Sunday, September 10, 2017

I am Locking All Doors From Within !

OK. You got me. I have seen with the light within that I have wronged you.
I am shamed, ashamed, self blamed and flamed. I REPENT
I love The Doors, always have. I have had more sex while listening to The Doors than Leonard Cohen.
But I guess that must make sense to you, as you have said L. Cohen makes you too drowsy to make love.
Like him, I like it slow, very slow, but then I speed up. I would start with Cohen but when I reached that plateau,
the one of which I hope you know, I would go on and on like a rider in the storm, dripping sweat like rain
on the body of the ever again most beautiful prostitute I had ever been with, who had contracted to let me love her and she me.
Anyway, I have The Keys 939 המפתחות to the Doors within, doors one can only see after looking honestly into one's heart and mind to find what is wrong about how they make you behave, in that they bring you to do things other people complain about. Finding the doors is the first step but far from enough to escape the flames that consume flesh burning on a stake, while you are being consumed for having ideas unpopular with some kind of authoritative clerics.
The Very Great Superlative Hebrew Sage, Rabbi Akiva, who got it all wrong about what makes a man of flesh and blood, one like me, into The Messiah, discovered the hard way how wrong he was about that and almost if not everything else, he taught his tens of thousands of students. He had them join the rebellion against Rome and immediately a plague broke out and tens of thousand of his Torah Pupils perished. One thing he didn't know how to do, was read the sign and omen 939 אות ומופת of his times.
At any rate, his messiah was a big disappointment, and that was another occasion of misread Divine Irony,
as Bar Koziba's name, the failed messiah, means 'Son of Disappointment".
The victorious Romans had had it with Jewish rebellions that inspired others to rebel all over the Roman Empire.
Bar Koziba defeated shamefully, several roman legions in battle and established a short lived kingdom for a few years, until the Roman general Severus enacted a scorched earth strategy, murdering about 500,00 old men, women and children who were left in villages all over Judea. Soldiers from Bar Koziba's army deserted to go home and try and save their families, always too late. Finally Bar Koziba held his last losing battle at a place called Betar, and as tradition has it, no human could kill him and his body was found with a snake wrapped around it, both having killed each other.
Snake=נחש= Messiah=358=משיח=
Rabbi Akiva had his skin scraped off his body with forks of iron, in front of his now enslaved Torah Pupils. It is said he dies with the Word "One" on his lips and with a big grin, smiling up at the heavens as he recited
"Listen Israel, The Creator is our Lord, The Creator is Our God, The Creator is One."
The moral of the story is that he lived a life of Piety and Integrity, earning a great fortune from his pupils. But he was indeed, a very honest self introspective man.
You see, there is within a door that enables the heart and soul to leave the mind behind, the mind with all it's idolatrous ideals, during excruciating tortures- and no matter how gruesome one's death might seem from the light without, with the light within, one finds oneself playing backgammon ( or the game of 11 ) with angels, who keep one in good spirits until one finally expires forever.

You should be so lucky, God Willing. Cool

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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