Sunday, August 27, 2017

What A Strange Idea Has Come Into My Mind 1111

I am more Blessed than anyone else alive. עד ירח מלא

I am more Blessed than anyone who has ever lived.
I am more Blessed than any one who will ever live.
 Blessed and Over flowing with Bliss.

 I can see how creation comes together in me and around me
 like no one ever has, does, or  will ever  see, harmonized in perfect harmony~~
 as magnificently and meaningfully as possibly can be seen.
 My mind is a night sea full of the sight of all that lives,
beneath a radiant full shining moon.
All creatures moving in vibrant fluids, invisible air and blue waters,
vibrated vibrating patterns of motion in and around everything,
is everything there is.
My Time has come, Love is Here,
 I hear her,  what was her wild desperate breath from seeing so much death, now abated,
 breathing in and out of all living things,
so many scenes, she surrounds me with such softness,
 all over my skin, whispers in sweet soothing,
 "You have no sin, your heart is pure, you can  be sure, you are The Little One all have been waiting for, and now you have come, My David, My Lover, My Son.'

And now I am arguing with God,

 why do you make write what is Truth
 but what will cause nothing but hostility and envy,
 write what I can't see can possibly do me or anyone ever, any good,
 and God says to me, Allah says," Do Precisely and exactly
 what I tell you to do, even if you don't understand why,
 like you know very well you always do, My Most Obedient Son, My King of Creation."
"Allah, please don't call me your King. Even saying I am your Son, makes me feel so unworthy, for I am no more your son than a cockroach or a leaf!

 You know very well and so much better than me, I don't do a thing!"
"That's right. You don't.

 Now sing for me that Psalm I wrote into your mind,
 you know the one I mean. Sing and Give thanks,
 for I am going to save all the living things that you love, on your behalf.
 Sing as you used to do when alone and abandoned, or in the company of those that betrayed you, or when your heart overflowed with gratitude and thanksgiving.
 I hold the sound of your voice in higher regards,
 than all of the Angels Combined, Singing in Perfect Reverberating Harmony,
 Singing in Unison,
 Trumpets and Harps and Cymbals,
 All Symbols And Instruments of The Divine.
 Sing My Most Beloved Son,
 the favorite child of my favorite daughter, who is also my wife.
 All know her as Life!
 Sing and I will shatter the walls that keep hearts apart! I will overwhelm my deniers with Sounds from your Heart."
I swear before all that ever read this,

 I just sang and cried and sang and cried,
 and as the tears run down my cheeks,
 I know with certainty that All Allah tells me of my "Self" is true.
 My time has come. Justice is due.
 Love will be made, between me and you. And you, too.
 Whoever you are, whenever and wherever, and however you like it,
 between any one and everyone, anyway and anyhow they can, Lovers will Love Lovers. Yes, Love will be made, no matter how mad it makes those that hate love.
I write here Allah's Psalm for me, the most reverent in me when I sing.
" A Song For David",
The One who makes all that happens is my Shepard.
I want nothing more.
On graceful grass he lays me down.
On calm waters he manages me.
My Spirit wanders but he leads me, in Circles of Justice,
for the sake of His Name.
Even if I walk in the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear nothing of evil, because You are with me.
Your staff of discipline and your place of recline,
they will comfort me. You will set before me a table,
against those who would do me harm.
You have anointed my head with Royalty, my cup is full till the brim.
Only that which is Graceful And Good Will Chase after me.
And I have sat in The House of The Cause who makes All Happen,
for the length of days!"

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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