Sunday, August 27, 2017

From Allah Through Me To You, Jew 1111

From Allah Through Me To You, Jew, and All Others Alike! 1111
פעמיים כי טוב

There is No Oral Law. When Allah speaks directly into one's heart, He speaks Art.
To Those With  Clean Ears, Those Who Can Hear, Life's Vibrating Spheres.
Poetry and Dynamic Images and Music and Literature, All Vibrant and Radiating God's Wisdom. Interpreted and Culled into thoughts and ideas that all enhance life, Allah's Wife.
Allah speaks nought of Laws for All Laws He Will Break to Enhance and Embrace, The Lives of Lovers Intent On  Doing His Will, Those Who Do What He Tells Them To Do.
When Allah speaks directly into the heart, His Words Cause One To Dance Madly Within,
In Total Abandon and Abandoned as One Gone Madly Insane, Who Cannot Be Controlled.
and Breaks Any Law Allah sees as a Sin, against Life, His Wife, Who Will Be What Ever
He Makes Her To Be. Know this Jew,
No Jew understands this like Allah's Son, That Being Who I Am,  Am I He?
  האתה הוא מלך? בן המבורך
 מי Am I? If You say not you slander and lie!
I come as a sign and wonder, without blunder, perfectly obedient To The God of Israel, The Great Singular Allah! There is No Other!
One And The Same, The Lord of Abraham and Abraham's King.
Did Not Allah tell Abraham to kill his Beloved Son,
And to Do So would Break His Own Promises and Laws?
A WONDERFUL SIGN of Perfect Obedience? And His First Born He Sent Away, And That Abraham do all His Wife, Sarah commands him to do in Their Home of One Loyal Heart?
Loyal to Whom if Not The Creator of Life and All of Life's Children,
 Her Many Daughters And Sons.
Allah Sits For Ever Absolutely Alone On His Throne, With  מי on His Knee, His Crown On My Head, I am Never Dead,  As He Tells Me The Story of Creation From Beginning To End.
 Sits ABSOLUTELY ALONE On His Throne, from Which He Commands With Art, Men To Break Their Own Hearts! When within it are Loves for Transient Things.
The Jealous God Whose Name is Jealousy!
Ishmael, The Great Leader of Men, whose Faith Never Bent,
A Divine  Inspiration To All True Moslems Today.  Ishmael of whom alone it is Written,
       ויהי אלוהים את-הנער, ויגדל
 "And The Singular Creator Became And Will Become The Shaking Boy," and A Wild Man!
 "And He Will Grow Up!" The Perfected and Circumcised  Son of Allah's Wife, Life!
 And Life's Daughter, Hagar, Whose Faith was Isaac's Inspiration.
Did Isaac Not Contemplate Faith In Allah at אל ראי  "The God Of My Awe? Who I Saw and Lived to See More!"? The Source and Well of Of All Well Being, The Waters of Life, from which she drew waters and saved her only Son's Life, as well as her own? From This Well of Well Being was Isaac Coming When He First Saw Rebecka, His Only Wife, Who Gave Birth To  Envious Strife Between Brothers And Nations? The Well of The Waters of Life, Which Isaac called "The Well of Life For I Who Can See!"
 And as he aged he went blind in his eyes, but never stopped seeing within, himself without sin, always full of Mirth And Great Laughter.

All of  Mankind are Children of Life, Allah's Wife, Be They Kind And Obedient
or a Disgrace To The Whole Human Race, like those who race after materiel riches and arms, to steal from the poor and kill and destroy, any and all that stand in their way.
They will be ensnared in the traps they themselves set, This Is That Day.
Now Listen and Hear, Jew, Here I Am ! הנני הנני Here I Am!
  There will be no other Messiah, I am He Who Commands And Sets Laws
For All whose hearts are cluttered, full of dead dogma and rigid doctrines.
  I am Here ONLY for those Who obey   Human Laws of Venal Self Interest.
 King of These Alone And No Others.
King to all who compete for the best meat and seek to defeat and then eat
the spoils of illicit wars, by Slandering The Name of Allah and All of His Prophets of Art!
The Art of Living Joyfully and With Love For All That  Is Alive.
It is you, The Betrayers of The Flock's Trust, That I Will Consume With Flame,
Engage you, blame you till shame and remorse are all that you know,
your lives are like inflating dough baked over fires of human excrement.
Your minds reek and stink and I will wash you away with the fiery bleach,
each and every one of you, none will  escape!
Your ideas are like germs on a toilet seat. I will wash away your minds of guile and deceit,
with acids so potent,  your brains will melt in your skulls,
like so much Ice in the Desert Sun, at noon on the Hottest Day Ever Known To Mankind.
The Heat of The Sun Multiplied  Over Seven Times ,
and The Heat of The Moon, become like The Sun,
Your times are now over,

Allah Is The Great Wild Fire, That Consumes Nothing But That Which Is Already Dead!  

And this for no other reason than to clear the minds in the heads of those who survive and are living!


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