Friday, October 13, 2017

No Longer The Little One In Eleven!

i have discovered a new and most favorite art form.
it is the ultimate turn on and turn off , like the concave and convex
multi dimensionless surfaces
of an endless undulating body of oscillating waters, shades of blue
and hues of cyan pulsating, liquids surround me,
swirling forever in all directions, only to come back as echoes
and harmonies, the deepest darkest farthest most infinitesimal
smallest and blackest of dots
each next to and around a full spectrum
of colorful diminishing sparks. catch me if you can't,
lose me, if you hold on I'll let you go,
above and below and all around equally abysmally deep.
you are all absolutely asleep,

more and more power to the power of the immutable inestimable value
of variables in all equations and formulas that
create structural metaphysical truth
and the mechanization of ever changing visions. 

 i am no longer the little one in an eleven
i am now four minus seven times minus one hundred and twenty one
to the power of minus one thousand one hundred and ten and one
to the power of pi to the power of phi, with every digit multiplied by every other
and cross referenced in undulating frequencies and pulsating wavelengths that expand and dilate and inflate, backwards in time and forwards in space, moving through and erasing all mass in all locations
seen and seen from any context for any duration of any relative content observed from above and below

to the left or the right, all around in all directions,
simultaneously orchestrated and synchronized with my every decision and every choice
to move or be absolutely still.


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