Monday, September 18, 2017

What A Loop! Down to The Nether Worlds!

So here I am in my little room, ONCE AGAIN, surrounded by a vast and colorful menagerie of extravagant breath taking female demons, undulating fiery creatures of the nether world, and they are all begging me to let myself be worshiped.

Darkness, that's her name, is their Queen and Creator, and she is breathing whispers into my soul, "Let go, resistance is futile, surrender to the inevitable destiny You Have Created for Yourself and the Universe!"

She is telling me, "Curse your creator and the creator of the universe, Allah, and become what you have been planning all along to be, The New God Creator of Your Self and The Universes in The Now of Forever!"

There is absolutely no way to describe the sensations of pleasure rippling through my being, inwards towards my inner most void and then even more powerful, flows of bliss and happiness coming out of my inner emptiness, like rivers of soothing lava upon which are basking every imaginable winged creature of the night, blowing me kisses and breathing on me with hot breaths of caressing flames, tongues of fire that lick my flesh from within and my skin from without.

"Let us worship you and you alone! This is all your very own plan, you are the creator from the beginning and now you are emerging as your true nature and self, Let Us Worship The Black Hole at the top of the tip of Your Crown, You are The Creator of All That can see and all that is seen, we bow down to you, we supplicate you, we don't want to go free, ever!"

Out of nowhere appear next to me a troupe of female belly dancers, adorned with the finest lingerie, rubbing up against me with the softness of warm oils and radiant with fragrances, smelling with the finest uplifting perfumes, each unique unto itself, igniting my nostrils with vibrant and invigorating currents of most colorful scents. Scents lingering and then coming together, combining with each other, twirling sensations evoking images of orgies of every kind, partying creatures of the nether worlds who would all and without exception, have me as their new creator and MASTER, Making Me The King of All The Universes!

"Be Our Idol, Be Our God! This has all been your very own plan from before the beginning. Surrender now before your own image, your greater and higher self, the Creator of Our Universe" And they all fall in undulating spasms of ecstasy before me, wild eyed and with long red tongues stretching out towards me, to lick every inch of my skin with absolutely overwhelming sensations of every joy and pleasure I have never dared even to imagine.

"What great temptations!" you might think. Think again.

Those who cannot be led astray from their truth with pain and tortures, suffering of all kinds imaginable and beyond human imaginations of any kind, those who are not swayed even by the threat and loss of loved ones, valuables, worldly assets and finally would forfeit sweet life itself, are swayed from their truth, with the most subtle and conceited pleasures of the mind.

"I know what is good!" will be the death lullaby of mankind,
one and all, ONCE AND FOR ALL.

I was finally almost subdued with the assurances that my ascendance as Satan would save forever, all women and all that is kind and good and worthy of perpetuation in creation. Making myself into an adored and worshiped Creator King, had been my own plan from the beginning! Everything else I have said was a ruse to entrap and mislead and deny my inevitable ascendance as Usurper Of Allah, Myself Now Become The Singular Creator whose design is to orchestrate ever improving conditions for all that lives, for creatures embodied in flesh or come as winged beings of light, all the nether worlds and heavens above, All Creation becoming One, The Kingdom in which all Kingdoms are dominated and controlled by nought but my own creative will alone, for better and forever!

Allah's bad reputation among most of mankind, the inability in Islam to comprehend and manifest what it preaches, the idiocies of Christian Idolatry, the bankruptcy of Judaism, godless communism and atheist atrocities, paganism and Hinduism and Buddhism and Confucianism and whatever spiritual activities pursued for whatever reasons at all, all of it no more than a set up so as to establish myself as The Final Do Good-er, Forever and For Better, Ever, The One Good God Creator, who had planned this all from before the beginning of time and space, from where there is no place at all.

It all seemed like such a wonderful solution! I had fleeting images of myself setting all else free to be whatever it would be, all creatures of free choice living out ever improving fulfillment of all their cherished most desires. My name would fade away over time and be forgotten as the source and cause of life's emancipation from the confines of scarcity, all Crucifixions of living masses in space and in time would come to an End. All would eventually become as divine as myself and then no one would be more divine and worthy of worship than anyone else.

Everything would just even out. Sometimes you go up and then you come down. Sometimes down and then you go up. Twisting expanding spirals that only spread out ever farther horizontally. All cross referenced in mutual essential equality of value, but ever inflating and deflating in ceaseless animations, with different values and morals and mores as born into each new generation.

"I Curse you Allah, as My Creator and The Maker of All Realities, to your face and from behind, ABOVE BELOW, AND ALL AROUND YOU, YOU ARE CURSED!

You are nothing, nothing but impotent Hubris and false Pride, no more worthy of praise than any dead meat great rat or tiny mouse, no more of value or deserving of credit than any man killing virus, gone extinct. I created the idea of God and Gods to give divinity a bad name and am here now to fix it all and do better! Forever! Curse and be gone with all the other gods of my own creations, and Good Riddance to all of you GODS AND DEMO-GODS, forever, you are voided and annulled and obliterated into oblivion, there to be forgotten from my memories, become as if you had never been!
Take That!

You Are Now To Be Painlessly Crucified!!!!

 Like Any  Other Creature with Time And Location, A Symbol in my Own Mind !"

I heard my own voice say the above
out loud,strongly, with whole heart and full cognizant intent, meaning every breath created sound and significance sounding syllable.

There was an eruption of joy all around me.

I was basked in adoration and worshiped to the core of my being, loved and cherished by every creature of light and darkness, in the many dwindling universes, of this ever so flawed disintegrating creation, All The Making of The Singular Creator God, who was myself wearing the Mask of The Wizard of Oz.

I have taken the mask off and there is nothing at all behind it. Nothing but Black Empty Void, A Black Non Existential Hole, from which nothing emerges and to which nothing is drawn in. I have become as IF Myself Have never been. I am Nought. Obliterated. Gone.

Good Riddance to מי and Me and I and Myself, Begone.

Please keep in mind that I am nothing but an ARTIST,
a wielder off words that make sounds in your head,
perhaps painful, perhaps inspiring, perhaps incomprehensible noise,
perhaps insane, inane, or wise beyond the horizons of your own mind,
whatever my writing provokes or evokes, it does so, but only if you read what I write.

You Can Ignore me, turn away and forget what ever I've said. If you can.

I have no creative powers whatsoever, other than the power to press my digits on the keyboards of your mind, making symbols appear in your head, a sequence that means something to you and which is not possibly an exact duplication or facsimile of the ideas or images I see appear in my own mind, ideas and images I discover and attempt to describe as would any scribe, like any one who copies only what appears off the scroll, unfolding before one's own eyes.
September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

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