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Prehistorical-Biblical Job To Post Biblical End of Days Yours TRULY!

There is a kind of Dichotomy, perhaps more of an inverse vortex, between good old Job and מי and My Job 939.=Jonathan Michael Robbins, that's מי Me.
Between us there is the thinnest of perfectly straight lines, of the color תכלת in English, defined as pale blue. This color is that of the string in the religious prayer shawls that Jews wear while praying, and on all four edged garments, meant to remind one of the 613 commandments extrapolated from The Teachings of Moses.
The word תכלת is the same as for purpose when one adds the initial of my name, י ונתן , yud, my name meaning
'Given By God".
The purpose is to remember that whatever happens, whatever one's circumstances, Our Creator is Incomprehensibly Benevolent, despite all appearances to the contrary. And evidence that God is a Sadistic Malevolent Demon who Crucifies Man, despite a man's being good, is everywhere. Isn't it?
Satan says to God that he doesn't believe that Job will not curse His Creator, if all his worldly assets are taken away and he is made to suffer emotionally, for no earthly reason. This loss includes all his children and multiple riches, his reputation, everything but his Bitchy Wife. Satan says of Job that his piety is only a consequence of how Blessed he is. Take the Blessings away, despite Job's being the best man in his generation, harm him with apparent injustice, and "Job will curse you to your face!"
God gives Job's fortunes over to Satan but insists Satan have no dominion over Job's health. And then Synchronicity!
One disaster follows another, with the messengers of evil tidings arriving one after the other, to report to Job, his children have been killed in an avalanche, his livestock stolen, his servants slaughtered by marauders, much of his property destroyed. Job rips his garments, shaves his head, goes into mourning and says, " God has Given and God has taken away, May The Name of God Be Blessed form here on out and Forever!"
Satan insists that if he is allowed to torment Job's Flesh with agony, he will repent of his piety and curse God so as to die and have his miserable agony ended. Job gets red swollen boils all over his body. They itch and ache. He is mocked by those who previously respected him and took his advice. The young men taunt him, despite his having given their father's jobs.
He curses the day he was born. He says what good is light for a tormented man. The Bible says that he didn't curse God with his lips, though. IN HIS HEART HE DID BUT KNEW HE CURSED ONLY WHAT HE COULDN'T UNDERSTAND, how a good God could let a good man suffer so unjustly.
Moses says that the most important command is close to you, in your heart and mouth to do it. What's that?
Tell The Fukking Truth! Align Your Heart and Your Mouth in a straight line of true blue.
Job knew his incomprehension of God couldn't be true, so while he cursed in his heart he refrained from cursing with his mouth and so never really cursed The Good God at all. In his heart he said if God is this bad, he deserves to be cursed but the purpose is to remember that The Creator is Good despite all virtual realities to the contrary.
Now, I have been a man who from birth has suffered great misfortunes. Yet I have never suffered any physical maladies of an agonizing nature. I believed in a Good God because of my fathers' great serendipity. But when my first wife had a psychotic break, declaring to one and all that I am the Messiah, I finally cursed God in my heart to hell for making such an honest woman, my first true love, suffer so harshly. I forgot about God and lost my faith.

Years later, I fell in love with a prostitute because when she laid her hands on the flesh of my back, I felt an ineffable bliss. I also said in my heart, that under no circumstances would I break my marriage contract and leave my children with a very erratic and irresponsible mother. I told her every time I went to a prostitute and said she could leave me if she wanted to, but she wouldn't.

From that moment forward my life flourished and prospered, until finally my faith renewed, I left my wife and children in the belief that doing so was the only alternative to a life I had come to hate, and I had every dream I had ever entertained, manifest as my reality. My faith grew in leaps and bounds and after seven years of Blessings, I determined to thank God and Serve My Creator as His Servant from that point forward in time.

In short order I started seeing 11s and lost everything I had but my physical health. Despite this, I was increasingly Blessed with physical pleasures and spiritual support from prostitutes. Over the course of the next 17 years, until this very moment, I have experienced every kind of physical pleasure and variation of joy a man can have. But the pleasure of the flesh and the heart have all been an attempt to make me stray from my Faith in My Benevolent Creator. Now I swear before you all, by the Name of My Living God, Angels are real. The trouble with even the best of Angels is that they falsely believe love is more important than truth. And angels and demons are one and the same, two faced. I have known many. They dwell in my mind all the time. They constantly make promises and pleasure me beyond the pleasures known by any man who has ever lived. More than Solomon the Wise, who they finally corrupted with pleasures of the flesh. They break their promises after filling me with false hopes, hoping to corrupt my Faith in The Creator who is Benevolent beyond all measure, to those who put Truth above all comfort and pleasure. Above Love. Above any concept of God. Now let there be no mistake. MY WIFE IS NOT AN ANGEL! She is Life, the mother of all that lives, and has come to understand why Truth must be more valuable than Love.

I am an impeccably honest man. Oh, I have stolen and cheated and lied on occasion, but have always discovered in retrospect, that I stole from much greater thieves, cheated men who were completely corrupt and lied to incorrigible liars. I got away with it all, with no ill consequences, after telling anyone I cheated or stole from or lied to, what I had done and why, to their face!

Over the course of the last seventeen years, I have found myself cursing my false concepts of God, again and again and again. In my heart I have cursed and I have shouted out curses with my train stopping voice, in the streets of Israel. Always doing so, immediately improved my lot and I came to understand that I was a bait for gods and angels who discovered a man who cannot be corrupted by pleasures of any kind, not by possessions or the most beautiful of women. I have known many. Like Job, I am God's way of proving to the falling kingdoms of false gods and corrupt angels, a truly truthful man cannot be corrupted, even if he has no knowledge of God!

Now not only did I not die, I discovered I have been alive from before Creation and will live for ever, a very happy man, pleasured in ways none of you can even imagine.

My Benevolent God has come to me alive within, tells me I am without sin,  and He tells me nothing but truth-and to whom I must lie.

YOU! Cool

__As you all get what you have earned and deserve by your own measure,  I will get what I have earned and deserve by any measure of any kind, listen to the Johnny Cash video above and realize what you have brought upon the world. .

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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