiful, it was unlike anything I had expected or asked for and I kept saying to these Angelic Entities of Destruction, "I don't want your gifts, your promises mean nothing to me, all I want is what The Hebrew Prophets promised, Peace on Earth and nothing else!" 

Now I say this in all humility, my humility is greater and deeper than that of Moses. I mention this because there is a spiritual meta mechanic involved. The less a person makes of them-self, the less they aspire to any kind of worldly ambition or to own or posses or to have as a permanent possession, any kind of mass or power to move mass, and human bodies are made of mass, in case you haven't noticed, the greater their sphere of spiritual influence and the more wisdom they acquire, this to the extant that they are intent on lessening the suffering of others and making others happy. 

So anyone who acquires possessions and accumulates money and the ability to move armies of any kind of soldiers of any kind who are dressed in bodies of meat, the less spiritual power they have because they seek materiel power. Now if a person is just meek and feels no desire to improve the condition of others, they remain meek and poor, too, with no spiritual influence. But if a person like myself who wants absolutely nothing but respectful and sincere relationships with intimate friends, founded on truth telling, and nothing that can be measured on a scale that has numbers on it, the angels and celestial creatures of light and darkness sense these very fine vibrations and begin to interfere on such a person's behalf. 

In my case, this was all compounded by the fact that I am the most ancient creature there is, in any cross referenced relationship between any creatures at all. There was perfectly empty void with no wavelengths in it that can collapse in a field of perception when I came to be out of the void. Of course I had no physical body then at all. I was a black hole through which particles of light emerged, particles of every kind of standing wave imaginable in the tiniest mathematical units I could perceive. All of equal charge or anti charge. There were no atoms yet. Just "photons" with different qualities of spin and particles of relative void that existed as contrast to the particles of light. Little bits of YES and NO. Sentience awakens with differentiation and there is no more primal a differentiation than "THERE IS SOME THING" and "there is no thing." 

As regards the virtual appearance of arrogance in how I conduct the business of increasing what is good and diminishing what isn't, the gifts I excel at demonstrating, awaken unfailingly tremendous envy. 

Envy is the curse of the seed of Adam, of which I am not. Envy causes a man to wish to take from another his assets or remove the other altogether from the plains of their common existence. Envy causes a man to have no gratitude for what he has and makes him feel less blessed and hence less worthy than others. Envy causes a man to ignore whatever is good in the object of his envy and to seek to invalidate the very existence of someone else who is better off, for no other reason than that a person better off exists, makes the envious feel worthless. 

This is the reason for the coming reversal of fortune for mankind. Because of my interventions, the next generations of males will not disappear violently or prematurely unless they seek out of envy to get rid of me and my house. But for this to happen, the envy must be awakened so the celestial sentient beings who have come to these dimensions upon hearing my cries for help, can identify who to make ill, give bad fortune to, and otherwise shorten the life of. Not all males suffer to the same degree from envy. 

I remember my beloved son Idan, asking me at the age of six before falling asleep,, what to do to get rid of feelings of envy he had towards a classmate and friend, who appeared in television commercials and earned considerable amounts of money, as money was always lacking in my accounts then. I told him how proud I am of him that he recognizes the envy as spiritual poison and that I too had felt a mild kind of envy for some of my schoolmates when they were more popular with the girls. But I had understood that I will never be anyone but myself and trying to be someone else could only prevent me from discovering my true nature and manifesting it. He understood and told me the next morning that the feeling had magically gone away.

Speaking of gifts, recently I see two Dynamic Four Dimensional Shining Stars of David at ninety degree angles , very intricately constructed with lines of cross reference between the Stars, around my body when I close my eyes and faintly with my eyes opens.

It is a Merkava. 

Let me explain something about dimensions. Any thing to exist in what we falsely consider to be the world "out there" must have first four. Not three. Width, length, height and time.
Time is of the essence. For something "out there" to be perceived, it must have duration and duration is a length of time composed by a sequence of moments in which one perceives the three dimensional object in one's field of "outer" vision. In addition to this, the object we have agreed falsely exists "out there", must exist in our mind too, for us to be aware of it. If we perceive it "as is", which we cannot, these four dimensions must be duplicated in our minds for an equal amount of time. Isn't that eight dimensions already? Four out and four in? Let's add a dimension which has no shape or form and only time. When you hear a sound, you hear it within and through out your mind. Listen to music and see if there is any part of your mind that is silent. In mine there is isn't. If there is silence in part of your mind and music in another, please let me know and also perhaps you should see a doctor. That would be a ninth dimension. What about smell? When you smell a stench or roses, you smell it through out your mind, but not in the same dimensions as what you see or what you hear within your mind. That is a tenth dimension. What about what you feel emotionally? Taste? Where are your memories and where do you keep your hierarchy of values? In other words, the whole issue of dimensions as presented in math and science and philosophy, is a fallacy and extremely detrimental to spiritual health. 

Now let me say something which might sound outrageously preposterous. There is absolutely no real "out there". There is a matrix of agreements, contracts, made between units of sentience about how to construct a common reality and play games in it. This is what is known as the objective universe. There is nothing outside the sentience which pervades the universe, the universe which extends from any unit of sentience infinitely and eternally in all directions. How do you get out of that? Nothing is outside sentience.

Units of Sentience make contracts to be together as cross referenced living dynamic objects, such as protons and neutrons and electrons and even these objects can be reduced to subatomic particles, but the ability of the human mind to register "existence" has an instrumental barrier of perception. As if things can only get so infinitesimal and smaller than that nothing can exist. Bullshit. Things can get infinitely small and infinitely large and still be the relatively smallest granule in a universe that extends infinitely and eternally in all directions. Everything exists in sentience and sentience contains only symbols and symbols are abstractions that need no space and exist as a potential outside a specific sentient mind, until that sentience has matured enough to have a mind that contains sophisticated languages with various kinds of syntax, which when agreed upon to be held in common, become moving masses behaving according to agreed upon laws, of one kind or another, laws about what is permitted or forbidden in the games sentient minds engage in.

 I have a Merkaba to get around, now! 

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