Friday, October 13, 2017

The Unified Field Is An Infinite Eternal Sea! Part1!

Imagine yourself immersed in a blue green liquid like substance of various degrees of viscosity, on a spectrum of from what would be like amorphous glass to us, to what is like air  at the top of the atmosphere, the Kármán Line. The Karman Line is an arbitrary demarcation determined by the energy needed to escape the gravity of the earth and move beyond the friction of the atmosphere but it is the edge of a sphere which is like a granule in our liquid because our liquid is infinite in all directions. Imagine of course that breathing is not an issue. Imagine that this sea stretches out in all directions infinitely, above and below, forward and backwards, and left and right, filling all the space there is, which is endless and without measure. Imagine that this liquid like substance is composed from granules of various densities and sizes, the densities of the particles which fill each granule  are all on the same spectrum as the infinite sea, but their sizes  depend on the size of the granule in which they are contained. The different degrees of viscosity on the spectrum are like rivers in the sea, flowing in all the different directions possible and all  is moving and swirling according to the laws of physics that describe the behavior of waves.

The reason you are emerged in this endless churning sea is because without you, there can be no concept or sense of direction at all. So above you goes on forever and infinitely and so the same   below you, the same forward in front of you and so also behind you. The same is also true for the abyss beneath you. Infinite expansion in all possible directions for every wave you create, every time you move against the flow of which you are always a part.

Now in addition to these properties, imagine there is no limit to the size of each of the granules within the liquid. It is all relative and only has meaning when you begin to compare one granule to another.  What is certain is that a granule within a granule must be smaller than the granule it is in! Because the sea stretches infinitely in all directions and the granules are finite, no matter how big they are, they are always just an insignificant  speck from the point of view of the infinite contexts that contain them.

Now because the granules are spheres, there is always  space between them, even where they are the very closest in proximity that you can register as perception, there is an infinite amount of mathematical distance between any two granules, because the borders of the granules are like mathematical dots on the surface of a sphere. There are always an infinite amount of digits between any two digits that measure a mathematical distance. There are different degrees of capacity for measurement and perception of size. The smallest size theorized in Physics is called the Plank length.
That is the smallest unit of length or size in the smallest conceivable dimensions in which the laws of quantum mechanics can apply, per the theories of quantum mechanics. In our endless sea, these limitations of measurement are arbitrarily confined to the context of the  ability of the human mind to register, that our sea is made of mathematical symbols which have no size at all as they are abstractions,  and therefor any distance can be infinitely short as well as infinitely long, in all directions.

Through out this endless in all directions sea, there is a quality of sentience. The most primal and pristine aspect of sentience is the perception of self and that which is not self. There is for every "self" a dimension of static stationary self-location, determined by expansion of perceptive attention, in all directions, above- beneath,  all around up and down, front-back, left and right. As a metaphor, one might think of a light bulb. The objects the light shines upon and are perceived by the self,  are the borders of each unit of sentience's mind. In a human mind, the "objects" perceived, are the first unlabeled perceptions of a zygote and fetus.      Sentience is as real as the liquid, except it has no size at all, whatsoever. What is does have  however, is the amount and qualities of the mathematical  symbols that represent the surface of the granules in the liquid that it contains, and each granule is like a portion on the surface of another granule composed from other granules,  and hence the relative size and qualities of the granules it perceives is according to the degree of sensitivity and the propensities of it's perceptions. The greater the resolution of differentiation of perception, the more granules are perceived.  A mass becomes different chemicals becomes molecules becomes different atoms becomes protons, neutrons and electrons, becomes sub atomic particles, each of these a granule unto itself and containing a potential infinity of universes within. 

Now the self only becomes self conscious when it sees a granule of whatever size and says either "That's Me!" or "That's Mine!". There is a world of different consequences for either of these primal determinations. Lets say a "self" awakens with some means of perception inside the exact center of a granule which is a sphere with mathematical borders. If the self says "This Is Me!", it itself becomes a granule in the sea, of some relative size, dependent on the nature and scope of it's means of perception. Perhaps it has vision. It translates electromagnetic waves from outside the borders of it's metaphorical and arbitrary Karman Line into particles which are granules it considers to be it's self.  These particles are symbols that represent what is going on outside the Granule and are actually of no size at all, as symbols like numbers, have no size at all, until the sentience turns the symbols into granules which it can perceive and say, "That's Me!" or "That's Mine!"

If the sentience says of a group of granules that our bound together in some kind of contract, such as human beings make and are made of,  to get along and cooperate and do business, and these groups of granules  can be a human body,  is disbanded and disperses, the sentience no longer has a sense of self and becomes without any sense of direction or location and we call that "Dead!"

If on the other hand, The Sentience says only "That's Mine" and a groups of granules so owned disperses (DIES)  or is carried away in a sudden flow of liquid, outside of the perception of the self (runs away with a new lover to Mexico) The sentience can say, "God Gives, God Takes Away! Blessed Be The Name of The Lord) and Lives Forever!

What this all boils down to is this:
There is sentience and there are granules made of symbols with which sentience can either identify- or own. What one owns, one can lose and then own other better things as long as one identifies with nothing whatsoever, one lives forever.  

 When one's identity is only with symbols that represent granules one perceives with one's senses,  and then one loses the granules, one dies forever!

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