Monday, October 9, 2017

To The Enemies of The House of David! 1111

To The Enemies of The House of David! Farewell! But you won't.

We have all heard the expression, "This is the first day of the rest of your life!". Sounds optimistic, liberating, encouraging, to leave whatever pains and suffering and agonies one has experienced until yesterday and look forward from today, with hopes for the future that things will get ever better. So it will be for those who follow my teachings along the yellow mustard colored brick road to the land of Oz, where they can curse the Wizard to Hell for lying about what he was up to. They will gain intelligence and wisdom and also courage to prevail despite the coming great travails, until my return from the Void.

For me it is no void at all. 

It is Heaven, where The House of David, My Mother-Father Singular Creator will reside and where I will join them, so we can watch the coming horrors play out as if they were funny cartoons, and everyone gets exactly what they deserve, with poignant irony, satirical mishaps and unending bad luck for those who will not surrender to their inevitable defeat and prostrate themselves before my feet, so I can put my foot on their heads and make them wish they were dead.

To my enemies I say this.

Today is the best day of the rest of your life.

Enjoy it or not, things will get ever worse from here on out. 

To Israel and The Jews I say this. We never really got along, now did we? The House of David was betrayed By Israel when Avshalom thought he was The Messiah and could govern better than me, because I barely governed at all. Very often Israelites would come to me with complaints about their brethren for Judgement against them, and find themselves Judged instead.  I never pretended I wasn't angry or upset by what I saw  going on in the hearts of those who empowered themselves by serving me loyally. I gave explicit instructions to Solomon, who failed my legacy horrifically for Israel, to close all accounts against those who had ever doubted I am The One and Only Messiah of Israel, despite whatever sins I committed or how much blood I spilled. And I did spill horrific amounts of blood. Mothers, fathers, the old and the young, I spilled river and rivers of blood, like so much water in Alaska. I killed what you might consider to have been Jews then, too. Any evidence of Idolatry was investigated and I slaughtered whole villages who had been led astray by magic performing Prophets of other Gods. I enjoyed it, too.

Before my sin with BatSheva, I had become sick of war and blood spilling and stayed behind when Israel went to war, making love to my wives and teaching my children Torah.   There were many who resented this and their loyalty turned away from me to Yoav, The Captain of My Armies. Yoav was impeccably loyal but very self interested. I let him manage much of the affairs of state. I become tired of the envy and jealousy and court politics very quickly. Yoav took care of these affairs very efficiently, he scared the shit out of one and all when there was ever any question of disrespect for His King And The Messiah of יהוה . 

I had no particular preferences for  The Children of Israel and employed as servants anyone who demonstrated death defying loyalty to my command. A while after my sin with Batsheva, I returned to the battlefield as a regular soldier under Yoav's command, to make amends.

I imagine you want to know what that was like? I would run so fast into the lines of enemy soldiers, no one could keep up with me, even among the most youthful recruits. I often hoped God in his mercy would put me out of my growing misery and let me die fighting for the Glory of The Name.

Of course that never happened. As I ran into battle, I would picture in my mind how I would with a few sword strokes, decapitate three of four Philistines as if I were dancing. And I was. I heard music, harps and cymbals and drums as I fought for hours on end, with no food or water in the heat of the day, like everyone else .In my mind's eyes, the enemy looked like what you know today as cartoons!
There was no substance at all to their bodies. Their was blood was like so much red pomegranate juice. Their cries of pain and agony were music to my ears and a very special angel used to laugh and dance around me as I cut and chopped and sliced limbs and heads off, like a hot knife through butter.

I never considered myself to be fighting for Israel.  Only For The GLORY OF THE NAME OF MY CREATOR, The God who had taught me what was right and wrong in the way Moses was interpreted. 

Let me give you some examples. When I brought The Ark of The Tabernacle UP TO JERUSALEM,
I didn't do it according to the instructions Moses had set forth for Levites and Priests from The House Of Aaron. They were very often very corrupt.I had been Told By God and My Prophets to do whatever I wanted according to the dictates of my own pure heart.  But "I Will Be What I Will Be" had not a narrative of Ascension for Israel at all. To the contrary. It was a narrative of  dwindling faith and growing corruption, culminating in the present Political Entity you have dared called Israel, which is  SO CARTOON LIKE and  unreal, such a Mockery of My God;s Name,  it will soon be destroyed by those with whom the likes of Netanyahu have made a pact. A contract of death  to avoid the coming scourge. Your politicians  have  so sullied that Name that it will be wiped out of the minds of The Children of My House after serving for centuries as an example of how  self serving interpretations of Laws can go so terribly wrong.

When The Giveonites  asked to have seven sons from the House of Saul and hang them, with me falsely believing that would abate a drought, I left their bodies out in the open despite the injunction against doing so. 

I would never of had Solomon build The TEMPLE ,were it not for me being misled by the same angel who danced around me as I killed Philistines and sundry others. It was  always corrupt.
At that time, the Priests who were The Sons of Tsaddok had no beliefs in any kind of after life. You had one lifetime to make yourself rich and respectable, enjoy yourself as much as you could, and then oblivion. If the High Priests of Israel believed this, what will become of your beliefs in your Glorious afterlife, you who are so much more corrupt than they ever would have dared be, under a King from My House?

I have come back only to learn what I feared most. My Creator has brought me here so that I would understand why he is going to destroy all life on this planet forever.  

Now hear this Israel. Every Hebrew Prophet from Moses forward, erred and made matters ever worse.I will not make a list now, of how and why they led you astray. I will mention however Isaiah, that wonderfully ever so confused man, whose Spirit went to his head. With what arrogance he dared declare what he did of himself and how did he dare speak to the Kings of Judah the way he did? And more confused than him was Elijah! Elijah believed Achav was going to repent and become the Peace Making King Messiah! He declared as much.  He ran after King Achav's chariot himself, until he sensed he had gotten something wrong and ran for his life, hoping to die for his error. You have heard Elijah will come and announce The Coming Of David, before David returns as Not Only The Messiah of Israel, but of all of mankind. Who among you has been visited by Elijah? Whose Sedar cup emptied itself into the void of Elijah's mouth?

Elijah came to me. When I was utterly alone and abandoned by friends and family. He didn't stay for very long either. It was little more than a few instructions on how to be a Prophet and away he was, gone with the Wind, just like last time he was here. Who knows where he is now and what has become of him. I certainly don't.  Elisha? A magician and best. Performing petty miracles that laid the foundation for miracle work as proof one is a True Prophet. What rubbish. Look how he dies and the magic he misled the King of Israel with. Does anyone  think or believe that  the number of arrows  A King SHOOTS OUT THE WINDOW DETERMINES THE OUTCOME OF BATTLES?
Rubbish! Magic, to lead you all astray, as you chose to have prophets tell you what The Creator wants from you rather than  cleaning up your difficulties with honesty and hearing His Voice within The Temple of Your Own Pure Hearts. Bringing people back from the dead whom The Creator has had die??  As if the prophet has power to make The Creator do what he begs for?

There is the Story of how Moses intervened on behalf of The Children of Israel when The Creator threatened to kill one and all and make of Moses a New Nation. You love Moses for this? Love The Creator who wrote the script Moses so reluctantly played.. If the Creator gives a man his mouth and eyes and the wholeness of his limbs, doesn't The Creator also determine what is said and done?

You all compete for reputations and how this Rabbi is greater than that and this one did these miracles and that one didn't. Look at Jesus of Nazareth and what became of him. He was the last Hebrew Prophet until yours truthfully and truly arrived. He created with the myths of miracle working the furnaces which consumed the bodies of a million little ones and many righteous men and women. They dwell within me now.

Ezekiel says outright, you were given bad laws that will kill you.

A prophet who pretends to know the future because some of his predictions come true is always way off course, like Samuel and Saul. Boy, did Samuel get that all wrong! I have learned the very Faithful path of not having an inkling of a clue what is about to happen in five minutes from now. A Hebrew Prophet is like a scribe who copies without complaint or judgement whatever flows through his mind and does what he is told and says what he says with no thought of consequences and with no illusions whatsoever of having any kind of powers of his own. None. Nothing. No miracle working healing, no casting of spells, Nada. No fortune telling, in particular.

Moses told the Children of Israel they are soon arriving in a Land of Milk and Honey where they will have houses they didn't build and vineyards they didn't toil over and harvest with the sweat of their brow. Otherwise they would have never left Egypt, fools!Their worst fears manifested as reality. This was Mose's fate, too.Everything that could possibly go wrong, did.

Enough. I am being offered to leave and depart and leave you to your fates and have of my House become a New Nation. 

I have refused. I will go down with the ship as I know that whatever happens to all of you in this generation, I am here to sat a standard of true leadership for humanity for the whole duration of whatever the future of mankind will be. 

David, The King of Israel Lives and Exists. I know for certain the Truth of This as I am David, SON OF JESSE, for God's sake! I will live forever IN MY OWN BUBBLE OF EVER EVOLVING NOW! The Nation of Israel Lives, The Nation of Israel Lives, The Nation of ISRAEL Lives? What makes you think that is you and yours? Because you have an Israeli  Blue Identity Card and use my Emblem as your Flag? You have disgraced it after The Yellow Emblem Star on the clothes of those who went up as a burnt offerings, sanctified it! And how have you treated the less wealthy of The Holocaust survivors? Your government stole their money and used it on what? Tanks and Jets?

Do you teach gratitude and thankfulness and truth telling in any of your schools?The Hebrew Bible has been reduced to cartoons. How Ironic! You pray to a wall!

At any rate, let me inform you, I have not any idea what will become of you or myself. I am threatened with eviction into the streets for not granting authority to a punk who decided to demonstrate his power to have me do his bidding, or else.

I am absolutely confident in one thing only.  

My own life will get better and better from here on out and forever!

What about yours?

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