Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The God of Israel and The Torah of Moses? Idolatry!!!!

And Allah tells me, now say this:
"The God of Israel as seen by the elders of Israel and Moses,
as described in these verses 9-11 Chapter 24 (= דויד =david with the first letter of my Hebrew Name, י Yud in יונתן Jonathan) Exodus "

""ויעל משה ואהרון נדב ואביהוא ושבעים מזקני ישראל."

"ויראו את אלוהי ישראל ותחת רגליו כמעשה לבנת ספיר וכעצם השמים לטוהר."

"ואל אצילי בני ישראל לא שלח ידו ויחזו את האלוהים ויאכלו וישתו".

And Moses and Arron and Nadav And Avihu and Seventy of The Elders of Israel went up and saw in awe the God of Israel and beneath his feet was like a sapphire brick, and like the materiel of the heavens in purity. And towards the aristocrats of the Children of Israel He sent not his hand and they saw a vision of The Creator and they ate and they drank."
But they didn't fukking say grace in gratitude as commanded! Shame on them! Twisted Evil

They saw a fucking fukking idol. The God of Israel as understood by anyone who has ever lived until מי, is a fucking fukking Idol and The Torah of Moses celebrates an Idol with Idolatrous ceremony.

There is Only One Torah and that is תורת יהוה "The Teachings of the unseen ever Creator "

My God is The True God of Israel, Allah, who used a sapphire brick as a sign and omen to lead Moses and the Elders of Israel astray, until Creating מי to come and explain their mistakes.

The word sapphire is taken from the root letters ס פ ר which becomes the following concepts .


I have the number. 11
I have the Narrative. Mine.
I have The Keys=939 to the closed Book of Isiah, from CHAPTER 29, VERSE 11!
29=כזב =Disappointment, what now happens to all idolators!
11? I am The Little One with The Keys to The Sealed Book!

ותהי לכם חזות הכל כדברי הספר החתום אשר יתנו אתו אל יודע הספר [ספר] לאמר קרא נא זה ואמר לא אוכל כי חתום הוא

"And all will appear to you as words from a sealed book, which when given to the literate, saying, "Please read this!" He will answer, " I can't, because it is sealed!"

And while I am at it, the Islamic customs around The Kaabah in Mecca areRampant Blatant

and are what have corrupted Islam from the very, very beginning!

Fuck and Fukk The Kaabah ! Twisted Evil . Fuck and Fukk The Torah of Moses! Twisted Evil

Long live and Forever, The Torah of יהוה as taught by מי ,
and that for all concerned will be Me, until further notice.

Has anyone got a glass of cool waters for a very hot Hebrew Prophet? Very Happy

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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