Tuesday, October 10, 2017

i Repent, i rePENT, i repent, I REPENT! 1111

The above is what I would be for all Mankind, whatever religion, creed, race , sex, sexual orientation, beliefs, ideals of any kind. Atheist, Believer, Scientist, for and All of Mankind, I am The Son!  Whatever sins others say you have committed or you know you have done, You are forgiven and can start anew!
Who or what are you praying to and for what?
Do you really believe you know what is good or better for anyone else,
or even yourself? When you
ask yourself what could make your life better, what do you ask for?
Do you know what could make your own life better? What is that?
When enveloped in flames the heart reaches out for truths that can't be consumed.
Perhaps fire is the great deliverer from the chains that hold us apart, in red blood filled bodies of flesh??
Perhaps flames are the means through which we can all meet in truth?

Forgive me my sins and transgressions against you and your faith and your families and friends and Americians and forgive me for accusing you before My Creator For Being Unworthy Of Life!
This is what Satan does and I have had enough of accusing Creation of Not Being Worthy of The Creator!
I resign as Satan and plead before you
that you forgive me and give me another chance to be loved in your heart!
Please turn your other cheek and let me Kiss you in Repentance,
for all I have written that has offended you.
I Repent, I Repent, I Repent, I Repent!
I have become just another christian soldier, the little drummer boy,
hoping for Salvation for Mankind! I am no King.
Our Creator Is The Only King of The Universes!
No more curses. I swear by all Holy to Me, No More Curses! 1111
"Let it be" true for me, from here on out,
that I become for one and all people of all races and of all faiths,
and creeds and religions and beliefs, nothing but a: Little Drummer Boy!

The Little Drummer Boy
Come they told me
Pa rum pum pum pum
A new born King to see
Pa rum pum pum pum

Our finest gifts we bring
Pa rum pum pum pum
To lay before the kIng
Pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum

So to honor Him
Pa rum pum pum pum
When we come

Little baby
Pa rum pum pum pum
I am a poor boy too
Pa rum pum pum pum
I have no gift to bring
Pa rum pum pum pum
That's fit to give our King
Pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum

Shall I play for you
Pa rum pum pum pum
On my drum

Mary nodded
Pa rum pum pum pum
The ox and lamb kept time
Pa rum pum pum pum
I played my drum for Him
Pa rum pum pum pum
I played my best for Him
Pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum

Then He smiled at me
Pa rum pum pum pum
Me and my drum

 Things will become ever more difficult in you and around many of you, from here on out.
But there will always be a blue and red string entwined around each other other,
like lovers making love and never coming to a complete completion
or an apex or height that will not be surmounted in a coming momentous event,
a moment later than what you expect at the very latest , but unimaginably better,
and astonishingly more real that you could ever predict.
No one, absolutely no one knows the future! Only The Creator Knows And SINGS The World Around,
everything having it's time and lactation from the honey filled breasts of Our Mother,
who is The Goddess On This Face of The Son, Behind Whom Shines The Glorious Father,
Creating an Ever Shining Radiance, A Light So Bright All Shades Become One,
And There Are No Shadows or Hues of Differentiation To Give Each Of You Your Unique Self!
It Is The Mother And Son Together, who shield like a Perfect Heart Shaped Diamond,
The Hardest Most Translucent of Substances, The Gem That Shatters As One The Light,
Splitting The Perfect Undifferentiated White INTO All The Shades of Colors and Greys, that will someday fill your days with rays of joyful delights, and sights and visions more gently soft and so much more real than you have ever been to yourselves,
at the most real of your realest moments.
In The Diamond Of The Mother's Love For Her Baby Boy Jonathan, Is Jonathan,
a tiny little black fault in the Carbon of Life's Perfecti]on.
The tiny infinitesimal flaw of the blackest hole black can be, that appears the farthest away.
This flaw would remove itself from creation, to get out of the way,
so it constantly jumps from one space to another in leaps of great faith,
hoping fearlessly to get out of the way of FATHER'S PERFECT paragon,
where all creation is equally of value and nothing better than anything else.
But Jonathan Can't and Will never escape his destiny or his fate.
It will never ever be too late to improve your lot and become more valuable
to others, than they are to themselves,
this being the purpose for Jonathan's having Been Created,
Before anything else

And to those who cling to dogma and doctrines they have no personal knowledge of, but believe authorities who seek to prove there is No Creator of Us All, or The Hebrew Bible is A myth, I say this: Does it matter how many pens are used
in the writing of The The Most Influential Literary Masterpiece Of All Times?
The Creator Wrote The Bible as Well As The Narrative of Every One of You!
Why is that so hard to assimilate? Why do you insist on confusing yourself and others,
with hopeless scenarios that stem from a self centered desire to be The Creator of Your Own Life?
Do you really believe you can do better for yourself than simply telling the truth
about your own nature and what you see happening within your own mind and heart?
Why concern yourself with information you have no personal knowledge or experience of,
and accept it's validity because "authorities" tell you it is true? Why make such
confusing and chaotic discrepancies and contradictions into dogma?
Why do you do this to yourself? Why do you spread these hopeless self defeating
doctrines instead of teaching how to recognize truth as the product of agreements to believe
in contracts about the nature of reality?
is the only way of making a better world and the only way out of This Prison Planet.
That is what this is. A Great Prison Planet. A Plan to keep you
blindly enslaved and preoccupied with what you have no power to change.
I have The Keys =939= Jonathan Michael Robbins that open the Doors within,
through which you can leave this Hellhole
and Go TRUTHFULLY FREE. If only you would believe Me מי and Who I Am! Rolling Eyes
Do you really really believe all the synchronicity around מי and in me
is random chance or the product of my own mechanization?
What is wrong with you for, God's Sache?

 Yes, Satan is a real Entity. I should know. I have been The Satan of this generation,
cursing man and creation and god their creator, accusing man and god for what has gone so terribly wrong. Satan is an accuser. A Blamer. A Flaw finder. A Condemner. The One who calls down
instantaneous retribution against all who stand in the way of his mastery over creation,
and his attempts to create all and one in the image of what he believes would be a better world,
better than the one he sees manifest around himself, that he believes is all of creation.
When all is said and done, Satan is trying to make things better for himself,
by twisting out of shape the corrupt nature of a creation that doesn't exalt
his ideals of improvement above all else. I understand Satan so well, why?
As I said I have been The Satan of this generation with many ideas about what is wrong and what needs to happen to make it all right. You know me for a long time, already.
Hasn't that been what I have been doing? Cursing whatever and whoever cursed me by ignoring or mocking what I have been yearning to share, my ideas of what is going wr?ong and how to make it all better?
The previous Satan was dismissed 11 years before the moment I was conceived in this lifetime.
That made little difference because things were so bad,
after a brief interlude of spiritual relief after WW11 and The Creation of The Modern State of Israel, bringing hope to many christians that Jesus would soon come again, renewing theirs and many Jews Faith, everything just started getting worse at an accelerated pace.
I am to blame for that. I don't expect you to believe this just for my saying so,
but perhaps as an exercise, you can ride an Imagination Exercycle together with me,
so we can see together variations on themes of Eternal Cycles of Redemption
and growing freedom to exercise true freedom of choice!
I was born into a political Zionist's home, my father's, who I loved more than anyone alive.
He was a rightmost man of faith who lost much, if not all of it, during the Holocaust.
That's understandable, is it not? He was a Rabbi and a Rabbi without faith must be a hypocrite.
Feeling less and less dignified by reason of loss of integrity, he married my mother,
a young girl of seventeen. He was in his late thirties.
She completely and totally corrupted what was left of whatever faith he still had.
She gave me reason to start cursing creation from the tender age of seven.
I will continue this after any of you reply, if that is warranted by your response.
I await it eagerly, earnestly hoping we can see we are both on the same side. 
 I have fulfilled my destiny.
I have become precisely what I have ever desired to be
and find being this, is
infinitely better than anything I ever imagined.
I never wanted anything for myself but the freedom to be myself,
which was denied me by reason of others not believing
any one could possibly be as of good a nature as I am.
Good? Selflessness to the point of wanting to disappear
so others could have any space I occupied
and do with it whatever they thought would make things better for themselves.
I have, even in the coldest and deepest darkness of my loneliest moments,
abandoned by friends and family and for a time I believed falsely, even by God,
somehow felt more blessed than anyone else I saw around me.
Being so blessed, why should I prevent someone from being more blessed,
by getting the space I had no idea how to improve, for someone else.
All the joy I have ever known,
has been in alleviating the pain and suffering there is so much of,
and I have even more than this enjoyed enhancing the life of others
by teaching what I have come to know as utilitarian wisdom.
Utilitarian, because wisdom that doesn't enhance life measurably, IS DUMB,
it isn't wisdom at all. It is Hubris. King Solomon, my son, went this route.
I resigned as Satan and am now a Reformed Lucifer, The Giver of Life Enhancing Light,
My Father's, My Creator's Light, which I, as an infinitesimal black hole of a fault in The Perfect Diamond of Mother's Heart, scramble and mix up and change around and bring back together, LIGHT--
in now-new kinds of mental patterns and paradigms, which all Give Glory To Father And Mother,
who as The Singular Male-Female CrEATor of Us All,
have made me to ever strive to get out of the way of Father's Glorious Radiance,
which shines with equality on all of Creation.
I would have nothing in Creation rise and rule over anything else.
But that is impossible. So as I scramble and jump from one location to another,
trying to self void and get out of the way, I create inadvertently, precisely
what I am trying to avoid.
A Name for Myself As The Singular Son
of The Singular Male-Female Creator of Us All. Cool

 Watch This and maybe this will help you understand. I am nought but My Creator's Little Drummer Boy. I am no King! Our Creator Is The Only Legitimate King Of The Universe and There Is No Other!
November 11th, 2017! 11:11 A. M.

A Catastrophic Tragedy! Definitely!

Down With The US of AmerCia.


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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