Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Life Without A Brain? Oh, Yes! Please God, Yes!

It is a fact that a lot of what we consider to be fact, is no more than a belief we are convinced with great certainty to be a truth. What is going on outside the room you are in now? Stop and think about that! Certainly you might imagine colorful masses, objects of all kinds, buildings and vehicles, colorful masses moving and people going about their business. You were outside and saw the mechanics of objects, living and as if moving by their own volition, or inanimate objects moved by the wind or engines or gravity and naturally you presume the world is turning and things are moving incessantly around, each object according to it's nature.This is a common presumption and is the agreed upon reality.

I remember as a child, I would sometimes fall into what was almost like a trance. In my mind, everything would come to a complete standstill where it was, stopped in it's tracks. I would imagine myself moving about and around the people frozen where they were. I would touch the women on the breasts and peek at the forbidden beneath their skirts, go to the bank and gather bundles of cash, or go eat to my heart's delight all the sweets in a candy store.

We are tied together in a web of presumptions and all of it is no more than the certainty of preconceptions. These common presumptions are what is called the physical, the objective universe.

What happens if you challenge these common beliefs and presume nothing at all but the reality you perceive with your senses, in the present moment.

This is What I Call "The Right Now OF fOREVER".

Nothing is there with certainty, until you perceive it with your senses. You no longer KNOW anything but stuff like this."I see a red wall and a roof above it but I can't say with certainty there are other walls, because I don't see them. I see in my memory images that represent the walls connected to the wall I see now, and there was a building there, but I don't see that now and hence I don't know that the building is still there, I simply believe it is, with a high degree of certainty.

This is speaking truth to one's self. The world unfolds into our minds with a great degree of certainty. We leave our keys on the table and unless they are moved, they stay right there. Should there be no one else at home and we find the keys on the floor, we are greatly perplexed. Usually then, we invent an explanation, a "logical" one to fill in the gap of what has become a vacuum of information. We tell ourselves we now understand what must have happened and we believe our own explanation. Without it, our mind cannot rest until we fill the vacuum with an explanation.
"Things don't move unless moved."
" Things don't disappear into the void or appear out of no where." These are no more than agreed upon presumptions that cannot be truth, because no one has been everywhere, all the time and hence able to define what can or cannot happen.
If "things" could do either, appear from nowhere or disappear, we would loose all sense of control.
No control? No survival! Insanity!
Take the brain, for example. Have any of you ever seen a human brain? Even if you have and I have seen the brain of a Palestinian terrorist who had half his head shot off, how can I be certain I wasn't just seeing what everyone presumes should be there and usually is, when you look for a brain where it should be, in the head.
Maybe objects appear out of no where only when we are expecting to see them and thus reality comes to be according to our solid expectations and not because things are solid. They aren't. Science will tell you today that solidity is an illusion somehow produced by the brain into the mind.
Nothing is really solid except in the mind.
Add to this that you know absolutely nothing but the dynamic contents of your own mind, contents which are constantly appearing out of the void and disappearing back into it, from one moment to the next.


Now contemplate the following "facts" as determined by those who wrote these articles.

1.   Man Without A Brain

 2.  Man Without A Brain

So, do brains appear where we expect them to be with unfailing certainty? Perhaps they, like all other solid objects, are no more than details in a vast production of perceptions calculated to make you believe there is no Creator out there and in you, to convince you that THERE IS NO GOD, NO CREATOR able to do whatever he wants in your mind, and actually the idea of control is merely God's way of allowing you the illusion of participation in creation?

The whole uniqueness of The Hebrew Bible is IN it's rendition of miracles. In it things are turning from one thing into another, appearing out of nowhere or disappearing into the mouth of the suddenly ravenous earth, people swallowed in disgrace, for presuming God's Creative Intent, to be aligned and synchronized with their own rebellious fantasies of control and power.

Perhaps this TRUTH, God's absolute and complete control over the workings of your mind, is what you have come alive in this generation to discover? How does that idea make you feel?


September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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