Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Living Truth, The Truth That Lives !

I refuse to be idolized by anyone for any reason. I refuse to idolize my creator in my own mind, or in the mind of any other. I will never show any respect whatsoever to what doesn't respect me.

Any god who would have itself idolized, trembled before, sacrificed to, worshiped despite prayers having no causal power whatsoever, is a piece of shit.

I have absolute certainty that my life and the life of all that lives in my mind, as well as all the masses of different kinds that comprise anything and everything I can perceive, the life within me and the masses I perceive, are all orchestrated to move or stand still from my own point of view, by a creator who is in no way myself. A creator who is in me and around me in all I perceive, but also who is creating me from outside my mind and hence cannot be known, a creator who creates everything that has the potential to ever cross reference with my own experiences.

I am very satisfied and thankful for my own life as such exists in my memories as these are available to me in present time. My narrative makes perfect sense to me. Exquisitely sophisticated and meaningful entertainment has been mine from the moment I first remember looking at anything at all. I am grateful for seeing whatever I see as such appears in the light that shines within the mind, the light we all have with our eyes closed, what we call our attention, our awareness of perception, that which makes us aware and conscious of being alive.

It is far more ineffably sublime than just being the product of intelligent design. It is more than Art of every kind, it is wisdom and metaphysics and meta-mechanics, architecture and engineering, indeed I can see no word to use that describes what I see in my own mind other than divine. It is a constantly evolving, multi media, many faceted dynamic structure of cross referenced symbols of all kinds, that represents what I understand to be my own reality.

What goes on in my own mind justifies my describing my creator as having towards me nothing else but what we call love. My creator appears to desire that I be nothing else but myself, conscious of how my creator creates me and my nature. That I see myself come together. That I know what I am. A living creation, self consciously aware of being created from one moment to the next, with absolutely no false pretense of being what I am not. I am completely conscious that I am not my own creator or the creator of anything else, whatsoever.

I like it this way. I desire nothing else. For me this awareness is the epitome of human accomplishment. This is as good as it gets, but never stops evolving and becoming more of what it is.

That Being, The Living Truth, The Truth That Lives.

It would appear that up until this very instant, I have received every thing I have ever asked to have, but most essentially and more significantly than anything else, I have discovered the most precious treasure in the universe, the treasure that I have sought since I first asked a question, I have discovered an incorruptible universal truth. A truth without which no mind can exist. A truth without which no communication can take place. Not within one's own mind and not between other minds of any kind.

This is the most important truth in the universe.

Upon this truth everything else depends, for any reality to be as we see it, or perceive it any any way.

It is the ultimate most valuable fact, upon which all other facts depend- to be what they are, and is the measure of how and why we say what is a lie, and what is not.

Now here is my enigma. I would share this treasure of truth, this fact more valuable than all other facts, with one and all of mankind. The problem is however, to appreciate the value of this fact, this truth, one must have exactly my own God given nature, exactly as molded and shaped by the life experiences that have been mine. The most essential quality of my nature being, that I have no desire to own anything at all, or control anything at all. My only desire being, to experience and comprehend realty as intended for me, my reality as such comes to be, by the creative will of that which creates it for me. For me and for no other. The answer to the questions, what and how and why am I created? What am I, how do I come to be and why am I here? What am I supposed to do? Only the manufacturer can answer these questions about the products it produces.

The Creator manufactures living creatures. For me that is self evident. All that matters, all that is significant and meaningful is that which lives. Of all that lives there is me and that is all I can know, of all there is. I am here by The Will of God, my creator, the creator of myself and my nature, and the creator of all that I experience as I experience it, the maker of all my memories and knowledge, that infinitesimal fraction of the greater reality that is me , myself, and I, that slice of whatever the universe is, which is present in my mind to be known and that can only be uniquely my own.

All my knowledge and experiences revolve around a truth that cannot be shared but which makes the universe around me completely comprehensible and benign to myself. I fear absolutely nothing at all. To live with no fears is the essence of any kind of freedom there can be.

To appreciate this truth one must be willing to completely let go of everything one holds as valuable in one's own heart, and the most difficult possession to let go of, is the idea that we have any innate value at all.

Unless one can be completely at peace, happy and grateful for being worthless, even to one's self, unless there is nothing but first grovelling gratitude to be alive at all, one cannot understand what I would most love to share. This is why no one wants that which I have come to value more than my own organic life.

 No one wants to be worthless.

I am willing to be worthless, if that is what it takes to find what is of ultimate and universal value.

I have made this exchange and have gained what I wanted while losing all self value, whatsoever. No one wants to pay for what I have, and I can do nothing with it at all except kill all gods but my own. And while so doing, admire the view of the false gods tumbling from the heavens, as they discover I would void myself in an instant rather than grovel before any god who would have me grovel in gratitude while knowing my God would never want me to grovel at all, not before "Him",  nor before any other Lords or Masters or Self Defined Creators of Realities of any kind, particularly gods created in the minds of mankind, in the image of man.

All mystery is gone except one.

What the hell happens next?

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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