Wednesday, September 20, 2017

November 11th, 2017, 11:11, The Sign And Wonder of The Son!

Count Down To November 11th, 2017- 9:39 A.M Jerusalem Time!

 I wanted to win the Israeli Lottery and haven't and know now I Never Will. That will not be the cliche and paradoxical sign and wonder of my being here as The Son.
This was my choice to become known to the world, rather than a horrific catastrophe,
predicted by me accurately as to the date and general location, that being November 11,this year, The Armistice Day, which came to be on November 11th, at 11:00 A. M. that being the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" of 1918.
Oh, well. I tried, but My Creator and yours, has different plans.
This means that not one, but seven volcanoes will go off all over the Globe,
on November 11th, 2017, local time, wherever they erupt.
They will erupt in an orchestrated  and synchronized sequence,
both as regards location and the precise  jiffy of each volcanoes eruption.
I do not know the locations, nor the times of eruption, only the Creative Principles  Involved.
I know The Creative Principles that Orchestrate Realities and The Creator Fills In The Details,
which are always different than anything I could or even would imagine, on a spectrum from worst to best.
Personally, I am ever surprised ineffably and sublimely for the better. And surprised even more ineffably and horrifically for the worse, concerning the state of affairs of mankind and the consequences inherent to what has been intentionally and with foresight perpetrated on this planet, against Life Itself. 
What I have Come to Know, are The Aesthetic Meta Principles that determine the manifestation of reality in every individual sentient and none sentient mind, that being the totality of all of Creation, with all the spin off Universes, and all the spin off worlds cross referenced in mutual influence with groups of other worlds and other Universes. Everything In Everywhere  there is a Now In A Mind of Any Kind.    
It will be irrevocably clear that the eruptions are a manifestation of Divine Design
and are a Sign and a Wonder that The The Son is Here, alive and kicking Idolatrous Asses.
A Sign is any significant context filled with content that has significance because it represents
a reality agreed upon as having a certain meaning for those who are party to the agreement.
A Wonder is any natural sequence of events or event that cannot be  explained except when seen as the product of an abstract  intelligence, with a plan to put something into the mind of those who witness The Wonder, and those who hear about it by rumor.  
The Wonder Being A Sign That The God of Israel, Keeps His Promises.
Now this is bad news for many, many, many, and good news for some,
like one like me, and those who are with me.
So far, none are with me, but יהוה צבאות The Creator Of Armies.
God and His Armies of  All And Only Female Angels.
No Chariots of Fire, No Flaming Horses, Nada.
For me this is good news, better than winning The Lottery!
This because in my miss calculations of how to improve the world,
I would have en-longed and increased the pain, suffering and misery
of both the more righteous females, and also the outright evil males, alive in this generation.
I would have been merciful to the cruel and cruel to the merciful,
because my judgement unerringly errs,
whenever I try to calculate what is good for me or GOOD for anyone else. 

Now, if you want to know how you came to this miserable state of affairs,
it was all your own doing and the consequences of the free choice you were given,
and the choices you made. Choices to value what you value as much as you value it,
and choices to do what you have done and never corrected,
concerning how to get what you have chosen to have.
In The Beginning Before The Beginning of The Genesis of Generations,
The Singular Creator Created Infinite Numbers of Souls.
All were given precisely the same mind with the same qualities,
the one difference and very significant it is, each soul was placed alone in a different location,
with different information to perceive as a birth home,
an environment into which each soul was created out of the void.
The environments were arrayed along a multi faceted spectrum, a kind of Gestalt.
On the one hand, and this is metaphorically speaking, the environment was pitch black and perceived as extremely cold. On the other hand, the environment was a sophisticated extravaganza of aesthetic elegance, fascinating and engaging, completely satisfying to the senses.
All the souls were given a single command, "Research what is in and what is out, and decide whether you want freedom of choice or not. If you make a mistake concerning what you choose, you will have an opportunity to make things better, by choosing a different environment, to start all over again from the beginning, with exactly the same mind, repented." This is a totally even playing field.
Now I can only speak for myself, as I have only my own experience to explain to myself why I alone have become the vortex of reversed fortune, from whom will spring a new and better Creation.
I got the pitch black and extremely cold environment as my point of origin. It is the worst of all possible environments to begin from, if one makes the wrong choice. One has absolutely no information to calculate anything at all, except the workings of one's own mind, which is being informed in no uncertain terms that it is in an environment so hostile, one's first reaction is "I Choose Only To Go Back to The Void From Which I Emerged and will not waver in this choice until I am somehow helped, I know not from whom or what! I would never have done this to myself and curse whoever or whatever put me in such a horrific environment as a sentient creation who never chose to be at all!"

I have never made any other choice. Very Happy
September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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