Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Free At Last, Free At Last, God Almighty!

At the center of your mind, there is a spherical command center. This is your place of free choice, freedom which you only really have access to, from the point which is an equal distance from all the information playing off like reflections on a bubble. Until you find this place within, everything you think, feel and do is produced meta-mechanistically according to a hierarchy of metaphysical values that are indoctrinated into your mind, culturally and biologically. Until this place within is found and you take control over your own reflexive attenuation, you are literally no more than a self conscious machine programmed to serve the interests of those who are managing your affairs from positions of authority, authority you never chose of your own free will to give them.
At any given moment, your attention, which is the inner light of sentience, is spread out through out the space of the sphere, retrieving through perception all the different kinds of information that make a conscious moment what it is.
This information is processed in such a way as to determine whether your attention remains on what it is, or moves to whatever serves a value higher on the hierarchy, whatever will or need or desire or urge forwards the values highest on the hierarchy at any given moment. This is what motivates you to have the thoughts and feelings you have, and go about the motions of your daily need-fulfilling routines.

Think of a moment you are on the internet, looking at porn. The sensations of physical pleasure you are experiencing take precedence over any other purpose you have, unless you have chosen of your own free will what your purpose is in life, that purpose being the fulfillment of which, is the most authentic realization of your God Given Nature. Yes, you might suddenly get hungry, but be barely aware of it. Finally the hunger peaks and the
perceptions of hunger sensations becomes so disconcerting, the "suffering" of hunger overrides the biological value of sexual stimulation and you get up and get something to eat. Or your husband drives into the garage and you hear the noise, causing the contemplation of a shame that is more painful than the porn pleasures you.

The control of one's own attention is the mastery of free will. This is why meditation is so effective as a means of restoring one's sense of serenity in the face of diversity. When taking psycho active drugs, the culturally indoctrinated and usual biological imperative values are disconcerted by previously never experienced information and new cross references of data. The indoctrination and biological meta-machinery releases to some degree the force of command over your thoughts, perceptions of sensual information of all kinds and your actions. You discover a deeper self. The place of self determinism on your hierarchy of values, rises. Your real purpose, which is always and forever the experience of some kind of essential truth, become more important.


The purpose is on a very wide and sophisticated spectrum of potentials and might just be something like this. "I wonder what it would be like to be so filthy rich I can do whatever I want and have whatever women I want. Therefor I want to get as rich as possible, as fast as possible, by whatever means I can!" This purpose may have developed over many lifetimes of impoverished impotence, and the heart break of losing potential lovers to richer men. After years of life drudgery, one has some kind of experience which brings forth values higher in influential power over your thoughts, feelings and actions. You meet someone and fall in love. You see someone else doing something that makes him easy money and you suddenly feel motivated to do the same.

This however is still not freedom of choice. Your dormant purpose might be detrimental to your spiritual health by reason of circumstance not under your control. You decide to get rich b selling drugs and a politician gets elected who declares a war against drugs, sentencing is made far more punitive and you end up in prison for the rest of your life for some crime you sincerely believe shouldn't be a crime, but over whelmed by the power of an awakenned dormant purpose, you didn't really research the possible consequences of what you found yourself doing and were unprepared for a life time in prison, where you waste away in guilt shame and regret.

We are enslaved by the comforts and pleasures of conformity and also more severely, the fear of loss consequential to breaking out of patterns that serve the authorities that determine the culture of the civilization you have found yourself in, this lifetime. Many many people, the vast majority who say, " I am Free!" are really dopamine junkies, intoxicated by the pleasures of contemplating abstract values such as freedom, patriotism, communism, capitalism, Zionism, self determinism, and whatever currency of mind is promoted by the powers that be, as describing the environment they want you to think you are in.

Freedom of choice exists when you remain still, as a full array of sensations of pleasure or discomfort accompany the evoking of images of wish fulfillment, and this only after extensive research is done to inform yourself if the means of realizing this purpose successfully, are available. A purpose to experience the sensual pleasures of a successful belly dancing career might now be unrealistic and the best you can do is attend dancing lessons for the elderly at your local community center.

You have thoughts of rebellion against the powers that be. You contemplate plugging in and dropping out.

You regain a sense of sovereignty. For this reason and this reason alone, man's freedom to experience the liberation of psychedelic value reassessment, has been outlawed. Don't be fooled by the latest trend to legalize pot. Those in the know are so confident of their control over your mind, that they are no longer concerned pot alone will weaken their control, and what they do now, is control the legal marijuana industry as a means to assert, "See! You are free!" and make a lot of money at the same time. Truly mind freeing drugs like magic mushrooms and L.S.D, peyote, mescaline and DMT, in it's various ways of consumption, are highly illegal through out the world and the penalties for taking or distributing such drugs are sometimes lethal. There are a number of negligible exceptions.

Who and what authority have a predetermined enforceable power to determine what you do with your mind?

NoW, the more a person is aligned with their innate, natural and God Given purpose, the more freedom they experience as a SENSATION. Freedom is a FEELING. Nothing in the world feels better than freedom, but freedom is no more a purpose than money is. Without a true existential and authentic purpose to have a certain kind of experience, one doesn't feel the truly liberating sensation of freedom and hasn't a clue how good it feels.

Don't be fooled into thinking that some people who are aligned with a very materiel purpose and who never speak in terms of spirituality, aren't spiritual. This has nothing to do with jargon or nomenclature. The more spiritual one is, the more one is aware of of ever more sophisticated perceptions and sensations. Every thing you perceive, represents a situation or condition of both your body and soul. Many are so numb they aren't aware of having a soul, or better put, as themselves as a soul. They don't perceive angels, perhaps. Or are severely lacking in intuition.

There are a great majority of people whose true innate purpose is to be controlled by some authority that determines for them what is good and bad, as well as right and wrong. They feel free because they are happy slaves.

It is possible to learn the significance of every sensation you perceive yourself experiencing. Doing so allows one to integrate ever more sophisticated experiences and information and thus, the globe of one's conscious mind expands.

Don't think in terms of higher and lower. That leads to feelings and concepts of superiority, which are always a formula for spiritual disasters.

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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