Saturday, September 23, 2017

Gotchya! 9/29 Is Really 11/11! Here Comes The Son!

Here Comes The Sun! I Mean Son! No, I Mean Moon! No, I Mean Me!  Look At The Sky! The Sky! Who Am I? The Sun Is Falling And I Arise! What Is My Size? How Small Is The Smallest In The Kingdom Of Heaven? As Small As I.        ? מי אני  Who Am I? I Come In My Own Name! In Me You Will Believe!
Seems Like Everyone Religious Is Expecting Something Strange To Happen That Will Prove They Are Right In Their Religion And Everyone Else Is Wrong! My Name Is Righteousness In My Religiousness! Eat My Meat=Gospel And Drink My Wine=Spirits For Their Nutritiousness!

The whole Idea of miracles as a prior condition for faith is a very bad idea. Faith should evolve by exploring the nature of what you see, until you recognize the intelligence of "i'ts natural design. This should waken a sense of wonder and awe and gratitude to be part of Creation, A creature wisely and intelligently designed to enjoy the senses, the perceptions of a ponderous and wondrous world around one and inside one's mind.

Truth is made from contracts that things will remain as they are until both parties agree on a change.

A remains A and B remains B. The water stays water and the blood remains blood. The water remains water and doesn't become wine. Rocks don't spout waters as if from a spout when asked to do so. The heavens don't rip open like a page of parchment torn asunder by reason of it's blasphemous messages. Donkey's don't see angels of death and tell the magician sitting on them to Beware.

Words have certain meanings and these meanings must be agreed upon in advance when words are used in contracts.

Suppose you made a contract to rent a house and the owner moved an elephant into your bedroom, saying it's a miracle?

Virgins aren't supposed to give birth and old and dry women shouldn't get pregnant. Abraham didn't need miracles, he just ran out of explanations why Sarah remained barren after years and years of unrealized promises by God to both of them. Moses needed miracles to believe in God's Power to use him as an instrument to free the Children of Israel from bondage. The Children of Israel needed miracles to believe that Moses was their long awaited and promised redeemer, but their faith for the most part, was as transient as a fart.

I have witnessed so many miracles, but have never wanted or needed them for my faith and belief in The Goodness of My God, for I am a Truth loving man at all costs, who has done everything I can to keep every contract I have ever made. The God I believed in would only and could only be good to a man like me. And my Faith and Belief in the Goodness of my Truth loving God have proven to be proof of His Nature. He is what I believed Him to Be and so much magnificently more than I could have ever imagined, under any circumstances I could ever imagine.

I have had Faith, Without any desire or need for miracles or Angels to have Faith in the Goodness of His Truth Loving Nature. He Has Given me a Heart like His Own. Fearless Loyalty to Truth and Contracts made above all else, above my children and even my life.

God has a Plan where such magnificent awful miracles will manifest, that he had to prepare me not to lose my mind once more, as I did in the past when exposed to miracles none of you could ever believe.

He will Give The World Proof That I am His Only Beloved and no longer Lonely Little Son, The Littlest One, The Smallest in The Kingdom of Heaven.

November 11, 2017 11:11 A.M.- Seven Volcanoes Erupt, Synchronized in Time and by Locations. 

 44=The Creator Lives=  חי יהוה=For David=לדוד

This is 44 Days Inclusive After September 29th, 2017, which is 929, Which Is An Important Number! Why? Research And Discover That For Yourselves! It Is The HUMOR Of My Creator (Die) To Hide Things And The Honor of The  King  To Discover What is Hidden!

September 30th is to become of World Foreknown Renown BlaspheMy Day!

HERE'S WHY! My Marriage To Life as My Wife is Ridiculed! Blasphemy!
I am reluctantly and not by my own will, owning my inherit-dances.

The FUKKING World is MinE, from here on out and forever! Twisted Evil Cool Rolling Eyes


Now Lighten Up! 

Here is some non xxx rated educational entertainment to pass the time. It is however very Blassphemouse! I am The Antic Christ!
                            And this is for My Family!= 838= Up The Ass!=לתחת=משפחתי=838

November 11th, 2017, 11:11 A.M

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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