Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Coming Mass Evictions of Mind, All Minds Are Now Mine!

I am being threatened with eviction back Into the streets,
from the room I have been living and recovering in, for four and a half years.
The reasons for the threat are unfounded accusations, these being that I don't care about cleanliness, I am irresponsible concerning the expenses of common expenditures, with one of the two women, both of whom have known me for eight years, saying I frighten her.

 She readily admits having no experiences to found her fears upon.
The facts are these.

 I clean up always and without exception after using the kitchen.
I have frequently said, we all don't see cleanliness the same way.
if after my cleaning up for myself, or after I mop the floor,
I leave behind anything whatsoever that is less than clean,
all it takes is a comment and I will rise immediately from whatever I am doing,
with out excuse or explanations, with only an apology, and clean up better to meet higher standards.
I have always paid bills on time, together with everyone, without exception.
Two weeks prior to the meeting described below, I informed my flat mates
that I could only pay the debts on the due date,
rather than the three weeks early, what we had done until this incident.
They complained that I hadn't asked them permission to be tardy,
merely informed them of the fact and said also they didn't like the tone of my voice.
And so it had been until a couple of weeks ago.
The Director of Social Work, who is the manager of the services I receive
visited us for the second time, in the some three years he has been working.
We had a flat mate talk with the boss, the social worker and the counselor,
during which the two women here, made the same kind of complaints
that they have been making for the four and a half years, we have been living together.
They made the same unfounded and false accusations that they always make.
The manager took upon himself to resolve our years' old conflict
as a matter of personal and professional pride. He said as much.
At one point, provoked by his insistence all blame must be mine,
I slightly lost my temper, raised my voice and said "She is speaking nonsense!"
I explained why it is my right to interpret false derogatory statements against me, as nonsense.
The meeting ended on a sour note, with me suggesting to the manager that he examine himself how he had conducted the discussion, and how he had made a crisis out of what had been going on and tolerated by all parties, for a long time.
He suggested we continue the discussion in my room, but I declined and said I have no need for intimacy or privacy. We talked a few minutes and he went sour faced on his way.
My social worker, for whom I had nothing but love and respect, informed me I was to appear in the manager's office, a three hour bus ride back and forth, to discuss the management of my affairs in the apartment.
When I asked her what specifically needed correction, she couldn't say.
I told her I will not arrive there as ordered, without some idea of why I should do so, without that being
the avoidance of a sanction incurred for not showing up. I told her to have her Boss call me and explain why I was being called into a disciplinary mode without my accusers being present or any evidence agreed upon as factual. He did, but refused to give any reason other than that he is The Manager. I told him pointedly, perhaps bluntly from his viewpoint, that I never go anywhere without a self serving reason and I am not going to show up.
I sent him an email at precisely 11 a.m, the time of the appointment, explaining again why I hadn't arrived.
He ignored my email.
I then received a formal demand that I show up at such and such a time, and adjust the management of my affairs according to his dictations, or he will have me evicted into the street.
Copies were sent to all interested parties.
I informed the counselor and social worker that I had no respect for how they were doing their jobs.
I told them they were fully aware that the problems in the apartment had been going on for years, since we had moved in together, and they themselves had said so in the meeting. They were conscious of the fact that an injustice was being done and why, and let it happen to avoid the unpleasantness of speaking truth to power.
I fired them. Refusing any further services.
I stopped paying bills and clean no more than after myself.
I sent four ignored emails to the manager. He did call me to say not to send him anymore, as he wouldn't relate to their content anyway. If I didn't arrive as ordered and surrender to his reality, I would certainly be evicted.
I sent him two more, also ignored.
Of course, I didn't show up. My psychiatrist received a copy of the manager's letter.
She knows I am off "meds" for 11 months and will insist I take them based on her copy of the manager's demands. If I refuse to, I lose my rights for the social services I receive. I fired her, too.
I agree now I have broken contract and should leave the apartment, but have no where whatsoever to go, except back into the streets, without Itay and Izaak. Ain't gonna happen, anyway.
I am absolutely certain.
If the turning of the earth's globe rubs me the wrong way,
unless it repents and starts turning in the other way,
it will shatter into unrecognizable stones, except for one.

The one I find myself standing on.

That stone I stand upon, will be the one and the same as that which with I killed Goliath.

I will be standing there with a big grin, ready to start all over AGAIN, from the very beginning, trying to make a better world for my offspring, doing My Job.


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