Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mirrors, Cartoons and Shadows, What Are You?

The misunderstood Biblical verses saying that man was created in the Image of God have been a great stumbling stone in Man's Mind. It has been understood that the word image refers to what one sees in a mirror.  As if to say that man is a reflection of God' Nature, making The Creator comparable to The Creation and hence comprehensible.
The Creator is Not Comprehensible because The Creator Doesn't Need a Mind and is not confined by one. A mind cannot comprehend Life without some kind of confining Mind in which are reflected images and forms. The Creator is without Image or Form. The Mirror metaphor has been the ruin of spirituality.

Instead of mirrors think of cartoons.
You can't know the whole story from one frame.
The cartoons go on forever, so you never know the whole story, now do you?
You only know the segment you hold in your mind and divide into the present,
part of which you call memories of the past.
And part of which are speculations about the past, the present outside your frame of reference, and speculations about the future and how you can endure whatever comes to be.
What comes to be, does so like a kaleidoscopic fluctuation of perceptions and sensations, all together in the frame your present becomes, as memories fade or become more real and significant, and your perceptions of what your senses mean, their significance concerning your present predicament, it's all in increasing or decreasing shift, fluctuation, condensing and evaporating, oscillating and intensifying or diminishing, concerning all your speculations.
Think of a shadow.

 Is it really there? It has no weight, no mass, it's total existence is in your mind as a differentiation, a perception of difference between shades of light and light's relative absence, yet the shadow despite lacking any substance of it's own, is as real in the mind as the solid walls that cast shadows.

 The whole concept of mirrors is misleading. Put two mirrors one in front of the other.
The information decreases in significance but remains exactly the same, all the way to obscurity, infinitely.
What was signal, information, becomes ever more insignificant as it decreases according to an unchanging mathematical formula, becoming infinitesimal and hence imperceptible , yet maintains itself as an all encompassing concept of perfectly duplicated information. It can't be information and insignificant at the same time, can it? But it is,
if you keep searching it for answers about who and what you are, or anyone else is, or what anything that can be reflected, really is right now.
Break mirrors if you want good luck.

 So how does one achieve a durable and sustainable sense of self, with infinite growth potential, and the expansion of ever more sophisticated, intricate, cross referenced magnificent aesthetics?
Guess! Can't?
OK, I will tell you what to do.
Tell yourself to the best of your ability, nothing but the truth.
The truth is very simple and close to mind and heart.
1.This is what I see. This is what I hear. This is what I smell. This is what I taste. This is what I sense on my skin or in my flesh and organs, within.
2. This is what I think about any of the above and what I speculate about the above, using words to describe what I perceive.
3. Cross reference the above, one with two. "When I "see" this, I think "that"!"
4. What emotion is evoked or provoked by the above. Every emotion represents a situation in which you are either increasing your assets, whatever be their nature, or contemplating their impending loss, or conceptualizing the idea of loss as a fact, whether it has occurred or not. Ask yourself, what is fear if not the contemplation of loss? Etc.?
5. All emotions represent the manifestation or inhibition of that aspect of The Creator's Creative Will, which is your own.
5. You then ask your self, "What would I like The Creator to make happen that would enhance The Creator's Manifestation within myself as "HELP!". Doing this while perfectly cognizant that nothing will ever manifest that you can predict with any degree of accuracy, but will forever be better than anything you can imagine, if you do the above.

Glad to be of service, now and forever!

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