Friday, August 25, 2017

America is Doomed For What It Has Done to Islam 1111

Leave the military and live.

This is the vision that presents it self  to my sight in the light of my mind and I describe  and disclose all that I see and all that I hear of what is now coming to be, the manifestation of my Prophecy predicting a total eclipse of American power in the world and ensuing wars as nations compete to gain control over dwindling assets and the climate goes ever more insane as if in mortal pain by reason of the extinction of species man is causing life to miserably be witness to. Life is Alive, is it not? Does life not mourn what is precious and irretrievably lost?  Does it not anger and rage against what murders and destroys life's offspring? How would you feel if you saw someone violently raping your daughters and torturing your sons just to have fun, while celebrating their excessive wealth with outrageous parties, where the poor and unemployed are scorned for not being bright enough to make fortunes through extortion and bribery and theft and all manner of venal conspiracy with which millions are complacent and party to?

Would you not eradicate such  as tortured your wife with a thousand slashes before putting her to death, to an even more ghastly demise?

Do you believe there is no God who cares how man treats what might be considered in many ways, His absolutely obedient wife? Life? Yes, life is alive and she cares and she rages how man has been allowed by Allah to stampede across the face of the earth in rampant exploitation, exuding pollution and fear causing  delusions to the detriment of all living things, all her children, man being of what she was most proud until now. Now Life would do away with man all together and wait a billion years until evolves a mind with astute ears that can hear her voice, as she instructs how to balance and grow in a common wealth of all living things.

Infinite growth on a finite planet has been the very  bad shortsighted  idea of greedy capitalists who have brought Mother Life to her knees, as she drowns in bewildered despair. Life has a mind and no mind knows for certain how Allah has planned events to unfold.

Life has been taken by surprise by man's ability to usurp her own plans and has grown just short of  completely forlorn, as if Her Creator had  abandoned her to be on her own, unable to defend her offspring with safe haven, as  habitats shrink and their diverse creatures sink into oblivion, gone before ever being known.

Now Allah has Crowned Me, The Little One, The First Born New Son of Life, a Mutant Man, who can with his dreams give mother many helping hands and defeat the creeps who are making her life so miserable.

Beware, you have been warned.

The Son has been born and has grown and Has Now Matured with Gifts Come as The Blessings of Mother's Creator and Mother and All The Angels And The Demons unite together to reverse this dwindling spiral inversely and make what is so wrong become ever more right forever more.

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