Wednesday, August 30, 2017

To Israel, From Your Moslem Messiah and King 1111

I am King David, The Corporeal Moslem King Of Israel!
I say this in my own name, Jonathan Michael Robbins 939. 
If you deny my being who I say I am, you are slandering The God of Israel,
who has brought me back a second time from the slumber of the dead.
I come back angered, non violently enraged, for you have conjured me back from the Peace of Oblivion, with your  blasphemous prayers for a corporeal king.
The Zionist State Called Israel is like King Saul's Camp, The Eve of His Defeat!
( The difference being, then was a Messiah King and perhaps Prophet, driven murderously insane out of envy, and now there is an intelligently cunning and power seeking politician,
who has no Fear Of Allah in him, and who has corrupted my people with avarice and venality ruling as a Democratically Elected Prime Minister! )

Saul, who had been my BELOVED King, who called me his son, left behind his camp, disguised and ashamed, for his outrageous hypocrisy was to become known for all time.

He went to an outlawed witch, a survivor, who had repented from fear,
who remained of the few, a remnant of those Saul had burnt at the stake.
You didn't  know that, did you?
In his sickening envious bewilderment and confusion, he did much that was evil,
untold in your misunderstood scriptures, though what is told is bad enough.
And he lied about who he was and told the witch at Ein Dor,
"Fear no consequences, I swear in The Name of The Lord!"
Now how MUCH is it worth when a lying and murderous hypocrite,
swears in The Name of The Lord?
And when she asked "Who should I call, who should I raise from the Dead?"
Saul asked for The Hebrew Prophet Samuel,
who had anointed him Joyfully as Messiah and King!
Samuel's joy was very misplaced! When Saul became evil and insane
Samuel felt mortally disgraced. He was so broken hearted and despaired
by what Saul became, that he almost just barely lost all his faith!
The Hebrew Prophet Samuel,  loved and respected by his own people,
who lived by his word in that generation, yet continued to sin.
His own sons were held in contempt. Israel Thought Israel Needed a King!
And Asked Samuel for one, what a disgrace!
Now of Samuel it can be said, he first spoke Truth to Power but then he lost Faith.
He was cowered, never a coward, though he feared for his life,
as Saul's insanity grew in scope he lost all he owned, how bitter the taste!
Saul's Kingdom Becoming Chaos was strife in his now hidden face.  סתר פנים
"I Will Be What I Will Be" has nought but contempt for Prophets who stray,
from what has been engraved in their hearts with The Heat of The Eternal Flame!
"Obey! Surrender, the sooner the better, before the Invincible Inevitability
of The Glory of My Name Eternal! The Eternal One of Israel Will Not Lie!
 Glory I give  no other, not even Moses, of Renown and Everlasting Fame! The Greatest Hebrew Prophet Moses, The True Master of The Name. השם
who cursed you Jews with his dying words, at the end of his days.
And I tell you now, at the full moon a sign, a wonder,
these are the end of your days. All of you, to oblivion...........
Unless you REPENT!
A Star had fallen and what have you been told is His Name? Here it is
"The skies have opened"

" And THAT WHICH IS EVIL l will happen to you at The End Of Days."
To none but my Son, to whom I gave his Name. Jonathan Michael Robbins,
from whose heart and mind and flesh I have burned away all that sins.
Jonathan Robbins, My Son who sits on My Knee,  ברך with my Crown On His Head,
and I Embrace him to my Breast, and tell him to rest, His Seventh Day has Arrived, In This New Universe, He Alone Will Survive, if You Refuse to Do My Will, Jonathan Is The Humane Human at Heart, in The whole Inhumane Human Race.
He Is The Best Man a Man Can Be!"
If you believe in a man in God's  Image, Well to Hell With You, That is My Man.
My Man of perfected Faith! More FAITHFUL than Adam from whose seed you all come! The Whole Human Race, The Race to Oblivion!
Jonathan Michael is My Man and My Son, Created in The Image of What Has No Image,
No Time And No Place!
ויברא אלהים את האדם בצלמו838 
Created in The Image of The Blackest Empty Void,
in which  moves nothing, not a trace.

The void from wherein there is nothing to be perceived, yet moves all with a Face!  פנים

Fall All Ye down now, on your face, women and men alike,  in your inner most space, which should be My  Holy Temple of Mercy and Grace! My Temple which you Jews have filled with lies and deceit and devious ways, where you plan how to do evil and deny my Omnipotent EYE, Yes, It Is My Eye, I AM THAT NONE that causes all to fall into place, making every  moment past disintegrate, in sparks! Never good enough to convince the Angels. I ever am Making It All Better, by Making Bitter מר, My Favorite Taste טעם.  I am The Lord Your Creator, Like Me Or Not, I am He who turns the wheels of your mind for the Glory of My Name and For No Other Reason!".
Only I Will Be The King Of Israel,
 For These Are The End Of Your Days
 and The Beginning ראשית Of Mine!

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