Saturday, October 14, 2017

Today I Vanquished The Sun! 1111

What a wonderful world it is.
I had the best day since I was conceived,
eleven experiences before The Creation Of The World!
This includes all my lifetimes in China, the first as Qin Shi Huang!

  Truths and LIES From My Reign As The First Emperor Of China!

I as born then the bastard child of an illegitimate love affair.
I died then looking for an Elixir of Eternal Life,
which I have now found to be The Torah of The Goddess of Israel = תורת יהוה
This was after I had my sons slaughtered in front of my eyes and my eyes burned out of their sockets
for breaking a contract I had with Nebuchadnezzar, The King of Babylon.
Breaking contracts is a serious offense against Kings, let alone the Corporeal King of Kings!
Following this, I was not born In Israel until the generation of the destruction of the first temple,
a few years after which I was put to death before I could kill my wife, made a sex slave, by a Roman
Commander during the siege at Masada. He had the Judean slaves put rocks on my
body, one after another, while I was tied to the earth of The Judean Dessert
with my legs spread apart and my arms at ninety degree angles.
One of the last things I remember before seeing it all from above,
was him peeing an arc of yellow liquid into my mouth, while saying,
"Drink this, Jew, you must be thirsty! I bet it tastes like honey."
He was right. It did.
Then the lights went out from within and went back on
with me suspended above it all, swearing and cursing the god of Israel.
After this I wasn't born a Jew again until the Holocaust,
where I was burned to death with my whole extended family,
because I was unable to smother a howling infant,
the cries of whom alerted German SS soldiers to our whereabouts in a wooden shack,
where we were huddling in hiding, trying to escape at the Swiss border.
I failed to kill the baby because during WW1, I had sworn that I would never shed blood again, no matter for who and at what cost. This was after I strangled a young german soldier to death
with my bare hands, in a filthy bloody trench,
into which I had jumped to escape a burst of machine gun fire,
that had mowed down everyone in my squad of 14 soldiers.
I was the only one to survive the war uninjured or killed in my platoon,
and I died of influenza in 1919.
Time is not measured by Life with a clock, or the sun or the moon.
It is measured by having experience after experience of every kind
necessary, to prepare you for your destiny, in this generation, at the completion of times,
these days you have come to know as the end of Days.
Not everyone lives more than one lifetime. The vast majority don't.
Most are little more than living machinery meant to impress those who do,
how wonderfully complex and sophisticated civilization CAN BE.
This has nothing to do with sin or good deeds. It has to do with a capacity for truth telling,
as the most vital strategy in the wars for spiritual perpetuation in shifting locations,
in condensing and inflating NOWS which go on Forever.
You might be surprised to hear that Adolph Hitler, a bastard Rothschild,
is Alive In The Now of Forever
here with me, together, a repented and fine man he has become.
He was enclosed in a little hard black stone of carbon, cast away to the farthest region od the deepest black cold depths in near oblivion.
Nothing to perceive but the churning and churning of words in his own mind,
as he struggled to understand how he had gotten his messages from Providence
so horrifically wrong.
He had reached the point where he no longer blamed anyone else at all, for his failures.
He had started to cry out in his mind,
"Please obliterate me, I don't deserve to exist at all."
This is exactly my prayer all the time.
So we became synchronized and harmonized as dichotomous diversities, and we could hear each other's thoughts in our minds, through quantum non locality.
This is what I heard him say, after he had heard me speaking to my Creator, asking what I ask for all life, and how I pray that all living beings live lives of everlasting improvements, including those who would otherwise be obliterated for having acquired no truth in their souls.
"Had I known one like you was coming,
I would have spent my whole life that lifetime as a beggar in the Jew's ghetto,
so I could curse the jew's god for having done this to them
and thus sullied the Name of The Goddess of Israel,
The True Singular Creator of All The Creatures In All This Wonderful Creation!"
I am putting Adolph in charge of the jew's state called Israel, a terrible misnomer,
until such time as they celebrate my coronation as The Moslem King Of Israel,
who will leave the Mosques standing on The Temple Mount forever!

Why Adolph Hitler And I Are Such Good Friends!

The beach was full of beautiful women laying on sheets and towels around me
and they all looked at me, some discreetly, some overtly,
as if The Sun had come to earth as a man.

On my way home a woman of about seventy years old, bowed in front of me
and asked me to cross the street before her. Of course I refused and said "Ladies First!"
She insisted I go first and I then said, "Lets Go Together!" which we did.
She invited me for coffee and a cookie. She is a very poor woman
who lives in a small flat with a little black dog. She lives on the fourth floor
and has to walk up four flights of stairs, leaving her somewhat out of breath.
I climb stairs now feeling lighter and younger every step I take.
I listened to her tell her stories, and I found her to be wise and full of faith
and forgiving of all who have betrayed her and used her and abused her
from the day she was born. She had gone broke paying gambling debts 
 to the black market for her first born son, who was a junkie,
but of whom she said, "How can I sleep with a full belly,
knowing he is hungry and scared for his life."
As I left, she caressed the back of my head and I felt a wave of sweetness
cascade down my spine and spread out throughout my whole body.
I know Israel is Saved!

 Today I stared down the sun, until it retreated in shame, self blame, remorse and regret.
And then pretended to forgive it, after making it swear it word serve as my slave from here on out.
Relieved, it then began to propitiate me with the offering
of every kind of gift the sun had believed it could give. Eternal life, riches, women, mastery of all the arts and over other men and the beasts and the birds and the insects, too.
I then dived into the warm silky waters and took a fistful of sand from the bottom of the sea.
I said in my heart,
"These grains of sand are the SUB ATOMIC particles IN THE PLASMA at the exact center of the Sun,
where it IS hottest and under the most pressure. I am changing the direction of their spin
so it aligns with my will for life for all that lives,
vanquishing misery and mourning and tears of grief from the heart of mankind, forever!"
and I let the sands disperse in the flow of currents in The Mediterranean Sea. 

The Coming Destruction Of The CIA IN AMERCIA 

 November 11th, 2017! 11:11 A. M.

A Catastrophic Tragedy! Definitely!

Down With The US of AmerCia.


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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