Sunday, August 20, 2017

Fact or Art? Don't Go To War! 1111

Conscious Life is a Work of Art.
 It is in how you put the pieces together, whether you enjoy The Art or not.
Were it to have just an instant of duration, in it's totality, it would  be beyond comprehension. It is ever evolving, expanding and bursting out of any definition. It rips apart all boundaries and consumes every kind of construction. It consumes anything and everything  to replicate itself in ever more sophisticated complexity.

Like all matter and energy, our flesh is the materiel of God's Creativity. In all of our body, the brain is the most sophisticated and complex organ of them all. All the other organs serve it and it has the ability to transform  electricity and electromagnetic wave functions produced by chemical reactions, into metaphysical symbols which represent the circumstances we find ourselves in regarding our nature and it's environment.

All living things with any kind of consciousness, are localized manifestations  of life interpreting the symbols in their mind. Dogs do it. Cows do it. Mosquitoes do it. There is evidence that even plants do it.

 The mind is full of nothing but symbols, every perception, thought, sensation, emotion, feeling, pain and pleasure, represents our interaction  with the world around us and to what degree our innate needs and values are manifesting successfully.  As with all organic living things, are genes determine the quality and nature of our organs, and therefore our brains-  and consequently our minds.

Think of a female human egg fertilized and an embryo conceived. Think of all the works of Shakespeare to manifest from that conception. Contemplate all that needed to happen from the moment of conception until Shakespeare wrote his last word. The moment Shakespeare's parents DNA came together as his own, a potential was created that would later manifest as a literary accomplishment unparalleled in human culture.

   It is absolutely impossible to extrapolate the writing of Romeo and Juliet by examining William's genes. DNA is a language with four letters, governed by a syntax which is for the most part, unknown to science. The language of DNA wrote out William's body and in it, his brain. His brain produced a mind with many kinds of language in it. All our perceptions and thoughts and feelings and urges are kinds of languages as they represent realities in and around us. We know very little about the syntax of these languages and even less about the Creative Will that manipulates the symbols into the semantic languages we use to communicate what goes on inside our minds.

   Shakespeare manipulated the symbols in his mind and turned them into a different kind  of symbols, written letters and  words, stories and plays. We see or read these symbols and in our mind symbols are manipulated in our imagination, causing us to think and feel and see in our mind's eye, images. We interpret what Shakespeare wrote according to how it makes us feel. If it makes us laugh and cry, identify with the characters and feel with them fears and lusts and passions, we applaud because we are being engaged and entertained. This is true in all of life, not just when we read a book or go to the theater. We are constantly interpreting the meaning of the symbols in our mind and trying to judge what makes us feel good and what causes us pain, or bores us to death. Life and Art,   do to us the same. The difference between them is arbitrary. The Creator of our experiences, in the theater or at a boring mundane job, is The Artist of Creation. God creates Artists and has them produce what they do, for you. To entertain and educate you. All of life is an engaging entertainment and hopefully, an education about the nature of the creation in which we all play a part,  in each other- as  symbols, representing if what we need and want is happening, or not.

       A single cell swells and multiplies and diversifies into many functioning organs, among them the brain which gives birth to a mind which manifests as representative symbols, all defined in cross referenced relationships. I cannot say this enough. There is nothing in the mind but life and symbols. A creative will manipulates these symbols according to  orchestrating principles and we experience dreams and thoughts and feelings and complex sensations and our conscious mind becomes a panoramic symphony of theater wherein our mind influences our brain and our brain  animates our body.

    We act out our imagined solutions of lack thereof,  to the problems we confront or ignore and circumstances change and things get better or worse. Those that survive, sometimes prosper, and those that flourish, do so by providing some kind of service to other's minds, in exchange for necessitates and luxuries.

  Once a person sees themselves as able  to produce something of value in other's minds and proceeds to do so in exchange for the necessities of their own existence, they have become a mature member of their culture and civilization. As they grow older they may find themselves imagining ways to produce more sophisticated abstract or materiel valuables and thus enhance their own life style by expressing ever more of the creative potentials inherent in their DNA. Of course I can't say if anyone ever manifests all the potentials inherent in their DNA, body, brain and mind. I dare so no one does. It is the environment that cultivates or inhibits the expression and realization of creative and destructive  potentials in the mind, that translate into behaviors.

The only part of the mind which is not a symbol, is life itself. Life "reads" symbols an remembers them as memories. Memories represent events.

    Life itself, not the word but the actuality, doesn't represent  anything, it isn't a symbol of anything else. It comes wrapped in symbols and it is through the interpretation of these dynamic symbol's behavior, that we determine the existence of life outside our own and in our self.    When we consider ourselves to be looking at someone, it isn't really them that we see. We don't see the life in them.   What we see is the light reflected from their body and that light comes through our eyes and appears as an image.  A REFLECTION is not what it represents. The image is not the same as what it is reflected from. It only shows us a very superficial and shallow representation of what is really going on inside a person's mind and heart.  They can shape their face and body to mislead us. People do that a lot, almost all the time.  A person's body as we see it can only symbolize the life of the person whose body it is. This is true of everything we see, alive or inanimate.

Colors represent electromagnetic wave lengths. Who do you think decided a certain color in our mind would represent a certain wavelength causing a certain kind of sensation when we see the color in our mind. It doesn't  exist outside our mind.  Nothing is really red or green. These colors, when we see them, are what the object we see, is not. Colors represent the wavelengths not absorbed by the object they are reflected from. Colors exists only in the mind. Same with all our senses, smell and taste, heat and cold. Vibrations become symbols of sensation that exist only in the mind.

Only  symbols exist in the mind, seen by life. Sound represents the vibrations made by materials around us. A smell and taste represent a certain  kind of substance. Heat represents the vibration of the molecules of air against our skin. Hunger represents our body's need for nutrients, thirst, our need for liquid. Fear represents the possibility of the loss of something we value. Grief represents the loss of what we cherish. Happiness represents the manifestation of what we desire.

To have meaning, symbols must be interpreted and that interpretation is what we as life are doing all the time. Interpreting symbols.  An interpretation isn't the truth until you choose to believe it with certainty. Even then, an interpretation is only ever a belief. If you say to someone, "You don't love me, that's a fact!" It isn't. The fact is this, "When I see how you treat me, I interpret that to mean that you don't love me!" If that person says, "Yes, I don't love you." it becomes a fact for both of you. But only the person them self can be the authority of what goes on inside their own mind. No one likes to be told authoritatively by another, what is going on inside their own mind. Even when it's true. It undermines their autonomy.    

The fact is in how we interpret the symbols in our mind, how we describe to ourselves what is going on inside of us, not what we conclude they mean. Conclusions are possibilities. Opinions, once again. They aren't facts until everyone agrees they are.  And even then, everyone can be wrong. We only ever know the symbols in our own mind. Everything else in an opinion. Nothing to fight over. Not a reason to go to war.

Be honest by describing what is going on inside of you, sincerely.  First and foremost,  to yourself. Don't mistake your opinions of what is going on in someone else, for a fact. Ask, don't determine, if your opinion- is a fact for them. If they say it is, then and and only then, can it become a fact for you, too.

 That is called understanding.

The inability to differentiate between facts and interpretations, truth and opinions- has caused many wars and endless grief.

God is using symbols to communicate to  you, the story of  God's Creation, The Never Ending Narrative of All That Was, Is And Will Be, and your Story is in The BOOK of LIFE, The Complete Works of The God of Art.

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