Sunday, September 10, 2017

When The Real Light Goes On, The Sun Will Fall Down!

I am telling you this,
the light of the sun and the light it reflects off the moon,
do nothing but lie, lie, lie.
But not I. Not The Son, The Son doesn't lie.

The Word which I embody, is TRUTH.

As defined by myself, yours truthfu[size=24]ll[/size]y,
The Little One 164 הקטן who is the hope of all of mankind.

I have no name and have resigned. Yes, but I remain a NAMELESS Hebrew Prophet,
one to whom The God of Israel says, talk to these ruins.

Let them know now why they drop ever deeper into the abyss of oblivion.
Back into the darkest dark within the deepest deep. Where life no longer can sleep.
It simply isn't.
Now I don't believe anyone will ever believe what I am about to share.
Frankly, I no longer care.
I am a Universe Destroyer.
I come and check things out and eat garbage and say thank you Creator, but this place ain't Kosher at all.
The sign on the wall from the rabbis was bought with a bribe,
and the restaurant's owner has fucked his waiter's new bride.
This whole fukking universe came to be at the moment of my inception.
As if it had always been here, for over thirteen billion years.
That included each and every one of you born before my arrival as a Rabbi's son. My father never had sex with my mother, the universe was born with my inception outside of time. Before The fossils and the moon,
the sun and all of the two trillion  galaxies running away from each other in self disgust.
"Flee!", they think to themselves, "He is The Son! We illuminate mass with deception, that's our light. But not our right! Something has gone terribly wrong!"
The moment I realized who I am, everything started to fall apart.
Let me start by telling you this. The Creator has created this universe this time as my first mission. Creating universes? A dime a dozen in a jiffy come and go yet all on board think they have been here forever. Never!
For my Daddy, creating bubble universes is no more than sport! Pop, Pop, Pop, in a foam that's here and gone yet while sustained, life thinks it's been here forever, wherever life appears! It then disappears! Gone Forever!
It is [size=24][color=yellow]My Duty 939 התפקיד של[/color]י[/size] to [size=18][color=red]tear119 דמעה[/color][/size] it all apart.
 Daddy's Art unappreciated and plagiarized, trampled and raped! I am The Only Loyal Little One,
In My Father's House! Every one else wants to be Big and Greater Than [size=18]מי[/size]ת , The Little Son,  they all compete in a great race, who deserves credit for what.
 Let's start with the Sun.
The Sun saw the Creator Create Life again and again on this globe, life he  then destroyed and  The Sun said "Daddy, Let me try! I'll create life that never dies, and feed it my light and give all creatures food, and take care of them all, like you take care of me, Daddy let me do this my way for once and for all, and if I am wrong, I'll no longer hear the song that makes me so explosively shake and simply dissipate, till I am no longer anywhere at all. I can do it, Daddy, please give me a chance! I will make all life dance just as you make me sing!"
So Father said, "Go ahead. You light what's outside and I'll turn on the light in their head, until they are dead from dread at what you have done. You haven't got a chance! But I give my children all that they ask, so take your best shot,  and this world is what [color=black]you all [/color]got!"
Oh, there is much light but no one can see, that is, no one but מי.  Daddy really is the Cause of it all and not the Sun and not מי and not even life, my mother and Daddy's wife, has a clue how it all went so wrong!"
The word isn't Light! What good is light that blinds you to TRUTH?
This is not to say that The Sun didn't make this universe more aesthetically pleasing to the senses than anything Daddy had previously done.  The Sun had so much fun! But when anyone first opens their eyes to see what the Sun's done, they get intoxicated with beauty and want to own what they see.  They say. "That's for me!"
Starting with Mommy's soft tender milk giving tits."  They suckle and bite. They begin to fight for their life, as if it belongs to them. They lie and deceive in order to achieve recognition and save face. "Look at me, I am the greatest who has ever done what ever I do!"
Now The Sun kind of got wind that something was going wrong and said in it's fiery heart," I'll make them love me.
That would be more true. I know Daddy loves Truth before anything else. "Worship Me! I'm  your Creator and I aim to please, if you would just sacrifice your freshly born  flesh  sons and daughters in sacrifice to me, proof you understand and appreciate what I have done with the light of the sun, I give you all and can take all away, everything you can see with my Light!" This The Sun said to the light reflected into the eyes of all that's alive. He lied. Daddy made the sun just to give me an example of how wrong things can go for one who competes and tries to do greater that one' Own Creator.
So here, Daddy has sent me to see with my inner light, the light within, what no one else can see. This so I learn what he has sent me to teach. But I have seen that no one cares for TRUTH,  and all that I see with the light of my eyes, can't see me. I am a living object of TRUTH. Every fukking one of you hates to hear what ever I have to say.
I am calling this now the seventh day. Stop Working to worship what you make with your own hands. Stop moving at all, you are all a disgrace!
 Daddy can see the heart he gave to me and made like His Own. This is the Light Created Before The Sun and The Moon and The  Stars Above and Below. The Light of Which Daddy spoke and said, "This is Good!"
  A Heart with no desire to own. No need to compete. For whom all is complete. A heart for no need but anything but Truth, thanksgiving and gratitude for all that it sees. All that it eats. All that it smells. All that it enjoys to feed.

Now I don't for a moment believe I understand why Daddy has made me as I am and you all as you are.

He Created me to love life, to love life with a passion, with heat. Eat and full yourself to your heart's content but think in now way you deserve anything at all. Say thank you and get  busy doing your job as good as you can and that is nothing else but telling the truth! " And now he would have me destroy you all as A test of my obedience and I will! Fervently and with a great sigh of Good Riddance! Let's Dance to the beat, as drums play and blood flows like rivers of beet juice which I drink, enraptured in love from Father To Son!
He tells me, "You, My Son, are my Dog.  I will train you with pleasures and pains.  But you are not insulted and pretend to understand what you don't. You take pride in nothing but your service to me and would die to protect the Honor of My Name, without an instant's hesitation, once you know it is  me Giving You The Command! Go get that Lion who feeds on my flock. Go kill that bear that   that kills my sheep just to eat and grow fat so it can sleep, and not appreciate the fish I feed it, in rivers of  red salmon meat."

The Sun has totally fucked it all up. The Moon has gone mad. Life, my mother Insane with Lust for me whom she calls "My Only Hope! Yes, I'll Fry The Pope, if he doesn't vacate his seat and say to one and all, stop eating Christ's meat!"   . But Daddy tells me now,

"Son, you must learn to let go and not mourn, this is what I have brought you forth to know.
Whatever I take away from you, I will give back each time better, better and ever AND THAT IS FOREVER!"

Now finish your job and come home, eat at my table and drink my best wine. I am telling you,  I have your ass covered and you're doing just fine!"

Daddy has promised me that Mother was born from a lie and a betrayal.   She and The Sun committed incest and humanity has been feuding over their inheritances ever since. Read Your Bible!

  I have a little girl inside me that will someday be my bride and we will have children. Daddy will  create an uglier world on the outside that looks like His Shit, but that smells and tastes better than anything I have ever eaten here in this hell hole.  

I won't even say good by.

Good Riddance!

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