Monday, August 28, 2017

To My Moslem Family, Whenever, Wherever You Are 1111

To my Moslem Family, Women and Men of all ages, and in particular I write this for the Children of Islam, who are the hope and will be the salvation of All Mankind! By The Will of Allah!

Islam is yet like a sapling. As Islam will be here forever, the fourteen hundred years of strife among those who Profess the  Moslem faith, are no more than the growing pains what will become with the Will of Allah, a peaceful commonwealth for all of mankind, whether they yet accept Islam, or not. Some day, all of Mankind will prostrate themselves before Allah The Great, The Single Creator of The Universe and all that manifests in the mind of Mankind. Before that can happen, there are things My Moslem Family must become aware of.

Islam is like a fruit bearing tree, fruits the likes of which have never before been seen. It is as if Allah in His Great Mercy, took the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil and The Tree of Life, and made of them a single wonderful plant, which as it grows, gives new kinds of fruits in every generation, according to the needs of the time and that generation. These fruits can heal the mind and body in ways no one can now predict.

Imagine you found a cherry seed but had never seen a cherry or a cherry tree and  you couldn't know it is a cherry tree just from looking at the seed. You would have no idea and no way to imagine what it's flowers will look like, nor could you  imagine their fragrance, nor could you guess their color or the true nature of the gift a cherry fruit can be, how it makes one smile with gratitude and wonder when it brings forth the special sweetness of it's heart shaped red and purple fruits.

Islam is unimaginably more wonderful than a Cherry Tree!  It will bear fruits of every kind and all yet unknown and never before eaten! Wait and see. Be patient and full of peace.
The mountain will come to me, not because I Have Faith and have called it to obey, but because Allah has given me Faith and Commanded me To Call Out and By His Will Alone the mountain of resistance surrenders and obeys as do I, whom am Allah's Faithful Slave!

Now It Is The Will of Allah that True Islam has been hidden in a cloudy deadly storm of envious strife and bloodshed over what is it's legitimate historical narrative and what is The Birthright of The Leaders Of Islam.  Brothers in Islam disagreed over the inheritance and legacy, both materiel and spiritual, that came from The Great Prophet's teachings and they took to violence so as to coerce their interpretation of whatever facts, they believed themselves to have knowledge of.

It is Allah's Great And Loving Cunning to hide The Greatest Treasures of Truth and Wisdom in the most unlikely places, this so that only the most courageous warriors of Jihad, can find them where they are In Islam and their own heart,  and extract from false doctrines and self serving dogmas what is most essential to Allah, that being a Truthful  Piety that seeks NOTHING of the transient wealth of this world.

Those who seek respect and honor and wealth and popularity among men, those who want political power of any kind, those who seek to enforce Islam in any way, anyone who believes Jihad means to coerce good people into submission with fear, are not of the fruit of Islam at all. They are the means by which Allah hides the wisdom and life enhancing essence of The Great Prophets'  Teachings, so that only those who fearlessly seek the truth and who are willing to give up all the treasures of this world for Allah's Gardens, can find Those Gardens and Their Treasures within their own Pure Heart. For these are the souls who Islam has been meant for, from the beginning of Creation!

And among the Children of Islam today and the uncountable souls yet unborn, are the souls of those who will appreciate and be grateful for what Islam has yet to become.

No longer a religion at war within it's self and with much of the world over the heritage of the Prophets, but a way of Living The Truth, and this first by telling yourself the truth about your own motives, for doing what you do. Acknowledging THE REALITY of your own feelings of hostility and envy. Recognizing your fear of being shamed or blamed or punished for standing up against injustice.

 Before a soul knows the motives of the heart, it cannot truthfully profess any Faith in Allah by witnessing what the heart is after. A pure heart wants nothing but to surrender to it's King, for no other reason and out of no motive other than peace seeking, In a  MIND that sets a wonderful harmony of diversity among mankind, as it's highest value, beneath only Surrendering To Allah's Creative Will in Pure Faith, which is The Highest Value of them all..

Now I have come to teach my family of Islam how to search one's own heart and soul and mind, and weed out the poisonous plants of envy and false pride and feelings of superiority
that turn  Allah's Garden into an ugly jungle of competing demons, who all devour one's vitality with false beliefs, Ideological Icons, Idols, that lead men to violence and sin.

And by The Will Of Allah, who has brought me back to life from the sleep of oblivion, that is what I know I am here to do.

I am King David, here to Teach TRUE Jihad and how to FINALLY become The Master of One's Own Heart who then delivers it completely and absolutely over To Allah, to do with it As He Wills, so that greed and fear of consequence and over confidence when doing unpopular right things, no longer lead one astray from doing Allah's Will.

Now no human entity has corrupted the idea of Jihad more than the American CIA.

 They did so first in Afghanistan, to inspire what became The Taliban to fight fiercely against the Soviets who had invaded their land. Osama Ben Laden became the most infamous fighter and teacher of these corrupt doctrines. Now make no mistake, fighting godless communists who have invaded one's home, is not a sin. But these teachings were far more insidious than that. They had a long term plan to deceitfully create a pretext for the invasion of Afghanistan for many economic and geopolitical reasons.  Not the least of which the control of  Heroin production played a major role. Turning Islam into an enemy culminated in the events of September 11th, 2001, which was perpetrated by The CIA and in consort with the Israeli Mossad, Israel being the greatest beneficiary of the fall of Saddam Husein.

I love Israel, and were it not Allah Himself who is dictating to me what I write, I would never blame Jews for doing whatever necessary to prevent another Holocaust. However, the spilling of innocent blood, and all blood is innocent unless it has spilled the blood of innocents, is a grave and unforgivable sin, unless acknowledged and repented for.

 Only Allah can forgive the spilling of innocent blood, a sin as King David I committed and which is why I slept in oblivion until forgiven and brought back to life as who I am today,
The Moslem Messiah of Israel.

 Today my name is Jonathan Michael Robbins.

 I first surrendered completely to Allah in a Mosque in Jaffa, near Tel-Aviv. I was myself astounded by the tears that ran down my cheeks, as if a fountain of forgiveness was washing away all the dust and clutter from my heart. I don't know Arabic and recited the prayers as told to, by a Moslem man there who took me under his wing. I prostrated my self with my forehead on the ground, again again, only understanding the words " Allah is Merciful!".

Oh, Indeed He Is !

 When prayers were over, he took me to his home and his wife set before me all the food she had in her refrigerator. At the time I was homeless and not as well dressed as I would have liked to have been, as a guest and stranger in a stranger's home. But I felt very welcomed and their kindness to me, an impoverished unkempt homeless man, was remarkable. I was very grateful.

This was ten years ago.

 I still considered myself a Jew until recently, when Allah told me, and He speaks to me in my heart all the time, as I become what I am mean To Be, Allah  Tells Me, "Judaism has become completely corrupt as a religion, it has reached the fulfillment of it's purpose, like Christianity."  Without coercion or violence, these dead fossils of religion are coming to an end.

Islam is the only way for a Truth Seeking, Peace Loving man, if he wants to help establish a peaceful commonwealth of free men and women all over the Globe.

 And this will happen, however long it takes.

 Islam is an Eternal Faith that Will Heal Mankind, By The Will of Allah and The Teachings of His Prophets, of which I am one.

 I am King David, and this I swear with All of My Faith!

Who wants to come walk with me,  walk the whole path into Allah's Radiant Gardens, where  we can discuss as Allah's Family Of Peace, The Pure and Faithful of Mankind, His Glorious Grace?

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