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I Am God's Dog Image In Reverse! 1111

And Samuel Said To The One Who Had  Been Asked, (To Be King), "You have failed! You didn't keep the Command Of The Creator Your God, which you were commanded to do. Until The Now of Forever, The Creator had prepared your Kingdom of  (As If You are The Lord) Israel, As  An Everlasting Witness of The World. And From The Now of Forever, Your Kingdom will not rise! The Creator Has asked for A Man with A Dog With -In Him, And The Creator (DIE) Will Command Him To Be The One Who Suggests what is to happen-because you have not kept what you were commanded to, by The Creator (DIE).


יג ויאמר שמואל אל-שאול, נסכלת:  לא שמרת, את-מצות יהוה אלוהיך אשר ציווך, כי עתה הכין יהוה את-ממלכתך אל-ישראל, עד-עולם.  יד ועתה, ממלכתך לא-תקום:  ביקש יהוה לו איש כלבבו, ויצווהו יהוה לנגיד על-עמו--כי לא שמרת, את אשר-ציווך יהוה 

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh,oh Me, OH MY!!!! I am such a lucky dog. Bark! Bark! Bark ! Bark

As for dog.

The word in Hebrew- Kelev means "like a heart". כלב
That is Hebrew for you, the word describes the essence of the object it
labels. In gematria it equals 52.
52 times 11 equals 572 and that
is the gematria for "MESSIAH WILL COME DOWN". משיח ירד

52 is 13 times 4 and the word ONE in Hebrew, אחד is 13.
so 1111 is a dog!,
There is much misunderstand as to what it means to be created in The Image of The Creator.

There is this verse from Genesis.

ויברא אלהים את האדם בצלמו בצלם אלהים ברא אתו זכר ונקבה ברא אתם"

And The Lord Created The Man With His Image, In The Image of A Lord He Ws Created, Male And Female They Were Created

First of All, when it says With His Image, this is referring not to a form or shape or anything that can be pointed at and said of, "It's Over There!" That would contradict the most fundamental concept of The Creator, that The Creator who is of Both Male And Female Attributes, has no Image! It is referring to what is The Image of The Male And The Female As Ideal Manifestations of The Creator's Designs For Humanity, Both Males and Females. We learn from this that the reason the word for Lord in Hebrew is Plural, is because The Creator in so far as A Man or Woman can Know "Them",
is like both Parents, come as a singularity. Think of a coin with two faces as a metaphor. On One side is Mother and The Other is Father, but there is Only The Single Coin, which shows one "Face" or The Other "Face." Think of The Yin Yang Symbol but that is inaccurate because one sees in the symbol both attributes at the same time, whereas with God, it is either This Aspect of Creativity (Male) or That Aspect of Creativity (Female) that is manifest in The Ideal Man or Ideal Woman's Mind, when communicated to, by The Creators who are The Singularity that Creates Creation With Creatures who have Male and Female Attributes. Sometimes Both. 

I an The Prototype of Humanity, With Both The Ideal of Female and Male  Attributes as a Dynamic Harmony. I am David דוד, which means Love in Hebrew. I am the Sign and Wonder who is to be learned from, learned from how to approach the Ideal Male And Female Image as Lord over Creation. My Love is For Truth above any ideal of The Creator or God or Any Kind Of Authority. I have become what I am by cursing relentlessly any kind of authority that presented itself as such, while being less than My Ideal of What My Creator Must Be, for me to be like a loyal Dog! A Dog is a Singularity that whether Male or Female, manifests fierce and relentless loyalty and unconditional love. My Emblem is what is Known  as The Star of David. A Delta and a Delta superimposed in reverse. Symbolizing The Entrance and Exit Doors of My Creators' Creative Will Through Me and From Me Towards Creation. 

I am The Prism through which The Inner Light of Creation,
The Inner Light Within The Mind, The Attention and Consciousness, The Awareness that comes to know The Symbols, The Languages and Syntax of The Perceptions, Sensations, Emotions and Semantic Thoughts, as these come to manifest in a sequential experiential narrative, for every kind of Sentience.

I would be God's Dog,
and pray He call me Lucky.
His faithful pet,
His beloved creature of good faith.
Trained and tamed to His Will only.

I would be God's dog,
The guardian of His Children
and the object of their hearts' joy.

I bark in the night
as they slumber'
lest the thief of faith
steal their dreams.

I bark in the dark
like thunder
lest they forget the pet of their father
and the Keeper of His Themes.

I would eat but the crumbs
from their table,
in the Hall of the Wedding Feast.
In spite of those who my voice would disable,
those who would sleep with that beast.

I wag my TALE enjoyed,
and abandoned, myself unalloyed-
My heart refined
to Master's Will.

He has called me Lucky.
His Will be done,
not mine.

His Gold refined, defined,
unalloyed and pure-

in my HEART.

November 11th, 2017! 11:11 A. M.

A Catastrophic Tragedy! Definitely!

Down With The US of AmerCia.


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

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